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Geocaching without a GPS


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Just wondering how much of a minority I am. Don't own a GPS, but enjoy finding caches using a topographic map instead. I often choose vastly different routes to the cache than most since I can "see" the whole area. Some caches must be easier this way.. but I know from experience that some are much more difficult. Anyone else doing it this way? edscott

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We did our first few that way. But it became tedious to keep having to go back to the house to get new maps once we got the answers to an offset.


Now, with a GPS and a Palm loaded with the caches, we can just go.


I very much like not having to do much preparation. Things could be improved; a better GPS--we have the SporTrak Map, should've gotten the Pro model--and better data processing on the Palm. On a recent trip, the only thing we needed was the GPS, the Palm, our logbook, and our trade items.





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I found my first 50 caches without GPS. I still leave my eTrex at home sometimes, when going for low-difficulty caches, but I once found a 4/2 multicache without it.


Doing multicaches without GPS is fun, if you know how to do it. You need to know the length of your steps to be able to measure distance. Then learn how to calculate the distance and bearing between to sets of coordinates. Now all you need is a calculator and a compass!

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I've done the majority of my caches GPSr-less.


WaldenRun has well over 500, and doesn't use a GPSr at all!


I find that hunting GPSr-less adds an additional challenge that I enjoy very much. I almost feel like I'm cheating when I give up and turn on my little yellow Etrex.


If you enjoy hunting without the GPSr, try benchmark hunting. Most benchmarks are actually EASIER to find without the GPSr.



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I've finished off a search for a box without aide of an gps a few times. One time it was because I couldn't find the second waypoint of a cache and wasn't about to give up! I just used the clues and hunted it out. The other two times was due to lack of signal in heavy cover. Oh, we have a cache that's under a freeway in our area...that one required use of a compass to finish it off since you can't get signal under heavy concrete. It took me three tries to get that micro.

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I Geocache without a GPS. I try to stay away from multis, but oddly enough, my first travel Bug find was in a multi; however, I only found the last leg of it. I do go with my friend who doesn't own one and he helps too. I also sometime go with another friend who does own a GPS and the only thing i would say is that they do make it easier to get you in the gerneral vicinity. While he is wandering one way following the GPS, I go another and 9 times out of 10 I find it first. He can't understand how I do it. icon_confused.gifI have more finds now than he does. I just try to find a good place that I would hide it.


I recently had to use his GPS to get coordinates so I could hide some caches. If all else fails, ot I'm going someplace that is too big to search the entire area, I'll plug the coordinates into http://www.Lostoutdoors.com to help me out. icon_wink.gif

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