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I have posted this before,but Why does geocache e-mailer not alert me(many times) that people

have logged finds on my caches.I used several

hotmail accounts with similar problems.I did

not want my isp account spammed so I used hotmail

accounts.Recently I changed my geocache email

in my profile and could not even receive the

auto e-mail verification email.I had to change it to my isp account just to post this.

Anyone else not using their isp accounts having this problem ?

Maybe you are not getting mail and did not know it.


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For the record, in over a year I have only even HEARD about one person getting spam thru geocaching.com In that case it was another cacher spamming people with his get rich quick while geocaching scheme. It was quickly squashed, and since it was sent via the website, the smammer did not really get any personal emails. I myself have never got a single piece of spam email because of geocaching.com. You gotta hand it to Jeremy and crew there, I'm willing to bet a few companies at least would LOVE to have the member list, but he doesnt budge. Set gc.com to email whatever account you like, or create a new one, you'll see. just make sure to verify the changes once your done.


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I would recommend that you check your settings. Is junk mail deleted automatically, is geocaching.com being considered a mailing list or did they get placed on the blocked senders list. These are some of the options that I found for hotmail. I know that some if not all of these can be found on most sites offering e-mail. For hotmail you look at options from your in box, including adding GC to a safe list. Hope this helps.

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I believe that the filters are ok.

I would get e-mails from GC,some would

appear to be several days old or late maybe

not at all.My biggest

question is does anyone using hotmail

have problems.I am not implying that GC

would spam.I just never use my isp e-mail

for anything except my most trusted friends.


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I've used hotmail since we joined up and have had no spam and no problems. I DID have to add Geocaching.com to my safe list thingy. Also, I made it so my Junk Mail folder did not empty automatically, so I could see what I was throwing away.

My recommendation, go to your hotmail account, send a note to another account. Go to that account, copy the address from your hotmail account's message. Go to geocaching.com, sign in and update your account (put in password so it accepts changes) with the copied account name. Then post here that you did it so we can all E-mail you sometime this weekend. icon_smile.gif



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I use Hotmail and have not had a delivery problem. I've never missed a log entry on one of my caches and I've done the PopIt! thing on the Northwest forum and to my knowledge have never missed a posting on there. Are you sure you're not flirting with your mailbox size limit on Hotmail? You're only allowed 2MB, so if you're at the limit new mail will be rejected. I pay the $19.95/year (or whatever it is) for the increased mailbox size.

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I use the extra mail boxes provided by my ISP. I can change the mail box at will.


I then use Jetmail monitor to monitor all of my mailboxes. It makes it pretty simple.


On a off topic side note: if you have someboby that doesn't like to check their mail very often or just palin forgets, a mail monitor like Jetmail Monitor helps a lot.





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Originally posted by SeaTrout:

Thats the point ! I did not receive the automated

e-mail from geocache to reply to it.


I have mine set so I only get mail delivered when I select send/recieve on my Outlook bar.


Yes I have finds, yes I have hides and yes I'm a charter member. My wife will not let me use our account on the forums...don't know why.

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Hi Jedi Freelens;

While using my isp provider all is well.I would

just prefer using a throw away address,but do not want others to think I am snubbing them by not answering them when I did not

receive their e-mails.While using

hotmail I can send and receive e-mails all day long,except for gc related things.The weekly cache

update did always get through though.


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Weird! I just had the same problem pop up! We placed a note on one of our caches on Friday, and recieved notification that the cache had something logged on it on Sunday! And a copy of a note I had written to another cacher on Friday also arrived Sunday. I hadn't noticed they were late because I had figured Dean had already cleaned them from my account (we share it). So, SeaTrout, You Are Not Alone!




Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else. (JM Barrie)

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I could not get Groundspeak to email to my hotmail account (tried 3 times on 3 different days). I don't know if it was Hotmail blocking it or what (never had Hotmail out-right block stuff, it just ends up in the Spam folder).


I switched to my Groundspeak email account to my personal account and requested confirmation and received the email instantly.


Of course, I use sendmail for my personal email server, which allows for +'d email addresses (for instance, if my email was bob@whatever.com, I could use bob+Groundspeak@whatever.com, and then tell from the headers where the email address was gathered from, even if BCC'd). The advantage is that is some evil website decides to sell my contact info, I can just plunk bob+badwebsite@whatever.com in my blacklist filter and never get email from them again.


I still list my hotmail account in my profile.

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I use a Hotmail account and I don't know which side it happens on but watchlist notifications and the 'New caches in your area' e-mails seem to get delayed about once a month . I suspect it is just a volume problem with hotmail.com.


There was one of those delays at the end of last week and then last night all of them came through covering several days.


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First off, we hate spam. We really, really hate spam. We hated it so much at our previous employer we deleted the entire client list when the company went under so it couldn't be sold as "assets." We did this with our bosses ok after much deliberation. But we probably would have done it anyway.


Hotmail sucks. The guys at Hotmail have all sorts of "tricky" ways to confound all the folks who like to spam the hotmail accounts. Some of them may look at sites like ours that send over 5k emails a day and treat us as spammers (Thursday emails being the worst days). As a result we really don't support something we can't do anything about. All we can tell is if they were delivered or in queue on our mail server. And in all situations so far when we have investigated email, each time they were delivered to the hotmail servers.


If you do have a hotmail account, send your Pocket Queries to another account as well. They can be big files and hotmail may be blocking them, assuming they are those nasty viruses going around.


Jeremy Irish

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My email address is at hotmail and I've never had a problem with missing email. I have the spam filters turned up all the way and it still works fine. The point is that you might want to try this before switching to another email account.


In addition to putting geocaching.com in your safe list, create a custom filter (or two or three) that catch phrases like geocaching or geocaching.com in the A)subject, B)from (sender) field. Have them move the email to a special folder. Make sure that these custom filters are towards the top of the custom filters list.





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...when my wife wanted to create a web site for us, we purchased a domain name + got some web space. What's nice, is that I can create 20 email accounts under this domain.


We have one pair of addresses we use with family & close friends (long term, multi-year) - and nobody else.


We have another pair we use with 'trusted' sources - friends on the net and places we know that don't sell addresses (such as geocaching.com), and we use a third 'public' form, and keep *track* of valid places we gave it to, for everything else. When we get Spam on the public account, (never had it on the other two types) we simply delete that account, send the e-mail that goes to it to the bit-bucket, create a new pair of public accounts, and update the recipient address of all those places we gave it to in the first place.


In two years, I've never changed personal, never change 'trusted', and have changed public once.


Our spam problems last about 36 hours - until we notice some spam and I fix the problem.


Trouble is - it costs money to have this, and updating the 'public' locations with the new address took most of an afternoon. But, since I have the sunk cost in the web site *anyway*, we take advantage of the capability and avoid spam.

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First off let me say that I refuse to use hotmail. In fact, myself and some of my friends have rules that block email from hotmail all together. I would recommend myrealbox.com they are free, no adds and allow pop3 pop3s imap imaps and auth/smtp(s) as wall as a kick a$$ web interface. In addition they do anti spam blocking and anti-virus scanning (it's neat to see a message in your mailbox that says " so and so sent you an email with a virus so we blocked it and told them where to stick it") :-) Unfortunatly they are currently not accepting any new accounts :-(


Anyways, POPfile (http://popfile.sourceforge.net/) is my newest best friend. It is a local POP3 proxy. You install it and it runs in the background, then you configure your email program so that the server is and the username is your original server : your userid.


Popfile LEARNS what is spam and what is not. It does this by recording all the words in your emails and comparing new email to the database. On my system after a week it was 97.99% effective. It modifies the subject line and then Outlook Express et al. can have a rule to delete all email with [spam] in the subject (for example).




For example, if your server was pop3.mail.com and your userid was juser then you would change your settings:


Server: pop3.mail.com

UserID: juser

Password: 12345





UserID: pop3.mail.com:juser

Password: 12345


Once you've done this point your web browser to (you specify the 9090 part during the install). You will see a web interface. Go to the BUCKET section and create a bucket called SPAM and one called NORMAL (you can get more creative later).


Now, go back to your email program and create a rule to delete any message that comes in with [sPAM] In the subject line. (If your email program can create rules on X-headers then you can use that instead.)


Ok, you're done the setup, now just check your email. After you've checked your mail and recieved some move anything that is NOT spam and accidently got labeled spam into your inbox if you wish. GO to your web browser and look at the popfile page and you will see these emails are listed there. You can now re-classify your normal mail that got listed as spam and your spam that didn't get caught! Do this for a few days and eventually all your spam with get caught and deleted!


In addition to the automatic rules you can create "Magnets" which trigger on to:/from:/subject: and can force email into a specific bucket. In my case I have a magnet that says "anything from geocaching.com" goes into my geocaching bucket.


You can turn OFF subject line modification if you wish and use header modification BUT your email program has to support rules on the headers (Outlook Express doesn't).


Hope this helps someone the way it has helped me!





Mobile Cache Command

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