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  1. true, but if you create a route in S+T, save the map and load the .est file into GPSUtil, it will bring in all the waypoints in your route so you can upload them to your GPS!
  2. As the "owner" of the project, I've been pretty lax recently!!! I apologize for not doing much with it... that dare "life" of mine keeps getting in the way! I will dig up my most recent GPX file and post it for everyone to grab. Then we can chat about the best way to continue the project! Cheers,
  3. Well.... There IS PI in ON. Lots of it depending on where you go. For example, if you go North of Aliston on CFB Borden, they actually PLANTED the stuff as a defence experiment back in the 50's and 60's. It's a wicked hybred and very potent. The whole place is crawling with the stuff! Elsewhere in Ontario there are areas with lots and areas with none. I can't speak for Ottawa but I can confirm there is PI in ON.
  4. Cool! so we agree! I always love it when I read 2 people in a forum who are agreeing with each other, and everyone else can see that, but they can't!
  5. I don't get that? How much more advanced can you get then the GPX format? If you're not a premium member then why not spend the $3 USD / month and get the membership? A couple of your other comments just sounded like you want a replacement page for Geocaching.com! -I DO NOT want the OGA to try and replace GC. -I DO want the OGA to be "site agnostic" and not concentrate specifically on one site. -I DO NOT want the OGA website to host any cache info directly (linking to other sites is fine!) -I DO want the OGA to be a common, productive voice when dealing with Parks Ontario.
  6. I like it but would like to see: -A tab for MY caches -The ability to go into my profile and turn off things like the benchmark tab. I envision an array of checkboxes in the edit profile page that allows the user to select which tabs they want to see. Anyways.. TOTALY AWSOME!!!!
  7. mrcpu

    Oga White Paper

    Where did you write your exam?
  8. mrcpu

    Oga White Paper

    Well thought out! BTW, you could add another comms method... a NET on a local repeater! I'm pretty much ready to right my Basic ticket but I do have a scanner and would be happy to "tune in" once a week and just listen until I can get my license and purchase a handheld. BTW, do you know anyone in Toronto who does testing?
  9. I did the Mountain during the summer last year. While my biggest problem was mosquitos, you will probably find it too dangerous to do a couple of the caches. One in particular, a virtual, would probably get you killed without climbing equipment. If you fell and started sliding you'd go right off the cliff!! That said, if the stairs or the road up are OK then you can get to most of the caches without any problems at all. Just take your time as the vertical delta's between the caches can make for a good workout!
  10. Been there, done that. I sent it back to Garmin about 15 days before the end of the one year warrenty. They returned it saying there was nothing wrong with it and that it just needed to be reseated. Problem was gone though for about 2 months and then started acting up again, just not as bad. On one hand the service was FAST. On the other hand they really didn't fix it.
  11. I would totally love it if someone in Toronto stocked GC gear! There are a number of camping places downtown and several outside of the downtown core but still within reasonable driving distance. JEREMY!!!!!
  12. Build it and they will come! I've driven 5 hours to go caching. I'd love to get out sometime and do an "adventure" cache like this.
  13. A lot of maps in Canada are still in NAD27 and haven't been upgraded to WGS84. As for your choice of unit, if you are going off a map you want to use UTM or MGRS (Military Grid Ref System). MGRS is a bit easier to use against a map because you have less numbers to worry about and since MGRS is just a slightly different way to express a UTM location there is no conversion. My sportrak map displays a primary and secondary coordinate system. I leave the primary in WGS84 DD MM.mmmm and the secondary in WGS84 MGRS.
  14. First thing you need to do is become a member for $3 / month. This way you will get access to the cache data in GPX format. Like the LOC files, it's XML but with all the description info built in. Then you need to look at various software posted here that will let you manipulate and view the GPX data.
  15. Why do people insist on calling these "50 cal" ammo cans? They aren't it clearly says on the side "5.56 mm" which is about .223 cal. Most of these cans either had 5.56 mm or 7.62 mm and never had .50 cal! You would hardly get enough in one of these small cans to make it worthwhile... bbbbbrrrbb and you'd be out of ammo!!! Sigh... never mind.
  16. I buy the avery full sheet labels ( each 8 1/2 x 11 sheet is one full label) and then I print off the graphic and cut the labels down to size.
  17. mrcpu

    Php Vs Asp

    That's not that much of a shock. I've used PHP on windows and of all places, Netware! As for the XML processing, .NET probably does this a bit better but I did write code to take GPX files and turn them into LDAP objects and back again. I know based on benchmarks I've seen that you can get more horsepower out of the same hardware when you run a *nix on it. Plus you get a more secure (as in no monthly service packs!) platform. Above all of this, there is the cost argument. Your IIS server license alone is a couple of grand, plus the dev tools and I'd hate to know what MS-SQL is costing you! Just throwin in my $0.02 worth. BTW the forums look awsome!!!!! Maybe this is better because you now have full control over the box and the software. Cheers,
  18. mrcpu

    Php Vs Asp

    I looked at the forum status page and noticed that the testing of 100 "hits" per second on the forums didn't even make the server sweat. I was wondering if perhaps there were any plans to save money and improve performance by moving the entire site over to L.A.M.P. (Linux Apache, MySQL, PHP/PERL).
  19. I just had a trial of a blackberry at work and tried to get on the wap site too. I'll be getting a blackberry soon and wap access would be awsome!
  20. On 25 Oct I had a similar event around the same time in the afternoon. I suddenly only saw 2 sats and was only locking onto one. I was in a clear area at the time too. http://ubbx.Groundspeak.com/6/ubb.x?q=Y&s=5726007311&a=tpc&m=61860679&f=3516058331 Rob Mobile Cache Command
  21. LOL! I couldn't resist so I "stole" your bug and put it back again! Rob Mobile Cache Command
  22. I'm so ashamed! I picked up a TB in May 2002 and 18 months later I finally found it down in the bottom of a box of GC trinkets. I've now placed it in a cache. There are two things I'd like to say in my defence: 1. The TB was just a tag on a chain so it was easy to miss. 2. I emailed the owner a while back and they told me they're not doing much around Geocaching anymore. They seem to < 10 finds so it wasn't like the owner was bugging me (no pun intended) the whole time. I also took the tag and put it around the neck of a little stuffed bear so that it was actually something, not just a tag by itself. Visit the TB page Should I be taken out back? Rob Mobile Cache Command
  23. My base garmin venture POI was pretty impressive whereas the base Magellan POI sucked large! Rob Mobile Cache Command
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