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If you were to place the cache of your dreams, what would it be like?

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Say you just won the lottery. You want to share your good fortune with fellow cachers by creating the cache of your dreams. You can buy any type property you like (within reason. Something more than 1-2 ppl a year would/could visit), place any type props you want to, even hire someone to design and build paths/gardens/etc if you want.


What would you do? Anyone already placed youtr ultimate dream cache?


I'd love to get about 1,000 acres or more, with decidious and evergreen forrest areas, a decent sized creek, varying landsacpe - flat to hilly. I'd focus on the journey's the thing... and create a multi cache tat takes you through a hedge maze, a 'fairy garden' with windchimes and those marbled glass garden balls, maybe a few other cool gardens that I dream up... and a few out-of place cach hiding places - in a catalog I got recently I saw a fake surveilance camera. Thought that would be a hoot, to attach one of those things to a tree!


I walk the Maze of Moments, but everywhere I turn to, begins a new beginning, but never finds a finish... -Enya, Anywhere Is

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... I'd hire away some folks from Martha Stewart to make the containers I keep thinking of but never seem to find the time to construct.


Any leftover funds would go to creating a wicked huge topiary maze-- at least 10 acres of dense shrubbery that one would have *no* hope of crawling through. One would be forced to follow the twisty turny path, hoping that they'll get to the coordinates somehow...

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After we win the Megamillions $150,000,000 jackpot you can all come to our cache mountain and hunt for and place caches in any of the beautiful scenic areas, along the bubbling streams, or in the steep walled hollows, or just off the paved handicap/family friendly easy trails through landscaped gardens. And one of our caches will be stocked like the cache of your dreams by special request.


$1000 Bill

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a Cache in every country, Multi...Oh darn we have to go to Costa Rica and check on that one......then on to - - -- - - Darn...... icon_biggrin.gif


If people persist in trespassing upon the grizzlies territory,we must accept that the grizzlies,

from time to time,will harvest a few trespassers.

-- Edward Abbey

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...totally Inspector Gadget meets Indiana Jones with multiple stages and things like finding the hidden lever that releases the gizmo that raises the platform; or turning the knob that works the pulley that . . . you get the idea.

And the hoot is that I'm the most mechanically challenged gal on the planet!




52813_1800.gif '*+.,_,.+*'`'*+.,_A joyful heart is good medicine!_,.+*'`'*+.,_,.+*'`

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...I'd set up a comfortable space shuttle for any and all cachers, which would carry you to a space station, which would then be a place for you to transfer to one of several comfortable, luxury-liner-class regularly scheduled transport ships to the moon...


you'd land on the moon, to find yourself docked to the side of a big multi-square-kilometer pressurized / heated dome, and then you'd be given a LPSr (Lunar Positioning System receiver) and asked to find the first Lucacache! Once found, you'd then head back home...


..of course, the Lunacache would be housed in the standard ammo box, and after a week or so, it would probably be filled with the standard McToys left as trade items icon_frown.gif.

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...to fill an ammo can with dollar bills with some large bills for the first finders. I wouldn't make the ammo can to hard to find. On the other hand, the micro with the coordinates and the combination for the ammo can would be well hidden. Of course it would be on private land with well placed web cams. The land would be posted with signs reading "NO TRESPASSING WITHOUT GPS IN HAND."

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Originally posted by BrianSnat:

A gladware container filled with junk drawer discards and placed in a garbage strewn urban lot.


Oh wait, that's been done.


Don't be so hard on yourself, Brian; most of your caches weren't that bad. icon_wink.gif


I saw the log someone posted a little further up about placing a "Lunacache."


Great idea; maybe I'll place a lousy, needle-in-the-haystack micro on the site of the former Luna Park on Coney Island ... the location, if not the cache, would certainly match Brian's description. icon_wink.gif

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