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  1. LOL! Maybe just one shirt with a box to check with a sharpie beside "did" or "didn't"
  2. In my reviewing area, when the State Parks roll out their annual adventure series, it may take a little while to get all the pages edited, coordinates confirmed, and ready to release. During that period of time, I advise those who inadvertently encroach on the pending series to be patient until the roll-out. Making small moves during this time may not be helpful and the cache owner may find himself encroaching on the same or another cache in the series. Possibly that's the kind of thing going on here. I recognize that it's exciting to hide a cache. but I encourage you to take the good advice offered in the thread and exercise patience.
  3. See http://coord.info/TB3887 for details of this bug's journey. He's been in the wild over 9 years.
  4. I agree. Looks like something from the Scarabaeidae family. In North Carolina where I live, we have a few of those including junebugs and Japanese beetles. And, course, now there's the geocaching Scarabaeidae thesaurus
  5. Love that trackable black shirt! Aw yeah! I notice that the insect has gotten more detailed on the front. Wonder just what kind of critter that is?
  6. I'm sorry that you had a long wait for your cache to be published. It's now live and I imagine you will be surprised at how quickly it starts racking up the "found" logs. Generally caches are published within about 3 days, but sometimes the reviewer is out of pocket, the queue is very active, or other reasons why things might be a bit delayed. I'm very impressed by the excellent suggestions made by those who responded to this thread. These are all very good thoughts and ways to be sure that your cache is published as quickly as possible.
  7. I totally agree. Somebody's going to have to call a moderator!
  8. The design moves around depending on the size of shirt you purchase. Also dependent on the size and shape of the underlayment.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, but they weren't listed on geocaching.com.
  10. No, it never reappeared. I can't really blame the folks who took it because they probably just thought it was another trade. Thanks for asking, though!
  11. "Signal Baby" (parody of "Santa Baby", video & mp3 below) Signal Baby, slip a present under the tree, for me Been an awful good girl, Signal baby So hurry down the chimney tonight Signal baby, a geocoin or two would be cool for Yule Some of them make me drool, Signal baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight. Think of all the guidelines I obeyed Think of all the swag that I left in trade Next year I could be just as good If all my geocaching needs are understood Signal honey, one more thing would really be sweet My feet..with some new hiking boots so cute So hurry down the chimney tonight. Signal cutie, fill my stocking with an android And apps. Don’t forget to include the maps. So hurry down the chimney tonight. Signal Baby, I really need my own private jet, my pet, we’ll geocache every day, hurray! So hurry down the chimney tonight I’ll help you trim the Christmas tree, If you’ll bring me a red hamster tee I really do believe in you, Let’s see if you believe in me Signal baby, forgot to mention one small request I’m stressed, need a new GPS, say yes And hurry down the chimney tonight. Oooh, I like this one! But...does it come in purple? * * * Video http://youtu.be/Gw7q6mjGn6k * * * MP3 http://justbeeme.com/signalbaby.mp3 * * * Merry Christmas! honeychile
  12. For next year -- we need Signal wrapping paper! I see lots of places online where either a roll or a sheet (folded) could be ordered. That would be great for geocaching Christmas gifts. In fact, it would be pretty cool all year long for events and such. Maybe a couple of choices -- one for holiday and another for every day? Or possibly a pack with several sheets for various occasions? Sort of like below:
  13. Here's my geocaching wish list from Shop Geocaching: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gw7q6mjGn6k
  14. Greetings! I'm writing to see if you can help locate a missing letterbox stamp. There is a letterbox hidden near the Turtle Rock geocache in Mascot. This is not a geocaching.com letterbox hybrid, but a straight letterbox that depends on clues without a GPS. Occasionally letterboxers and geocachers hide their treasures in close proximity. That was the situation here. The geocache should have had precedence on the location as it was put out in 2007, but the owner of the letterbox didn't know about the cache and placed her letterbox nearby in October, 2009. Several cachers found the letterbox by accident and signed the log, maybe thinking it was the cache. Before the letterbox owner could get out to move her box, one person took the hand-carved stamp from the letterbox and left something in trade. Under ordinary circumstances, the letterboxer would just find another spot and carve another stamp. But in this case the stamp has immense sentimental value because it was carved by a well-known letterboxer who recently died after a long bout with cancer. Hence my post -- yes, I'm finally getting to the point! If you seek out the Turtle Rock cache and happen to find or see the stamp, would you hang onto it and email me? I will be delighted to trade an unactivated, discontinued honeychile geocoin for the hand-carved stamp. The owner of the letterbox indicates there were two signatures by geocachers that might relate to who has the stamp. "Cuddle Buddy" is the name of one and "Seth Hershey" is the other signature. They could very well have been neither geocachers nor letterboxers, but just someone who happened upon the box. I know this doesn't really relate to geocaching, except as it regards the Turtle Rock cache, and if I have offended you or wasted your time, please forgive me. As a geocacher, I like to maintain good relationships with others who share the trails with us and am posting with that in mind. Thanks for any help you can give or thoughts you might have. honeychile
  15. :::raising my little hand::: Well, goodness, what a tempest in a teapot! I'm the one who is selling some of my geocoin collection on eBay. I just re-read my auction descriptions and I don't see any lack of transparency there. These are coins in my personal collection which have traveled nowhere but to events to be enjoyed and discovered by others. The name I use on eBay is the same one I use on geocaching and anyone can take a look at my profile, see my registered coins and noted that all of these coins have been mine for years, literally. You would also see that I'm a forum moderator and a volunteer reviewer for Groundspeak. That doesn't mean I'm above reproach , but it would be a bit brazen for a coin thief. As a practical matter, selling stolen coins on eBay would not be of much value to seller or buyer because only an owner can transfer a coin or other trackable to another user. Having the coin in your possession and/or knowing the coin's unique code will only help you to log it. And, of course, logging a stolen coin would probably get your name on one of those "stupid criminal" websites. BTW, hauling this thread back on topic, sadly, many coins and other trackables which really travel out in the wild go missing. Some may indeed be residing in a thief's sock drawer. But I think sometimes people don't realize what they are, may think they are swag, or they may be taken by non-geocachers who happen on a cache. Over the years, I think about 50% of mine go missing over time. I try to make sure I include a sheet with my traveling bugs/coins indicating they are not regular swag and are to be moved along. One fellow I met at an event drills a big ugly hole through his traveling coins and attaches a keyring with a tag indicating the coin is supposed to move. His theory is that the hole in the coin destroys the "sock drawer value" of the coin to a would-be thief and allows the coin to travel more freely. I don't know how that has worked out for him, but I'll have to ask! That's one reason that portable coin collections have become so popular. It may be the only way that geocachers can see and enjoy the many, many unique coins out there. On many occasions, though, trackables reappear and the stories around that are often fascinating and worth sharing. Ain't geocaching fun? EDIT: to fix typo
  16. I always wanted a tricorder. My cellphone looks more like one than my GPS, though. If only I could get that cool sound to go along with my GPS. Now my nuvi plays mp3's but not my legend I felt a little like this guy when I found out about geocaching, too, but it wasn't nearly as mainstream 7 years ago. EDIT: I'm not sure, but I think my GPS is in here < >
  17. Merry Christmas! Hoping you find all you seek now and for the New Year . . . honeychile Wise men are still seeking . . .
  18. If geocaching is done in a group requiring shared use of the GPS, then there are certain social skills that can be acquired or honed: Learning to work with others and share equipment Flexibility and listening to the opinions of others Learning to interpret information in different ways Assuming various roles in a team environment and probably others, too. When my husband and I attempted to share a GPS, we were able to add "preparation for divorce court" to the list of skills.
  19. It's at times like this that I wish I had a "civilian" account so that you would clearly understand that the views expressed below are my own and have nothing to do with my role as a volunteer reviewer. As a reviewer, if your cache meets the guidelines, I will publish it. That is my official role and I am faithful to do it. However, on a personal, non-reviewer level, I am always concerned when I see someone place a cache on their own property, especially if they live on this property. Essentially you have given very specific details (precise coordinates!) to where you live and blanket permission for strangers to come onto your property (or at least a pretty good excuse for being there). You have given strangers a "code word" that may disarm your children's suspicions ("Hi there! Are you one of those geocaching kids?"). You have given a reason that your spouse/roommate or children might feel s/he must invite someone s/he doesn't know into the home even if you're not there ("Good evening, are you a geocacher? I've come to meet and greet!"). I've seen some where the owner would even say, "if the blue Ford isn't in the driveway, I'm not there -- come another time" which to me could easily be translated as, "if the blue Ford isn't in the driveway, the coast is clear -- come get my stuff!" Please understand that I am by no means implying that fellow geocachers are evil-doers. I have met some of the finest people in the world through geocaching and have made good friends through the sport. We're a friendly bunch and that's part of why we have so much fun with geocaching. However, except for MO caches, the webpages can be read by nearly anyone. Should there be any incident, you have no way of knowing who took advantage of an invitation to visit since pages are published and available to anyone worldwide. This is true not only of pages published on geocaching.com, of course, but on many other sites as well. Perhaps I have a nasty suspicious mind, but when it comes to the safety and peace-of-mind of my family, I don't want to take any chances. Again, this is the personal opinion of a concerned geocacher who's been in the sport for 6 years -- and who is also a wife, mother, and grandmother -- and has nothing to do with my role as a geocaching.com reviewer. If you wish to meet your fellow geocachers, then I would suggest attending some local events or even hosting one yourself. They're great fun. honeychile
  20. Riverdrifter, I've refunded your payment. I'm sorry that it took so long. On the page that appears when you order, I spell out that it usually takes 4-6 weeks for buttons, and custom work can be more. But this was beyond that, and I hope you will forgive me. I'm sending you a small gift in the way of peace offering and hope we can do business another time. JerseyGirl, I'm sorry that I did not respond to you personally, I did respond to the individual who sent the design request. I felt it was not something that I could do justice to and gave her a recommendation of someone more skilled who I felt would do a better job. I'll forward a copy of that response to you and apologize for leaving you out of the loop. If anyone needs to contact me, please use honeychile@gmail.com. I missed quite a few messages when another company bought out the place where I had my site hosted so I'm not sure of getting email addressed to my justbeeme address. honeychile
  21. I'm sorry, but I haven't received email from you. Please write to me at honeychile@gmail.com and I'll make sure you get your package or get a refund. honeychile
  22. LuLu was almost a goner twice -- once she was gone so long I relegated her to the travelbug graveyard. Another time -- and this is a hoot -- a non-caching girl contacted me, said she and her boyfriend had broken up, and she found LuLu among the things left behind! She knew someone else who was a geocacher and passed LuLu along to that individual so that LuLu's journey could continue. It's amazing that she's still around! I was tempted to have the new finders mail her back to me, but heck, let's see if she can get back to Hawaii!
  23. About half of my travelbugs seem to go missing, although most have some interesting adventures (and misadventures) before then. But reaching a goal is rare. So I was especially excited to hear that one of my bugs actually achieved her goal and is ready to take on another. Click here for the story. I wish I was as well traveled as some of my bugs! And I'm drooling over the thought of that fritto misto of artichokes and roasted duck with persimmons! Happy caching, honeychile
  24. I'm here, I'm here! I've been out of pocket with a NEW GRANDBABY and have been tardy in responding to emails. Pharmadude, I'll write to you off-thread. Thanks for your persistence. honeychile
  25. Aw, thank you Token Collector! I enjoy hiding caches just as much as finding them. I'm especially into themed caches and I can picture this coin hiding as the first finder prize among a lot of other "spidery" things. Maybe for Halloween! Thanks so much for the interest and support of all who have read and participated in this thread. I imagine this will be my last post because the stats in the coinstore indicate there are only 10 coins left, so I hope it will be sold out soon. This has been so much fun I might have to try it again sometime!
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