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Session expired - Need to log in again

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For the past few weeks, I get the message that my session has expired. It happens once every week.   I need to login again into the Geocaching app.  This is quite annoying I have never had that before. If this is an intentional feature then why??? It is not that I have any sensitive information stored in my geocaching app.

App version:  9.50.0

Android 14 (all updates to OS installed)

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This suddenly started happening recently, more than once a week and it's incredibly frustrating. My downloaded caches disappear whenever this happens, sometimes while I'm driving to a remote hike without cell service. In addition, it changes my default settings like save as draft, so I've posted several logs that were meant to just be notes.

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I'm having a similar issue. My Android version is 10 and the Geocaching App is 9.50.0. I don't get a message about an expired session, I just get logged out when I'm trying to look at a cache or doing something I've done many times before. All of a sudden I'm logged out and all my downloaded lists are deleted. (Whoever decided to delete downloaded lists when you log out is an idiot.) This has happened 3 times, twice on 5/7 and once yesterday (5/11). These are the last 2 days I've been out geocaching and all three times I've been in no cell service areas, which basically ruined my planned days of caching. Please fix this! I just updated the geocaching app to 9.51.0 - I hope this fixes the problem.

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This happened a second time, and all offline data (as well as settings, filters, etc.) were deleted. This is terrible and all of a sudden I did not have my caches when I went offline. This is terrible. Tip: The app should never suddenly delete offline data for any reason, this is really bad programming. Can we get an update when this is going to be fixed?

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There was an issue that has since been fixed that was causing this. If you are continuing to experience it, I would recommend clearing out your app data. If it persists after that, please post here so that the engineers can know to investigate further.

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It happened again to me yesterday, twice, running 9.51.0 on Android 10. I haven't cleared my app data yet (I'm doing it now). So once again, not only is this annoying, when you get logged out ALL you downloaded lists and settings get deleted. I've said this before and I'll say it again - this is stupidity, there is absolutely no conceivable reason for doing this other than lazy programming. Actually I don't think it's lazy programming, it's stupid programming because these actions had to be programmed in. PLEASE FIX THESE. And yes I'm shouting.

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Yes - Android 10. Yes - Google app store for latest update. Otherwise APKMirror.com for older versions. It looks like 9.52 was just released today. But, of course, no mention of what's fixed.


I just want to be able to go caching like I've done for years, without worrying about getting logged out for no reason. I guess I will download the next older version (9.47.1) and store it in my android, and install this newest update and see what happens. I can always uninstall the newer version app and then install the older version out in the field.

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