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  1. A cacher recently deleted a bunch of legitimate found logs out of spite. The cachers who were affected used the process in the help center to have their logs reinstated and locked. The cacher continued to delete more found logs and then also decided to delete their account. This seems to have automatically locked all of their owned caches. Some of the cachers who had their logs deleted had them restored before this happened. However some were only worked on after the deletion of this cacher's account, and were told that since the caches are now locked, there is nothing that can be done about the deleted logs. I'm just wondering if someone can actually delete a whole bunch of found logs, then immediately delete their account, the found logs are just gone? What if these are important found logs for a streak or some other stat? Just wondering in general about this, not trying to raise any issue with Groundspeak or the lackeys who have to work to restore logs.
  2. Not sure if this is the appropriate place to report potential bugs, but I will attempt to describe an issue. I recently completed a set of 10 Adventure Lab caches using the new app. I received the confirmation for each one and then the "You've completed the Adventure Lab" message after the 10th find. However, after checking my stats later that night I was only given credit for 9 out of 10. After checking the app again, it also reported only 9 out of 10, even though at the time it showed 10/10 complete. I found out this was also happening to other cachers, so it was not just my app/phone. I found out afterwards, that the question and answer to the one lab caches was changed at some point (I believe before I actually started the AL). Based on having only done the 1 set of AL caches, it would appear that the question/answer are stored on the app as well as the server. When I answered some of the AL caches wrong, I got an "incorrect" message almost immediately, so it was pretty obvious the answer was not being verified by the server. I think what is happening is that the server and the app got out of sync when the question was changed. When this happens, the submitted answer is verified by the app, then actually submitted to the server. The server probably reports that the answer is incorrect, but this never makes it back to the app. The app has already marked the answer as correct because it has the old question/answer. So the app eventually gives you the "Completed the Adventure Lab" message because it's not checking with the server and the cacher has no way of knowing they submitted an answer that was not actually accepted by the server. Eventually the app somehow gets synchronized and receives the new question/answer, and the lab cache is reported as not completed requiring the cacher to return to that GZ and submit the correct answer. It was verified that returning to GZ after this happens does work and allows you to actually complete the Adventure Lab.
  3. Thanks for the explanation. I had been wondering what was up with my Delorme's date since I knew it received the date from the satellites - I just didn't realize how it was being sent and interpreted.
  4. Create a sock-puppet account. "Gift" yourself a 1 year membership from that account.
  5. That's a nightmare for those cache owners who do not wish to be contacted via the new message center but by e-mail. There should at least be links for both systems. "Message this owner" is quite misleading and many cachers will now use this link instead of e-mail. I would appreciate a way to opt out of the message system and to remove the link to the message center on my cache pages. I will not react to messages sent via this channel. I'm not usually one to complain on forums, but this really is terrible. Why couldn't there have been a link to the old profile contact instead? I do not want to be contacted through the message system for all of my Earthcaches as it is too inconvenient to have to visit the message center to see what message was sent to me. I may have to archive all of my Earthcaches if this doesn't get fixed.
  6. The guidelines for a mystery cache states: "The information needed to find the geocache must be available to the general caching community." Does a mystery cache requiring a specific iPhone app to solve qualify as something available to the general caching community?
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