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  1. I completely agree and fully support the request to leave the trace of the log, without reference to the opted-out user
  2. if you look at those cache in the app, you probably will see only one WoW mentioned. The "invalid resource.." is some ugly peculiarity of the website.
  3. I suppose the scores will not be corrected automatically. I deleted and re-posted my found-logs. That works.
  4. this is what GSAK says, not official of course.
  5. same happened to me. I found 7 mysteries. 2 of them have 10 or more fav-points. so I only recieved 5*600 + 2*450 = 3900 points. I expected 4200. strange
  6. the all logs tab has dates dd-mm-yyyy, the friends tab has mm/dd/yyyy my website preference is dd Mmm yy so quite a mix.
  7. I believe currently the deadline to hide Adventure Labs is extended to October 31. Is that correct?
  8. seems already being discussed in another topic here.
  9. I don't know if this is related: since a couple of days I noticed a difference in my total finds as shown on the one hand on the GC website (and app) and on the other hand as shown in the Adventure Lab app. Th niumber on the GC site and app is correct, the number in the Adventure Lab app is 5 lower.
  10. when I try to delete several archived ones, the screen hangs. closing the tab and reopening reveals that only the first ticked cache is indeed removed. the others are still there. also using Firefox 77.0.1 on Windows 10
  11. So, go caching for six days. Suppose that you go for a long hike with a difficult cache at the end and that unluckily you do not find it. It was a great day caching, but at the end a DNF log. Does that qualify?
  12. maybe fine that the issue of garenkreiz is solved, but to me the most important is #3. and that is still open after more than two years. really annoying.
  13. what I really miss in that interface is the possibility to write text in a non=black colour.
  14. no action or response???? it is an annoying feature/bug. when you are looking for recent photos you have to scroll through the entire gallery. fortunately I run a firefox and chrome tampermonkey script called geocaching thumbnails that allows me to scroll through the logs from photo to photo, in correct chronological order.
  15. hey, i stumbled upon this discussion. I would like to have it nited that I really use CacheStats. I particularly like the search function through my logs. And I create my statistics.
  16. after saving the image as a copy, without changing anything, it worked again correctly.
  17. nevertheless, it still does not work with me. am I the only one having this problem?
  18. just an error message that something went wrong, Please, try later......
  19. i cannot upload even small jpg files to my logs, neither using FF nor Chrome
  20. I have to add, of course, that this occurs in Firefox. in Chrome there seems to be no problem. Selections are clearly marked, as it should be.
  21. Also the selection is missing in the message centre
  22. last two weeks I did not have problems with the Garmin Express functionality, but still would like it to write directly to my SD card.
  23. i use the "garmin express way" for a quick transfer of one or two caches. If a need to transfer more caches I use the very usefull facilities of GSAK.. that worked perfectly all the time. It seems to me that the problems with Garmin Express are on the GS side, and not Garmin's.
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