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Looking for new Officers


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1 hour ago, fi67 said:

Strange! (Is this a task for botroon?) Just join the group, enrollment is on.

I remember inviting a member to a group and he never got the invitation and then the system kept telling me invitation sen so he never could actually join

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10 hours ago, Torgut said:

I remember inviting a member to a group and he never got the invitation and then the system kept telling me invitation sen so he never could actually join


Looks like this is also the case here. But you don't need an invitation. Enrollment is on. Just join the group, then I can promote you.

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On 1/4/2024 at 5:10 AM, Bear and Ragged said:


Officer calling the vote should vote? Why bother putting it to the vote, just deny or accept?

Or don't bother to review it in the first place...


Yeah, that last is probably a better choice, in many cases. It does make sense in some cases, but not all. Of course the outlying cases simply don't come to mind at the moment, though...


The Brain Dead Scrooge (spent the whole day dealing with various unfamiliar software(zzz), few to none of which were terribly "user friendly".)

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On 1/5/2024 at 1:22 AM, fi67 said:

Preserved Machines on Public Display: The difficult thing are all those exclusions. We did not want that, but the category came quite late and there were already a lot of older categories that covered a part of the area. Crossposting is fine, but when all waymarks in a category are by definition are also valid in a second one, we have a problem. So we had to exclude many "machines". No vehicles, no military equipment, no agricultural or household stuff. And the location must be accessible to the public free of charge, so many museum exhibits are excluded as well.



Preserved Machines on Public Display - FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've been a true GEARHEAD all my life, and a mechanic since I rebuilt my first engine, a 3.4 litre Jaguar, when I was a teenager.

I find it impossible to walk by an interesting bit of machinery, of any type, without stopping for an long, close look!!!!

I've Waymarked a pisspot full of them, to boot!

AND, I just joined the group!!!

Also, I do several (most?) of the other machinery related categories (surprise, surprise), so I'm quite familiar with all the exclusions.

The Scrooge

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21 hours ago, Torgut said:

didn't arrive

Probably one of the emails (as are visits on my own waymarks) that were sent to the account you opened your membership with geocaching.com with? I changed the default email address to my current one but the visits (and some others) are still sent to the one I started with.

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On 1/29/2024 at 12:28 AM, Country_Wife said:

Artistically Decorated Utility Boxes 

This is not the right thread.

Here, I am looking for help in categories where I  am the only active officer, but not the leader.

I am not only not an officer in that category, I have still to find my first submission to it. They are not common in my area.


Try this:



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Just now, FamilieFrohne said:

I like waterfalls and wild rivers. Listening to the flow of water (even if it is sometimes really loud) is giving me moments of inner peace.


So I'd like to volunteer, even if I only had the opportunity to post only one in the category yet ... :)

I like them too (even though we only have one in Denmark and it's only 3-4 meters high :-) ) That's why I also want to be an officer in the category

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