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  1. I am here to learn what to do with a Waymark that is outdated. This sounds like the same topic. I posted a Waymark for a visitor center and now that visitor center has moved. What should be done with the Waymark? (WM145EP) Update the Waymark with new coordinates and photo and website? Put "REMOVED" somewhere in the Waymark (where?) as suggested above? And post a new Waymark for the new location? We've seen a few other Waymarks in town for which the business is gone, but haven't noticed that they were updated. We tried to go to the (old) visitor center today and didn't know it had closed until we got home and I asked google when the open hours were. I feel sad that my Waymark is now not helpful.
  2. I was amazed to actually see the space station a few weeks ago. I would be happy to be a partner if one is needed in central Pennsylvania.
  3. Is it meant to be set up to have zero points for attending an event? It isn't a "found it" log, but an "attended." Are webcam "photo taken" logs also excluded? Or should I fuss about no points from a cito?
  4. Sort of. Two Kissmobiles have switched locations. The license plates of the Chocolate World and the auto Museum Kissmobiles show that they have been switched. I added the third at the school, but ted was told that he couldn't add the old locations with the updated licence plates.
  5. We had to visit Hershey and found all three Kissmobiles. A brochure with one said that they no longer travel. So they are visit-able, but very limited, to Hershey, PA. Sue How far does the Peepmobile travel?
  6. I, too, found this lack of edit option to be annoying. I uploaded photos in a certain order. To change one of the earlier ones, I would then have to delete and re-add a dozen photos? I would think a feature that helps us make a Waymark be as nice as possible would be worthwhile. Sue
  7. It's an iphone. I'm not sure which version of the lab app. We didn't know there were different ones. (It is "ted's" phone, as I have a flip phone and really, really dislike the app phone only stuff.) We did repeatedly tap "search this area" after moving the map around and zooming in and around on the known location (central PA). We can see the ones in eastern PA - dormont and treasure lake. We can see ones in Maryland, New Jersey, etc. I'm not sure what the discover or explore buttons are and will look for them. Thank you for some things to try.
  8. Greetings. Our town has a new adventure lab series of five locations. Several cachers have already found them, so we know the general area of town where they are located. But the app won't show them to us. We have moved the map around, moved the map in and out, yet the "search here" says no lab caches found. It shows us labs in other areas when we move the map to those areas. But it will not show us the ones a few miles from us when we focus there on the map. What can we try? I asked one of the finders if he had a special invitation, if it were private. I was told he had nothing special to find it.
  9. I placed a Challenge cache (move/discover at least 42 trackables) to get more geocachers to notice the tags and coins. I've had fun qualifying and finding many Challenge caches, some got us to get to different states or concentrate on benchmarks or something else different for us. It wasn't until I saw a cache (gone when I finally qualified) that required 100 dnf's that I began logging my dnf's. I guess my point is that I enjoy the Challenge caches. We travelled over 400 miles to another state and found a cache in each of the DeLorme pages. We spent several hours (the latter half in a thunderstorm) getting to the DeLorme Challenge cache to sign the log. By the time we got back home, the DeLorme Challenge cache had been archived. A request that we could log it was denied by the cache owner. It was a while before a new DeLorme Challenge cache was placed and even longer before we could return to find the new one. It did put a damper on our experience. The silver lining was that we also returned to a dnf in the state and had success and it was a very good cache. It is overall a lovely and friendly state. I feel that three months is a short time for any cache. But there are so many reasons why a cache might be archived that no guidelines could help some.
  10. Thank you (as usual) Keystone. Thank you to those who offered advice. We tried to add numbers to a photo 640 wide, but it sure looked clumsy. We have the uploaded photo on the cache page with fuzzy numbers and a link to the nicer, number-readable copy also on the cache page. I've seen a disclaimer on some cache pages when downloading is required. Is the disclaimer needed for a link, too? Something like Groundspeak has not virus checked this?
  11. I am approaching a milestone and am hoping to make it an event. (There was a challenge cache, perhaps in Washington, that required different types of caches for different milestones.) I have found 8 lab caches. From what was said here, am I correct in guessing that I can ignore the 8 and the count on My Profile to figure my next milestone? Can I go by my count, which does not include the 8 labs? Locking in a milrstone is mentioned here, too. How does that work? What if I want to change the one it shows first? I don't think my lab finds show in my calendar. They show in my count, but I wish they wouldn't.
  12. I'm sorry. I can't figure out how to delete one and thought too late it was in the wrong place. If you can delete one, please do.
  13. What is the best size, then? Does it go by pixels? bytes? inches? We had experimented with enlarging, shrinking, changing to png or jpg.
  14. When a photo is uploaded to a cache page, it seems like the photo is changed. A picture that is clear on the computer becomes fuzzy when uploaded. How can a cache desccription have a clear picture, the same as what was uploaded. We've tried png, various enlargments, using a link to a photo on facebook, and using a link to a Box, which doesn't seem to work at all.
  15. Hi, We're trying to use a photo puzzle, where a cacher has to be able to see numbers in a photo. When we look at the photo on the computer, it is quite visible. When the photo is uploaded to the cache page, it loses quality and the numbers needed are fuzzy. How can we upload the photo while keeping the clarity of the photo? Sue in Pennsylvania
  16. But my message was entered in the wrong place because I'm only beginning to learn how to use the forums. So I reentered it in the right place. Now this is a "thread" that is just wasting space. If I can't remove my own mistake message, why couldn't a moderator type person do it - he'd see that I wasn't just flaming someone and then trying to back out of it or something else mean. It was a simple mistake, why waste time and effort to save it? It doesn't even serve as a help to others as I'm sure it's covered in a faq area. I just want things to make sense and be organized. Even now, before I post this, there is no cancel option. Sue Gabel
  17. DeLorme thoughts: I tried to post a message yesterday, but I think it is lost somewhere. (I was proficient at BBSing, but there is no option here to just 'post.') I want to make sure that I understand guideline #5. Is it true that a multi with the final cache should be placed on the map page where the first stage is because that is what is listed on the cache page? Also a puzzle cache is counted by it's "fake," listed coordinates rather than the actual cache? It would seem to make more sense to count it where you sign the logbook - and prove that you really found it. Don't Panic (GCQW8K) is listed on map page 75, but the final cache is on map page 74 - for which page would it count? We spent some time this weekend finding caches toward this challenge. We saw some new-to-us areas of PA, found a playground that our teenagers enjoyed, and learned a bit of history. Not sure if we'll go back again, but we were glad to see it this time. I'm venturing here into the forums and am learning about bookmarks. (Why do they take so long to update? I don't see my additions/changes till the next day.) I'm disappointed to see some disabled caches on some bookmark lists. It may be true that they were found, but it doesn't help us if we want to find some of the ones that others enjoyed. I suppose it's the same as a newly found cache that was disabled after the challenge began. Our biggest request is not to take this away for a while - a long while. Thank you PA reviewers for helping us to grow and explore! Sue Gabel
  18. Why is there no option to delete a message? Grrr. If there is a moderator, would you please delete this?
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