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  1. This is a pity. The coinsandpins.com shop, who also offers the stickers, would send to Europe, but the small parcel for the sticker (which costs $1.09) has shipping costs of around 35 Euro to Europe - not to mention the fees that are called for customs (around 20% of total cost -> 7 Euro) and the money transfer costs (which are at least 1.50 Euro if I can pay with my credit card up to 36,55 Euro if I have to use bank transfer (SWIFT) - didn't check the costs for using paypal) ... But I got in contact with a waymarker who will send me a sticker (thanks again for the offer).
  2. Looks really great. Reminds me of something: Is the only way to get a Waymarking.com sticker/pin the possibility to order it in the US (at coinsandpins)? I had a look at many shops in Europe, but they don't sell the Waymarking stickers or pins ... and sending a small parcel from the US to Germany seems to be very expensive ...
  3. You win ... when you visited the place my parents were still teenagers and just had met ...
  4. As I understood the category description only sites on a specific list of the environment protection agency EPA should be allowed. Since the EPA is only a United States Agency (and not one from the United Nations) this would exclude the rest of the world for waymarks in this category - as a lot of other categories intended only for the US or nearby countries (like the "<State> Historical marker" or "Ansel Adams Photo Hunt" categories). But then we have the "German Benchmarks" (or others in Europe) that the US waymarkers have difficulties to get to - so more than fair. But I just took a look at the links in the description: Unfortunatly that mentioned list at EPA and all the other links are no longer accessible, so the category definitly needs a rework. And I agree with you that expanding the category to allow the "rest of the World" is a better idea than creating a new category for the outside of the US. I also took a look at the officers last logins - there is one who is active and one who is semi active whose last login was nearly two month ago. The remaining three seem to be inactive ... So I would also vote for option 2 ...
  5. Thanks for the advice. I will try to sign to my future reviews (and also trying to give improvement answers when I have to deny a submission).
  6. I'm not sure, since I do not lead a category, but it may be, that the denial message comes from a "call for vote" and thus more than one officer decided against the new waymark - which would be the category group then. I don't know if "calling for a vote" could be a standard setting of a category if the reviewing officer declines the waymark ... Just my guessing ...
  7. Thank you. Though with the country lists I may have opened Pandoras box for the statistically inclined ...
  8. That would make an automatic decision a little bit (more) difficult. An additional indicator could be unreviewed waymarks in the queue that linger there for a longer time ... So this would also be another topic to think about ...
  9. Thats why I suggested the automatic demote after six month of inactivity. But the process to elect a new leader as soon there are no more active officers left in the category is a bit unclear at this moment - that would be something to think about.
  10. Huh? Am I missing the context for that reply? Fact is that I understand the words, but not the meaning.
  11. Officers were introduced to provide a quality gate. If the publish is on automatic you will get a lot of spam and incorrect waymarks soon in the "abandoned" categories. Better to check, which categories don't have an active reviewer crew now (that would be when wayfrog is approving the waymarks) and remind them to do their job or replace them then. Perhaps we should also consider something like an automatic inactive flag on officers that were not online for three month and an automatic demote for officers not being online for six month in order to keep the overhead small.
  12. I agree with Becktracker, the description looks great. I found some typos and misunderstandings in the description: Acceptable waymarks section: "- cemeteries (where 50% or more of the cemetery are WWI veterans; this excludes veteran sections unless that section is a different cemetery)" -> Do you mean, that for example the graveyard space maintained by the "Commonwealth War Graves Commission" on the Cologne Southern Cemetery (see WM14DT3) would be acceptable? If not the sentence has much room for interpretation ... Non-acceptable waymarks section: Like Becktracker already mentioned: at "graves of WWII veterans" the second "I" should be deleted. Concerning "- artillery (cannons, shells, ect. unless in a museum of which the museum shall be waymarked)" -> I think this wording would be better: "- artillery (cannons, shells, etc. belong to the category Static Artillery Displays. If they are in a museum the museum shall be waymarked)" In the PHOTO section: "However, depending on the size of the site it additional photos may be requested on a case by case basis." -> Here the "it" after "site" seems a little bit weird, but I'm not a native speaker so I don't know for sure. " If permission has been granted to use photos that are not yours, your waymark will be denied." -> Not sure about the intention here, but I think you want to emphasize, that the picture was taken personally. I would suggest that the sentence starts with "Even if permission ..." to make this more clear. I would also add a sentence/section telling that the "text on photographed signs should be readable". And a hint of "no GPS in the picture". In the COORDINATES section: "If this is a large building or site, coordinates can be obtain at the main entrance or visitor center" -> Not sure, but "can be obtained at" sounds better to me. In the DESCRIPTION section: "expanded in the long. LONG descriptions need to" -> For optical ans semantic reasons I'll would add an extra line between "long. LONG" -> for example "long. LONG descriptions ..." That's all for now. Yours Erik.
  13. Strange. The link is not visible for me. See following image: I'll take a look at the listing in the lunch break.
  14. Is there a link to the (unfinished) category listing? As a normal member I cannot see it.
  15. I felt so free ... - there are many places in the world where the Great War was fought (of course most battlefields were in Europe (east and west) , but also the Japanese-Russian-War was part of it and also the fights lead by Lawrence of Arabia).
  16. Thank you. Next correction run (which is effectivly a new full import) would probably be starting at the next weekend (September 25th). FYI: Updates of the last new waymarks in all available categories are done on a daily run - which is skipped if I'm not at home. The run itself takes between 15 and 30 minutes and is usually done during my lunch time (Central Europe).
  17. Well, I would try the round table category first.
  18. That is the case. Usually each (land) point on earth can be mapped to an administrative unit on a millimeter base using the polygones described by the (country, region and county) borders with an administrative level 0 unit (a country), an administrative level 1 unit (a subdivision of a country taken from ISO 3166-2 (think of it as a province, region, state, ...)), an administrative level 2 unit (counties, large cities, ... - normally assigned by the country administration) and probably more administrative units depenting on the country. So a mountain summit may be part of two different administrative units. During the correction of the waymarks without region I used the informations associated with the coordinate (which is roughly on a meter base using our standard GPS devices) to determine which administrative level 1 to use. Difficulties were given for United Kingdom and Ireland, since the international administrative units are not the same as the ones used by Groundspeak (e.g. Wales and Scotland were divided into North and South) - that was mainly a manual mapping on a case-to-case basis.
  19. Wrote the program during the lunch break - it took nearly 90 minutes to process the 11100 waymarks without category in the list ( https://wm.familie-frohne.net/get_regionwm.php ), but now the list with 773 categories in it (see mentioned list in previous posting: https://wm.familie-frohne.net/open_regionwm.php ) is complete.
  20. The thought of adding the category to the waymark came, when I was more than half through the list of categories. So I added the category to the remaining ones in the correction run. Unfortunatly these are currently waymarks of only 345 categories, so I have to check about 11100 waymarks without a category by another program to assign the category. Development of that program will be done in the next few days. Another currently open topic is the removal from the correction list if the waymark was corrected i.e. by the category officers. This removal will be useful when making a full import of the category - so this may take some time until it is developed. Meanwhile you may have a look at the page https://wm.familie-frohne.net/open_regionwm.php where the 345 already processed categories are listed. I hope, you may find this page helpful.
  21. After a really long time correcting the import tables for missing regions over and over again (most work had to be done for United Kingdom and Ireland) the list of mismatched waymarks should be empty now. I found a few east/west (and south/north) mismatches because the coordinates showed the waymark being in the ocean - these I tried to correct via the edit function at the waymark. There still may be some left - I didn't look for the waymarks that have a filled region entry in their listing. Anyone interested in the list of waymarks corrected in the process (that means the ones I found with an empty region in the listings) may have a look at the (JSON-formatted) output of https://wm.familie-frohne.net/get_regionwm.php The counting (https://wm.familie-frohne.net/count_user.php) should be in the right dimensions now (that means hopefully no more than a deviation of 10)
  22. If you are looking for a follow up - I'm willing to volunteer in this category.
  23. If the category is in the public directory and has entries, there is no way to remove it - at least for us normal users. A (database) admin may remove it, but surely he won't do it if not forced by legal reasons. So: as Max and 99 pointed out: WHY do you want to delete a category? And the second interesting question would be: WHAT is the offending category?
  24. Somehow you can think that walking on a barefoot path is educational: Your body learns how to walk on different materials . But honestly, I doubt that this would be enough reason to expand the category. Yes, I'd also like to hear about the experiences in other countries - I found some all over Europe, but a little bit of googling suggested that there are also barefoot paths in America and (probably) Asia. The leader of this group was last on a year ago - and the other officers seem to be not so active, too ...
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