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  1. Yes, but these regular members cannot participate in the evaluation of the proposed waymarks. So you make a partisan category, exclusively Spanish, it's not the spirit of Waymarking, we are an international community. Phil
  2. You should impose more than one personal photo, this would avoid photos taken on the internet, and photos taken while driving. Phil
  3. For my part I think it can make a good category, these city letters are very fashionable at the moment. Just a small detail, in your category, there are only Spanish waymarkers, it's a bit of a shame for a category that wants to be international. Phil
  4. It's a big day today, I just got into the 10,000 waymark owners group. It's great. Thank you to all the leaders and officers of the different categories who validated my proposals, a big thank you for their fantastic work.
  5. Happy New Year 2023 to all, happy Waymarking
  6. "Longest streak: 2193 consecutive days with posts from 2016-12-09 to 2022-12-10." Hi friends 6 consecutive years to the day. And I still continue with great pleasure to publish.
  7. Maybe Keith could make it happen
  8. I was on my attacked waymark, I managed to remove the visit of "bugcrowd2022_36", then I edited my waymark and I deleted in the unfilled variables the texts he had added. Now my waymark is clean. Merci Barb
  9. Here is my pancake batter recipe that my parents passed on to me a long time ago: 0.400kg of flour 10g salt 80g of sugar 10 whole eggs 1l of milk 12.5 cl of oil 5cl old rum Leave to stand for 1 hour, and you can make between 30 and 40 pancakes depending on the size of the pan. Enjoy your meal Phil
  10. In France it is rare to have a signature crepe in our creperies, perhaps a photo of the outside menu would be desirable as proof of the multitude of crepes. This is interesting
  11. Thank you very much Wayfrog for unlocking many waymarks
  12. And no I'm not dead, the game continues with 2115 days to 23/09/2022, youpeee 2115 consecutive days with posts from 12/9/2016 to 9/23/2022
  13. Thank you Keith for this very beautiful novel of our walk (and your humor). Indeed it was a fantastic experience of discovering your country. The Waymarking made it possible to really bring together two foreign people, who met virtually on the site, who got to know each other virtually for 4 years and finally made this meeting a reality. Despite the language barrier (English-French), the trip was superb. Thanks to your meticulous preparation of our trip, I managed to validate new and numerous categories (impossible in Europe). Waymarking still has that fantastic encounter possibility. Thank you for everything, and thank you to the Waymarking for bringing these discoveries to life.
  14. Thank you very much my friend. Yes I arrived, a little tired with these 9 hours of jet lag, but that's fine. I participated in the Abbotsford Giga, and I have already taken pictures for my next waymark. Canada is a very welcoming country. Tomorrow direction the USA, with visit of HQ. Then it will be in pleasant company the visit of Alberta. Thanks also to my supporters. Phil
  15. Everything came back, apparently I had to click on "ignore the category", a big mistake on my part.
  16. Since this morning I can no longer find the Wikipedia category, I am an officer in this category, and it is no longer in my category. What about you?
  17. https://www.3dnatives.com/batiment-residentiel-imprime-en-3d-300920203/#!
  18. That's it, the challenge of 2000 consecutive days is reached, let's continue towards 2500 days (why not, let's be a little crazy). [:)] Longest Streak: 2001 consecutive days with posts from 12/9/2016 to 6/1/2022
  19. Congratulations my friend (and this is only the beginning), indeed I am at 1974 days, more than 26 to reach this new level of 2000.
  20. In principle, it should be accepted in the category "Religious buildings multifarious", but make it clear that it is part of "The Old Catholic Church". Definition: The Old Catholic Church, also called Old Catholics or Christian Catholicism, designates since 1870 the faithful who claim to be Catholics but refuse the Catholic dogmas of papal infallibility and the supreme and universal jurisdiction of the bishop from Rome. I hope it's gonna be all right. Phil
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