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Strange things are afoot in Memphis

Jamie Z
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When I was in the Olive Branch area a couple of weeks ago, they were out caching with Mitsuko. Really. I saw them. Trust me. Mitsuko had her Meridian and the Westnile7 were sharing an etrex. Actually, it looks like someone is just playing with the logs. Regrettably,it also appears it just may be the placers of the cache.


Visit the Mississippi Geocaching Forum at


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What a great way to hype up a cache!

Note: Women don't count in gangs...Well at least I think I saw 2 women? Now we can't forgett about the person who took the picture.


I could NOT imagine:

"Hey white boy hand over that Garmin Etrex Vista, the Olympus D-360L and the Palm M130 PDA, na' man keep that wallet."


I could imagine:

"gimme' that wallet and those doo-dads"

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Ok white boys maybe the Gangstas Gold was 2 easy but the WN7 Halloween Cache is nearly completed and it ain't gunna b in the white part of town

you know what I'm sayin'.So BEWARE.... PEACE!!!


PS: Cwlutterloh get a job !!! If you need some help go talk to my cuz Little Ray Ray ,he is the head fry cook at Micky D's on Elvis Presley he will tightin' you up.

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I'm back from Voodoo Village. Wow, what a freaky place! I had forgotten how creapy that street is. Lot's of eye's watching as you pass. we used to drive through there in the 70's at night. You were sure to see at least one shotgun blast into the air every time you went.

But it wasn't as rough as a cove off of Getwell that was on my paper route.I had to run a guantlet of Pimps, Pushers, Prostitutes, Punks and Junkyard dogs on my motorcycle to deliver a paper to a little old lady at the end of the cove. I think she was a witch but she tipped good!

Ya'll need to go on down to the village, but don't go at night, unless you really want an adventure!

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Since this topic is "Strange things are afoot in Memphis", I thought I'd share my odd experience from Friday morning with y'all. The events you are about to read are true. The names have not been changed to protect anyone...


I stopped to help a guy whose car had broken down on the way to work this morning. It was just as I was getting on Paul Barrett Parkway. He had pulled off to the side of the access road and had just stepped out of his car as I was approaching. Being from Mississippi, of course I stopped to see if I could help.



He told me that his car had stopped as he was on the way home from work (in Jackson, TN). I was prepared to give him a ride to the next exit where I knew there was a gas station, but it turns out that his home is in Millington. So I gave him a ride into Millington.



His house was only a few minutes out of my way, so I didn't just drop him at the Hwy 51 intersection. I had no idea that the neighborhood behind USA Stadium was so large. Anyhow, as I was driving through the neighborhood, I saw a police car with a guy in the back. Heh heh, somebody got busted. Wonder what it was for...



I dropped Steve (that's what he said his name was) off at his house and noticed an unmarked car and another marked car down the street. I'm thinking they have something going down in the neighborhood. Looks pretty obvious to me.



So now I'm making my way back out of the neighborhood -- backtracking with my GPS since I didn't read all the street signs on the way in. I looked in the mirror and noticed the unmarked car about half a block back. Ahead of me, a marked car was blocking the intersection. As I got to the intersection, the marked car backed out of the way and I continued on.



As I approached USA Stadium, the blue lights in the unmarked car came on. I pulled over to get out of his way, and he pulled in behind me. Doh! Was I speeding? The officer said that he stopped me for 25 in a 20. I was like, hmmm, OK, I guess that's possible.



He ran my license, then asked me if I knew the guy I had dropped off. I said, "He's some guy named Steve. His car was broken down at Collierville-Arlington and 385 and I gave him a ride home."



And the cop is like, "So you didn't know he's a crackhead?"



I said, "Um, no sir."



"That was a crack house you just dropped him off at. We just busted everybody that was there."






"You need to be more careful who you associate with."



"Ok. I was just giving the guy a ride 'cause his car broke down."



"I'm gonna let you go with a warning this time. Be careful who you give a ride."



"Yessir. Hope you get 'em all."



Interesting morning. Looks like Steve got home just in time to go to jail.

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Originally posted by Chris&Cindy:

What is the needed special equipment? A Kevlar vest?


Kevlar is required (vest & helmet). Recommended special equipment includes:

  • tyvek coveralls
  • self-contained air source
  • chemical shower/scrub-down facility
  • Millington PD escort team
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