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Strange things are afoot in Memphis

Jamie Z
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Tis a sad day when you have to archive your first cache. Especially one with such history as the C&N cache. The first cache I placed, the first cache where the West Nile 7 showed up, even CWL's first cache found. Almost a year to the day in which I placed this cache also. (Placed on 7/11/02... archived 7/13/03) The geomuggles got to it and strowed it all around the area. I picked up what was left and headed out with the cache. icon_frown.gif Good thing I didn't put a Buddha in it a few weeks ago like I was planning. icon_redface.gif I will save the logs for prosperity.



My skills are ferior!

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Originally posted by Blodlizrd:

Sorry, guys. It was clear that what ever Geomuggle found this one was intent on destroying it instead of leaving it alone. I have a feeling that they will be back, so I'd rather not play trash man again. icon_smile.gif


I agree with Blodlizrd! I replaced one of my caches CWL003.1 & .2 and those dang Geomuggles still got it again. icon_mad.gif So I decided to move it to another park CWL003.3 where no right minded Geomuggle would come even near it.


Theres nothing more frustrating in this sport than ignorant destructive Geomuggles.

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Originally posted by Chris&Cindy:

hmmmm, how about a bear trap cache or....land mines yeah land mines that will keep the muggles away. icon_smile.gif


LOL! That would be great! but you know then they would find a way to ban Geocaching. Then my whole world would be over. heh heh icon_wink.gif

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