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  1. trying to get caught up on my acquired geocoins that need to be activated... I have two GWXII coins. One is silver(?) with the green banner, and the other is bronze(?) - I can't get the bronze one to activate and the gc.com system tells me that the number isn't in the system. I'm assuming that they are the same trackable code. Anyone else have the same issue? Haven't contacted Direct Mint yet - that'll be the next step if nothing comes up here. Thanks, Jenn
  2. I am trying to contact user manpy57s.
  3. FloridaFour, Thanks! Bret and I have an almost illegal amount of fun caching - (probably only illegal in the state of Utah or somethin... (no offense to Utahians!)) - I'm so glad you enjoyed it, we had lots of laughs making it... Can you believe we only do this kinda thing part time?
  4. She's also smoking a stogie in that Manana..Munchunk..manmanchuck...that cache in New Jersey with a tunnel. When I saw the LPC video my thoughts were "I'd love to go geocaching with those guys..." I've been caching in Ithaca... where were you?
  5. Wow - Bret and I were just talking about how many views we got on the video in such a short amount of time, and couldn't figure out why... Bret realized tonight that several views had been coming from these forums, so i went searching for it. Imagine my surprise, when I got to read through so many fantastic comments and compliments, as well as a bunch of laughs! This was a complete surprise, and left me with a big ole smile. Thanks to all who enjoyed, and spoke up about it! We have a ton of fun putting these together (well, Bret does the 'putting together', I'm just the eye-candy ) Who knows, maybe someday we'll be in YOUR neck of the woods!
  6. If you watch the video (located to the right of the article) it touches on the two 'illegal' caches - one in a walmart parking lot, and the other parking lot cache i couldn't identify from the businesses shown. I also posted a comment and called the new station as well to complain about the apparent lack of research done on the article.
  7. FYI: If it is a cache that you own, you should be able to edit the attributes on your own cache page which would allow you to remove the NM attribute.
  8. I'd just like to say thanks for coming here to make it clear that you (and hopefully others in the Law Enforcement Field) understand how much the game means to us as a whole.. and just hope that we can be thoughtful, considerate and careful when placing our caches! It's great to read that coming from someone in your position.
  9. In my opinion, It really depends on how much caching you're going to do and how 'serious' you're going to get about the activity. I found my first 1000 caches with my little yellow extrex and loved every minute of it. at the very least it'd would be worth picking it up for the price alone (assuming it works, etc...) - and if you don't want it, let me know where you found that price, I'll pick it up!
  10. allow me to point something out to the OP and to ask one tiny question... in reference to your thread title: I PAYED AND I WANT ALRs BACK!, If ya want them back post here! If not go find a LPS cache! H I believe you meant to type the word PAID Also, Can you please explain what an 'LPS' cache is? Are those better or worse than ALRs? Thanks!
  11. Reviewer Jones is a 4 time winner of the Reviewer of the Year award, a member of the Cache Reviewers Hall of Fame, selected by the Cache Reviewers Association Periodical magazine as one of the top 10 reviewers in the world, a National Merit Reviewer, president of the International Association of Cache Reviewers and one of only 5 reviewers selected to be a member of the US National Reviewer Team to be sent to Sarajevo next summer for the Cache Review Olympics. Even then, it is possible that he made a mistake. It happens to the best of them. Heck, Babe Ruth struck out 1,330 times and even though Reviewer Jones has been referred to by some as the Babe Ruth of reviewers, his track record is actually far better than The Bambino's. boy does that give new meaning to the "curse of the Bambino!"
  12. LOL - hey! it wasn't me, it was the server! I swear!
  13. A couple of hours? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I think it took me an hour just to make it past the entrance at GW6. My usual naturally-blabby self in true form. There were about 3,000 people there last year. I cannot wait to see what the count will be this year. I would suggest planning more than a couple of hours. Heya Monkeybrad! Platinum registered, volunteer message sent. Love to be a food runner again. Looking forward to being there all day yet again. what? i thought for sure you would register under the titanium membership... []
  14. sadly, a cut in my hours at work and the price of gas (even though it is dropping...) made it necessary for me to end the streak. I made it to 400 days and loved every single day of it!
  15. it's always great to see cachers recognize and use the attributes! they are such a handy tool and i wish more folks would put them to use! thanks for posting about them!
  16. While I'm not a huge fan of the forums, I'll throw my info here... heck, it might help if this place turns into some kind of support group for me when i either quit, or complete my goal... I started on September 24th, 2007 on day one of a four month road trip around the U.S.A. When I left Massachusetts I decided getting at least one cache per day could be a fun thing to do over the course of my travels. I was right, It was. Then I got home. I was two months away from the 6 month mark. I couldn't stop short of that, right? So I kept the streak going. Once I hit 6 months, I really wanted to make it a full year. BOY will i be happy when this year is over! I'm currently at 283 days (give or take one) and have 83 days to go (i'm shooting for 366 due to the leap year). If I were anywhere else (well, maybe not ANYWHERE else...) this would have probably been an easier task for me. You see - there's nothing but ocean on the north, east and south sides of Cape Cod. I HAVE to travel west. it's been an interesting experience to say the very least, especially with rising gas costs and having to drive at least an hour to find a cache each day. silly, silly koneko. I really have my friends and my own stubborn-ness to thank for the continuation of this stoopid idea streak.
  17. i mentioned this to Michael a while back - been seeing them for a while. glad it's not just me and CYBret!
  18. Hey Hockeychik!!! I don't normally hang out in these parts, but saw you were the last post on here and thought i would say hello and glad to see you are out and about... it was great to meet you at GW6 even if you did bring that weirdo you hang out with a word of warning for the forums - some of the admins here are rough characters... be careful what you say!!
  19. To you, perhaps. Not to others. Like so many others things in life, religion is what you make of it. It can be a positive force for a community, or it can be the driving hatred that kills "unbelievers". Neither end of the spectrum really qualifies as nonsense, but oft times, the middle can get pretty silly. Yes. Unfortunately, others continue to believe in the non existent phenomenon of "religion". Either way, religion is nonsense to me. Unfortunately, as long as it is not nonsense to other people, it only leads to prejudice and hatred. It comes down to this: Be religious, and hate other people and believe that people who don't believe what you believe are uneducated, etc., etc. Or. Forget religion and it's nonsense, and let people think what they want to think. If they think they shouldnt watch R rated movies......thats cool! If they think abortion should be legal....thats cool! I say we get real and forget the segregation (caused by religion) and we make intelligent decisions that make sense. As I understood the original post, this was about cache swag, not personal beliefs. Might be best to get back on topic and save the religious discussion for a face to face (or email to email ) discussion and not in this thread.
  20. Hi there - I have talked to the town of Mashpee about a possible CITO at Noisy Hole Conservation Area and got a very less than enthusiastic response. Instead of working with the town of Mashpee, I have a CITO scheduled for April 19th in Osterville with the Barnstable Land Trust. Earthday CITO event There's no reason you can't try to get the town of Mashpee to work with you - I just request that you don't schedule it for the same day - no need to compete for dates when we could have two CITO events to help out - Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my event, or getting started on your own event.
  21. First, I'm going to state that I don't know where this quote came from but I've seen it in nearly 1/3 of the threads in "Getting Started" and elsewhere with much frequency. I don't agree at all. I keep my ol' Magellan Meridian Color in hand at all times. Most times on the screen with "rubber band" and sometimes, not often, on the compass screen when the map screen is insufficient (very rare, but I do use a "small" map). Why would one want to put away the GPS when it still says 30' or so? Makes no sense unless the GPS is a bad one. I can't imagine my old Meridian Color being any better than any other unit and certainly not better than the newer units with SIRF. I can say that in 85% of my traditional cache finds, my GPS says 8' or less when I'm standing on the cache. Of course, when the placer's unit is off, like one of our locals who uses his phone and never averages, it will be off by more, but I can "circle" the cache to narrow it down and use that method when I know this fellow hid it. The second part of the statement makes much sense, but with your GPS in your pocket, how would you know? I'm guessing that the poster implies "take out your GPS again to approach it from a different direction" and if that's so, why ever put it away? I only put mine away when I need both hands to climb a tree or embankment. NOTE: I'm using a "small" map. I normally load a very small map (say only a hundred miles square" of the location so that the "rubber band" screen updates quicker. If I do load a "large map" (a few hundred or nearly the 64K limit of the Meridian) rubber band is less effective but the compass still works so I never "put the GPS away." I think perhaps what that quote is suggesting, is that maybe you shouldn't JUST focus on your GPS. Don't forget to look where you're going!
  22. The OP asked about changing geocaching, not the site. I agree that the bulk of the responses pertain to the site, but it is not exclusive. which is why i haven't voiced MY biggest complaint about geocaching... these forums Careful, there. Mr. Wisearse was given a 14 day ban for his post #119 above when he simply said in two words: "New Management." Your criticism, though just as valid, might get you a visit to the principal's office, too! i've got no complaint with the management at all.
  23. The OP asked about changing geocaching, not the site. I agree that the bulk of the responses pertain to the site, but it is not exclusive. which is why i haven't voiced MY biggest complaint about geocaching... these forums
  24. wait, so because briansnat doesn't have 1000 caches in one weekend, that means he's lazy?? have you ever looked at the caches he's found or placed? when did this thread change topics to number whoring? this is why when i meet new cachers that are worried about only have X number of caches, i make a point to remind them that one of the great things about geocaching is being able to go at YOUR OWN PACE. you don't have 1000 caches in a weekend? it's okay - you don't have to do that! this thread is about cache logs, NOT the amount of caches you have or have not found and why. edited to apologize for the double post. - you guys were busy while i was adding! []
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