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Is it time for another Geocoin Race?


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WOW! I am so excited for this race. Thanks again to our gracious host for setting this all up!


Of course, any hummer that starts from here will need some decent traction since we got more snow yesterday :mad:


Spring started a few days ago??? Yeah right.......


Snowing here today! With any luck the hummer starting with us will be here by the end of the week, we are going to our daughters for Easter and there is a better chance of good weather there!

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Got mine today! Do you want us to go ahead and grab the racer from you or wait until the race starts?

This is going to be fun!


And thanks, very, very much for the geocoin. That was an amazing thing for you to do for us!

Yes, grab the racer and wait until I drop the flag. I will give an update as the packages arrive,


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Yes, Yeess, Yeeesss, its there, the Hummer, it is here and its toes (oops tyres) have touched the starting line. Lets go.


For those of lesser enthusiasm. Racer Nr. 18 is ready to start.

#18 is boss


#18 is just plain bossy ... there is a difference Shannon !! ... :P


You better ask speakers-corner to put some extra air filters in the cab ...


With all the dust you'll be eating, you'll need them !!

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Sent To -------- Has Received

1 Lady Bee 4T ------ Team-Red-One

2 usyoopers ------ Yanagi

3 Bojta

4 sweetlife - v ------- Bojta

5 moozer----- Pingos

6 Love Cachers - Jay ---- brokev7

7 Penquin------Darlene 4th

8 Yanagi

9 New Market Mallers ------- Ingwaz

10 JoenSue ------- speakers_corners

11 Six Little Spookies

12 brokev7

13 geominions ------ Intrepid Dyad

14 KD8ATF ------ nevadanick

15 speakers_corners

16 Bartians ------Team Ecc 21

17 Team-Red-One------ Lady Bee 4T

18 TrinlzzyCar------ moozer

19 Ingwaz

20 Intrepid Dyad------ ramgab

21 Pingos------ usyoopers

22 Strombus

23 Team Ecc 21 Penquin

24 nevadanick New Market Mallers

25 steben6 sweetlife - v

26 ramgab

27 taska

28 Fuzzie Bear3 -------Ice13-333

29 Amigos -------geominions

30 Darlene 4th -----Strombus

31 Ice13-333

32 Love Cachers - Joyce ----- Maine Family

33 Maine Family ----- Dofferson

34 Krazy_Kajun

35 Dofferson ------ Love Cachers - Joyce

36 frothingham ------ getzie family

37 sweetlife - B ------ frothingham

38 getzie family ------ Amigos


Large Letters are the Packages not received yet.

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Today racer #11 arrived in Bavaria, Germany.

Thank god we've got a lot of space in the front yard, so this big car does not disturb anyone.


OMG!!! I forgot to say so much thank you for the nice little bonus coin you gifted me!!!

Please forgive me and THANK YOU!!!

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