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  1. I have 5 grab bags of 5 random UNACTIVATED Geocoins $50. They will be a random lot of 5 coins I can promise all are unactivated plus a 6th bonus non trackable. If interested send me a message at tooevol@yahoo.com. First come first serve. Includes shipping in the US.
  2. TrinIzzyCar's seekers Here it is
  3. Ohh I fell off for awhile but I'm redoing my wishlist and I'll be back in like 15 min
  4. A BIG BIG BIG THANKYOU! I was surprised to see a box come tone at my old address thankfully I was staying there this weekend (stalker?) My TB had most logged my geocachers great prizes fun race Thank you so much for all of your hard work!
  5. I love this coin! Congrats to all who have recieved one I hope to add on to my collection one day.
  6. Do you still have any of your coins for sale? I do. They are all activated. See my profile and make an offer. Email sent
  7. There are lots Tsuns dragonflies, dragon fly talisman, dragonfly dreams has a personal. Just google dragonfly Geocoins.
  8. Very nice congrats I love mine it's the gem of my coin and Harley Quinn collection Thanks to the mystery sender
  9. I've heard there have been lots of custom hold ups lately
  10. Does anyone have a extra leadhill version available?
  11. Got these beauties very surprised at the size! And the detail is fantastic if anyone hasn't ordered a set I would definitely recommend it and if you can't get a set order one it's definitely worth it! Plus it's a fundraiser give a little get a lot! Great coins MO some of my favorites for sure!
  12. Went a checked to see if #5 was still in the cache and I'm afraid it is not a family of newbies found the cache even took pictures with it I think they may have taken it with them I have sent a email waiting to hear back.
  13. Gitzies was retrieved yesterday
  14. Wohoo I'm going places.... slowly but hey I'm going!
  15. I'm concerned for #5 I see it hasn't been picked up yet but there is a picture in the cache log of some newbie cachers holding it I have sent a message and will go check to see if they grabbed it and not logged it or left it.
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