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  1. You can not deactivate it, but you should be albe to delete all logs on it. But you have delete the logs piece by piece and I'm not sure if the traveldistance is set to 0 again. After that you can adopt it to your friend. I hope this helps a bit.
  2. Hi teamhaynes! I got a link for you, sadly there aren't minting numbers for this coin either, but a bit general information. http://wiki.ssoca.eu/Dragon_Spinner_Geocoin Regards, Ingwaz
  3. A giant-sized THANK YOU!!! to GaryM53 for giving me the opportunity to be part of this race and for all the great done work you had with this. Thanks to all racers and congratulations to the winners! I'm happy to see Six Little Spookies Racer, which I started, at the winner's podium. I hadn't that much luck and got a lost or stolen Hummer Racer with Zero milage. Nevertheless it was great fun beeing part of this! Last but not least I want to thank GaryM53 again for the chance to adopt my Hummer Racer Geocoin #19! May all of you stay healthy! Cheers Ingwaz
  4. I'm sorry but I can't see any geocoins neither a list of them.
  5. Ingwaz's Hummer Racer Geocoin #19 lost since April 4th in the hands of a french cacher called cametvicdesaintmarc. No reaction on several emails.
  6. Ugh...I purposely placed #19 in a cache in Central Park that gets visited almost everyday and usually multiple times. When I saw a cacher from France pick it up the next day, I thought some nice mileage was coming..... My own Hummer #9 got a nice jump from California to Alberta, Canada, so a little over 1200 miles so far. Waiting for the next cacher to pick it up. Hopefully they are from New Zealand..... Thanks to your reply I noticed that the guy who picked up my Racer is from France. So I translated my email with an online translator into french and sent it again but still got no reaction. Maybe the translation was to bad. So here my question: Does someone here speak french and would be willing to discribe the whole thing to the cacher which still holds my Racer?
  7. The Blue Hummer I started -> Six Little Spookie's Hummer Racer Geocoin #11 is on it's way, but has mostly visited/dipping logs. So I have to estimate the miles which count and the result is about 73.6 miles. My own Blue Hummer #19 started and got right stuck in the hands of the first cacher who retrieved it from the starting cache. I already emailed the current holder but got no answer. So I sadly have to report that Hummer #19 has ZERO miles.
  8. The Racer #11 has startet it's race. I wish him good luck and many miles!
  9. Today racer #11 arrived in Bavaria, Germany. Thank god we've got a lot of space in the front yard, so this big car does not disturb anyone. OMG!!! I forgot to say so much thank you for the nice little bonus coin you gifted me!!! Please forgive me and THANK YOU!!!
  10. Hi tevjen! What is the length of the handles, like on the drawing or like on the pictures? With the proportion on the drawing the coin would look really gorgeous.
  11. The same here at my letterbox, no mail from the United States. Maybe the postman had to much work with helping the Easter Bunny through the Easter rush.
  12. Last night I met the inventor of K.I.T.T. and he gave me some special gimmicks and gadgets to instal in my Hummer (#19). I would rather bet I'll win the race.
  13. Right! It's a Hummer, so I will drive offroad.
  14. Thank you for your reply, Strombus! And I agree with you to support GaryM53 with the cost. I think paying him the shipping cost would be a good idea.
  15. Jippieh! I'm really happy to be one of the Drivers. Am I the only one on the Driver list from Germany resp. from outside the USA?
  16. Sounds like fun, great idea. Email sent.
  17. Hi! When does your sale start? I can't find a single coin listed under your name stevetoni69. Regards, Ingwaz
  18. geocoins prices in principle for the next week. will be produced at least 20 lots (each lot with 9 geocoins) size: 1.75 inches diameter (44 mm), 3 mm thickness metal: bronze Tracking: trackable at geocaching.com Icon: own icon at geocaching.com engraving: laser engraved tracking code on each coin packing: each coin into coin sleeve plating: different platings Can i order single coins or only the whole lot?
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