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Can anyone solve this puzzle?

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Puzzles are generally not meant to be solved in public forums. The cache owner might be very upset with this method of solving his puzzle. You should contact him/her for help if you need it.


Part of the challenge in solving puzzles is the determination of how to do it. Posting the solution on a public forum, where it can be found with an internet search, is not sporting.


Do a search of the forums for niraD's posts about puzzles for help.




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According to section 4 of the geocaching.com terms of use, "You agree not to: [...] (m) Publish, on any Groundspeak owned web property, the solutions, hints, spoilers, or any hidden coordinates for any geocache without consent from the cache owner." However, here are some general puzzle tips (based in part on a puzzle-solving class event presented by The Rat a while ago):


Identify the theme. Check the cache title, the hint, the HTML source, the graphics (including names/URLs), any links (including URLs), whatever is at the posted coordinates, etc. If you can figure out the theme, then you should look for numbering systems that are associated with that theme (zip codes, athletes’ jersey numbers, episode numbers, product codes, etc.).


Around here, coordinates will have 15 digits, and will look like "N 37° xx.xxx W 122° xx.xxx". So when I'm solving a nearby puzzle, I look for a group of 15 things, and then I look for ways to get the digits 37xxxxx122xxxxx from them. In general, I look for ways to get the number 37 (or the digits 3 and 7) from something near the beginning of the puzzle, and the number 122 (or the digits 1, 2, and 2) from something near the middle of the puzzle. (Of course, you'll need to adjust this for the coordinates near you.)


Other useful resources include:

Puzzle Solving 101 Series (bookmark list)

Puzzle Shortcuts Series (bookmark list)

Solving Puzzle Caches (online article)

How Do I Solve All These $@! Puzzle Caches? (tutorial-style puzzle cache)

Puzzle FUNdamentals (archived event cache) and the Puzzle FUNdamentals resources on the GeocacheAlaska! education page

The GBA's Puzzle Cache FAQ (for puzzle designers, but useful for understanding how puzzle caches work)


If you’re interested in extremely challenging puzzles, then consider the online discussions of Venona’s ACTIVITIES in the GBA forums. The puzzles for this annual event are very challenging, intended to be solved by multiple people working together online. (You'll need to register on the GBA site to view these forum threads.)

Overview: Venona's 2011 ACTIVITIES

Overview: Venona's 2012 ACTIVITIES

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If this is in the wrong forum let me know. This puzzle on the cache page is supposed to contain co-ords and logging instructions for a cache. I have never seen anything like this. Help please


I recognize part of it: Cable News Network. :laughing:


Now you have to solve what time to watch, for yourself. The forum can only point you in the right direction.:lol: Coordinates are fifteen digits, so its probably going to be a news item on the deficit.:ph34r: Stay tuned!!!!

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Check out http://coord.info/GC26KP8.


I just solved the puzzle and confirmed the answer but have not yet gotten time to explore GZ. The puzzle is:


Wholely Cache




































Yes, that's what you've got to work with!

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Check out http://coord.info/GC26KP8 .


I just solved the puzzle and confirmed the answer but have not yet gotten time to explore GZ. The puzzle is:


Wholely Cache


That period in the url messes things up until you delete it, or remove it from the url. I just added a space in the quote section. That works! So does the GCCode method. And you can use the name for the link that way as well.


As in

Wholely Cache


Looks like a good way to spend some time later on though, shoveling out of the latest snow first though!


Doug 7rxc

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Puzzles like this one are still hard for me. I usually pass on ones like this unless there is a special reason I want to figure it out.


We once posted a puzzle with 15 pics that had nothing to do with the pics to figure it out. Funny thing was I got a text from a local cacher saying he figured it out but couldn't certify it. He was counting the eyes and hands in the pic and actually came up with coords that could work for the area! I looked it over and could have been possible with his theory. :) I told him that was not the right way to figure it out and he didn't believe me for a while. Made the puzzle that much more fun.


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░▓░░░▓░▓▓░░▓░▓░▓░▓░▓░░▓▓░▓░░░▓░▓░░░ ......


Neo could have certainly solved this puzzle and the hint confirmed my guess of possible approaches.


I solved a puzzle a while back that gave me some insight into a general puzzle solving strategy. I haven't look at this specific puzzle but the first thing I notice is it is a sequence of dark and light bars. Basically, light and dark could represent two binary states. Binary states can be used to represent the decimal equivalent of a number, an ascii representation of a number, morse or baudot code, or other possible encodings. Binary states are not just visualized as a 1 or 0, but can be represented with anything that can be shown as two possible values. Light and dark, on and off, cold and hot, red or green, fast or slow, long or short....you get the idea. Now when I see a puzzle which looks like it could represent binary values I look to see if the sequence of values could decode as decimal values, ascii values, morse code, etc.

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