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Emails from Geocaching.com

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Hi All,


As of this afternoon I am no longer receiving any emails from GC.com, this includes all normal emails such as logs on my caches, watch list and people contacting me through GC.com. All of these are failing to arrive at my email address despite me defiantly knowing of new logs on my caches and even posting a test note to check.


I am receiving other emails to my account so I am pretty sure the problem is not with my email account, I have tried to switch my GC email address to a different account but the validation email is failing to arrive at that too, so I am unable to switch resulting to no GC emails reaching me.


Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? and is the correct way to inform Groundspeak still to email contact@geocaching.com ?





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Last night a bunch of emails regarding PQ completion were delayed for me, some by up to a few hours. One of the PQ servers was very slow in processing PQs as well.

Apparently one of the PQ servers is still running slow, the one that I have been waiting on 4 PSs for the last 5 1/2 hours.

When were the hamsters last fed??? I bet thats the problem.

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I'm not getting forum notifications either. Last one was at 6:30 AM, PDT. I have only had a few cache notifications trickle in. The last one was sent at 1:49 PM and received at 8:05 PM, the next one was sent an hour earlier and received 20 minutes later. I am using Gmail. I just sent a message to it from my Roadrunner account. It arrived within seconds so it is not a problem with my email account.

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