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  1. Does anyone know of a method of searching for profiles, in addition to the method of searching for profiles through the message feature? Mainly a method where you can search for profiles created on or around the same date? I was told this may be possible through profile URL's but was given no specifics.
  2. I don't think it is just notifications, I, and other from what I have seen are not receiving any emails from GC.com weather that be notifications, PQ's, logs from watch lists/owner caches and emails from other cachers.
  3. Hi All, As of this afternoon I am no longer receiving any emails from GC.com, this includes all normal emails such as logs on my caches, watch list and people contacting me through GC.com. All of these are failing to arrive at my email address despite me defiantly knowing of new logs on my caches and even posting a test note to check. I am receiving other emails to my account so I am pretty sure the problem is not with my email account, I have tried to switch my GC email address to a different account but the validation email is failing to arrive at that too, so I am unable to switch resulting to no GC emails reaching me. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? and is the correct way to inform Groundspeak still to email contact@geocaching.com ? Cheers Alex
  4. Groundspeak have just changed the guidelines/disclaimer regarding owners responsibility for there caches it can be seen here. It now states: ' Groundspeak is not in any way responsible or liable for caches or their placement. All aspects of your cache and its placement are your responsibility, and you may be held liable for any resulting consequences. ' Where as before the emphasis of the disclaimer was as I understood it to say that everyone cached at there own risk, for extreme caches disclaimers on pages reminding and re-enforcing this message. Now however it appears that cache owners are liable for any incidents/injures that may result from there caches. For normal caches these would be damage to property ect. but with this new guideline this would suggest that if anyone injured themselves on an extreme cache the owner would be liable. For me this is very worrying and I have taken the step of disabling all my extreme and extreme(ish) caches until I can establish the consequences of this change. While all my caches have disclaimers this would appear to counter this, I do attempt to limit risk through use of PMO but this does not entirely stop the issue. I may archive my extremes as a result of this, does anyone have any thoughts on the issue?
  5. I have to say I am no fan of the new maps, but I understand why Groundspeak has taken the action they have. I just have a question and a couple points to make: My question is which of the options produces an aerial map similar to google satellite? Because all but one mode (excluding the default mode) produces a blank screen for me and I really need an aerial map for some caching I have coming up this week. Could someone also explain the function of each individual mode because however long I leave them most of the modes fail to appear. Of the ones that do appear they all appear to have similar functions. While I have already acknowledged that I understand the reasons for Groundspeak’s actions I still do question a couple of things, why is it that over the past year with the exception of favourite points I would say very little new features have come onto the geocaching website that I personally think are of any value; Challenges being the most high profile of these. It does seem that our membership money may be better spend on features such as maps that we all use and value rather than on many pointless features. I don't know the exact figures of it but it may be the case that even if these features were cut it still may not be possible to continue to use google maps and if that is the case I except that. But even before this Beta Maps were flaky, after some time your finds would disappear for example. I think time would be better spend improving these features rather than bringing in these features that I feel (and speaking to others, they also feel) bring little value to, and even take away from the geocaching experience, which is one the whole a good one.
  6. Glad to know its not just me, Groundspeak really need to do something, GC.com seems to either be slow or have problems regularly. Where do our $30 go I ask?
  7. Is anyone else having problems with GC.com loading today? Every other website is working for me today including the forums but something appears appears to be wrong with geocaching. Is it just me?
  8. Looking at feedback it is because of challenges.
  9. Geocaching.com seems slower than I have every seen it today. Anyone else agree? It must be everyone checking out the new challenges.
  10. We all know that Virts are coming back, are Challenges the 'new Virtuals' as promised in the feedback forum? Or are they somthing else? With the new Virts coming out soon?
  11. This was taken at 'Ait' in Surrey where getting to the GZ was slightly tricky without the equipment shown.
  12. I was on my Stats and it appears on the 'cache type' section that a new icon is about for the Groundspeak block party. It has not yet been changed, its still listed as a mega. But posible a new icon.
  13. Hi All, I am loving the idea of this event! Just a question, is there anynews on the status of this event? So will it be a unique cache type with its own icon, featuring a Mega as a side event or is it to be listed as a mega? Alex
  14. Hi Everyone, I had a cart in earwigo that I deleted, not knowing at the time that it was achtally the cartridge I had been working on not the cartridge I had just archived. I don't have a copy of it on Wherigo.com and the only version I still have is a gwc file on my laptop which I added on to my oregon to test it. But I can't open the gwc file in Earwigo, because I need it as a gwz format. Does anyone know how to convert a gwc file to a gwz file? I would really appreciate help with this as it will prevent me from having to re-do 7 months of work. Cheers Alex
  15. By making the rule that all urban caches content must be visible, so all urban caches must be transparent. So effectivly this is banning Urban Ammo boxes, I know there are quite a few around. Ammo Boxes are in demise as it is this would add to the problem of those who want to place ammo boxes. It would be better just to insist that all ammo boxes are correctly labled and have better communicate with the police.
  16. After GC.com came back up after the work on it, it appears to be down again I and a number of others I have spoken to not being able to connect to it. Anyone else having problems?
  17. For me gc.com appears to have gone back down as I can't connect to it, its fine on everything else and was working fine once it had come back up from maintainence. Also beta maps appeared not to be showing anything, posible issue? Before it stoped working again.
  18. No, I have not recived any new reviewer notes since I put this cache up. I did put this cache up some months ago and had to change a few things but I still would have thought it would not take a month to get back to it.
  19. Last month on the 15th May, I put my new Earthcache up for review. I am used to EC's taking a bit longer to review but over a month seems a bit long to me. And it is definatly up for review!
  20. For those of us who would like to see Mission 9 restored in some way, either with a logable plaque or original container with full APE experince I have created a thread in the Groundspeak feedback forum where you can vote on it here.
  21. A really shame this was archived, I would argue strongly that this one should be replaced as I was one of the caches that one day hoped to make the journey to the cache. It may be too late now to replace the cache, but possible not; it could be unachieved. But what I think could be a better solution is the placement of a log able plaque with the souvenir and icon. I have set up a post on the Groundspeak get satisfaction forum to this effect.
  22. I have just noticed that the APE cache is missing in action. Just wondering what the chances are of it being replaced and just alerting others to the development.
  23. My local reviewer is the Long Man and he does an excellent job, quick and always trys to help you with your problems. I think it is very harsh of anyone to critisise any of the UK reviewers giving the excellent job they do.
  24. My understanding was the reviewers only unarchived cache which had been archived for less than a year. So any cache that has been archived for more than a year will not be unarchived.
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