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map is not loading

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I can confirm too!!! (does not matter what browser...)


What prompted the downgrade in the maps? Just this morning I could use the maps like usual and now they don't even work. They NEVER refresh and I can't get the views that we ALL have come to depend on. Where is the Hybrid view??? The maps are useless without that view....well they are pretty useless now anyway.


I suggest a revert back to the previous version that actually worked around the world...

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After the new update...




The Map takes forever to load. About 10-15 times longer than it used to load.


Before when I zoomed out to view Dallas-Fort Worth... from edge to edge. It took abotu 10 seconds to show the several thousand caches.

Now it is taking almost 4-5 minutes to load. (This happens on 10+ computers I have, on 3 different broadband internet connections I have access too.. Cable modem, 4GLTE hotspot, Work T3 line)



Where is the Satalite Image map???? Is it gone, or am I just not seeing it?




P.S. Nevermind. I found the icon that you click on (Upper right part of the map screen) that you click on to change maps. However "Maquest Aerial" is taking about 2 minutes to load the images.


The other problem... is their is NO HYBRID mode. So some of those hard to see roads, because they are dirt roads, or covered by Tree cover are impossible to see.

We NEED a hybrid Satalite image mode!

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One other thing I noticed.


When you click on the cache icons on the left side, to turn on/off viewing of thsoe caches. It shows that it is being "Toggled", however THOSE caches are still being viewed on the map, even when you have toggled them OFF!





After further testing, trying different things. The problem is intermitant.

If you "reload" the web page (which of course takes you back to your home coordinates) & THEN turn off the cache types you DON'T want to view, before aligning the map to the location you wish to view. Then it will work. The other way around it won't.


By area that you wish to view... is an area that is it aleast 2 to 3 miles from home coordinates, and is NOT shown when you reload the web page of the map.


If you change map view type. It also resets the viewing of cache types to ALL, yet the toggles on the left side of the screen don't reset.


Geocaching.com do you test these updates before you release them?

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This isn't geocaching.com/groundspeaks fault about how Mapping companies are taking advantage of us consumers no matter what device or use of maps you need.


I wanted to update my Alpine reciever for it's maps. It would cost $800! more than the cost of the head unit.


A freind of mine wanted to update the GPS data for his Toyota Prius.... $375


Bing & Google... neither allow downloading maps... Even then their are THOUSANDS of errors.


Time to write our congress to start possibly regulating the map industry. Sadly of course even this might not help!


To those who say vote with your dollars... Hard to do, when there isn't anyone acceptable to vote for, and its hard to do without maps all together.


So I am not suprised by geocaching.com's move to the use of certain maps. Not much we can really do about that. Unless we want to pay more money. Even then we might not get the maps that we truly want or need. Just remember it ISN'T geocaching.com's fault.


What they (Groundspeak) DO need to do, though is make sure the maps load much faster & efficiently, and that the viewing options WORK!



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Still waiting for my maps to load.


Hey, I'll pay more for my premium membership if it means we get decent quick loading maps.


I don't care about not having the google maps, although I too prefer the hybrid view.


But, my gosh, this performance is just pathetic!


This is NOT an upgrade. This is a MAJOR DOWNGRADE.


Let me generate a KML and I'll go do my own maps. I can probably have done it in the time it has taken the maps to load.


When it finally does load, it's missing tiles left and right.


Bring back the Google maps until you've at least beta tested this one...

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BTW, perhaps we wouldn't be hitting the maps as hard if you didn't time out the maps in an incredibly short period of time.


Here's an example. I opened a map to plot out where I want to go cache. It took two minutes to load. It finally loaded. I zoomed in and out and panned over along the way to an area in which I had few finds. I zoomed in, and... all my finds disappeared? Huh? I zoomed out - find icons were there. I zoomed in, and they disappeared. Zoom out, they're there; zoom in, they're gone. So what do I have to do? Hit refresh on the browser. Re-center where I wanted to look. Zoom in. Oh, there the icons are again.


Wait about 5-10 minutes and then repeat.

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The new maps are AWFUL! There are 17 lakes within a 20 mile radius of my home and NONE of them shows on the new map unless the satellite map is chosen. Yeah they show narrow foot paths but they don't show a 700 acre lake! I can't use the sat maps because they take about a minute to download on a 15Mbs connection. Then if I move them an inch it's another minute to update. OK I get the cost issue but these maps really are terrible.


I note that OpenCaching.com uses Bing maps which are FAR superior to these. I suppose they can do that because they have a low hit volume?

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For some reason, I don't think geocaching.com/Groundspeak care how we feel about the maps, or are doing much to correct it.


in the mean time....


I am using GSAK, with iGeoKnife on my iPad. You can use google maps, as well as the Satalite Hybrid image. Plus you can view a full screens worth of caches. Not just 30.


It isn't an ideal solution. But it works for now, until someday in the far distant future geocaching.com figures out a better solution. In the mean time Im not using the website maps anymore!



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Okay, I understand why they went with the new maps. Some thing was going to be lost either way. Pay Google the new price and have to cut back elsewhere or raise member fees. Go with the new maps and hope members have the patience to ride through the problems. The new maps are starting to load a bit better . . . well sort of, still REALLY irritating. My biggest complaint is the maps are just plain wrong. They may be great maps for big cities or Europe, but for rural U.S., or at least where I am, they are just plain WRONG. I can officially say that I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hate the new maps. [Edited] I will try to be patient.

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I've never posted on the forums before, so forgive my errors, and understand that I must be frustrated to post.

The maps are horrible. I live in the desert. I NEED to see the aerial version as there are many unmarked roads. On the regular maps, half the road names don't appear. I could go on and on. I thought perhaps the update this afternoon might improve things. No. I find the whole process so frustrating now that I really don't want to even attempt to peruse the maps and find caches. This is way too frustrating. Yes, I would pay more. It used to be fun to pull up a map and pick out a couple quick caches to grab on the way to somewhere or an errand. Too hard right now. Sad.

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