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  1. Can you provide a link to download the larger 'Icon Sets' please?.
  2. I have found there to be a small issue with the geocache Filter on this device. Often I find the same issue as reported by the original poster. What I found cures this every time is to go into the settings geocache page and then to 'Filters' and then re-select / apply the filter. For me it is usually caches where the cache size is not chosen on the cache page. I now routinely carry out the procedure every time I start the device.
  3. Suddenly I am not seeing the GME Menu on the map page. Also there are two of the 'rop-down' map selection icons at the top right of the map page. Using latest Version of Firefox. Happens on all our PCs. Has there been a recent GC web page change that has broken things?.
  4. The main advantage of dedicated GPS devices is that most have a reflective screen making them much easier to read in bright sunlight than 'phones'.
  5. I find 'Cachesnse' to be very good. It also has the ability to add off-line maps.
  6. Easy to use web page: http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/
  7. I'm puzzled as to why you want an alternative if as you say it is "something that I don't actually need".
  8. It also seems much slower to render the pages.
  9. I know there have been many posts on this Forum in the past about using the 'Nuvi' models for paperless geocaching. I would just like to ask here for advice on a suitable model in the current range that can simply display caches on the map. We already have hand-held devices for caching but it would be nice to be able to see caches or their parking places approaching as one drives to a cache location. Basic requirement is therefore to load a PQ either directly or using GSAK and then clearly see the 'boxes' on the map. Nothing more is necessary. Thanks, Bill.
  10. I have seen this effect occasionally if I forget to disable 'shading' with certain maps including some builds of OSM. This happens especially when 'zooming-out' a long way.
  11. I have a new GPSMAP 64s which I am trying to configure in the same way as other Garmins that we own in the family. I have two different activities that I use the GPS for and I create a separate 'Profile' for each so that I can 'tailor' the settings to suit. I like to have 'Large Data Field' as the Dashboard in the Compass Screen of each. What I have done previously is to have a different 'Data field' in each of these. However with this unit if I change the compass Large Data Filed in now Profile it also changes it in the other. It seems that this Large Data Field must be the same in all Profiles. Has anyone else any experience with this?. If this is the intended function then it is certainly a step backwards in terms of usefulness of Profiles. Bill.
  12. Many thanks for all you have done for this community. It's a real shame that circumstances have led to this. Perhaps you will be back when common-sense has prevailed.
  13. It makes one wonder if Garmin actually go out and use their devices before launch particularity when basic functions like the compass do not work.
  14. When discussing the advantages of higher GPS accuracy for caching remember that where the cache is placed depends on the accuracy of the GPS device used by the Cache Owner. In other words a highly accurate GPS will be best placed to take you to the cache page coordinates but the cache may not be just there. Bill.
  15. I see the Monterra page on the Garmin web site but I do not see a projected release date. Perhaps I have missed it. Has one been discussed?.
  16. The Geocheck site is down. Is that the reason maybe?
  17. The current system works quite well. Groundspeak is already way behind in developing things that we have asked for. I respect your view but disagree.
  18. Is it not about time that Grundspeak incorporated a 'checker' of there own into the geocaching website?.
  19. Indeed. I can't find a reference to 'technical finds' in the GC Knowledge database .
  20. It probably is possible but only in 'bulk' the same as with people who want to produce their own trackable coins.
  21. It is a strange way to spends one's time I agree but looking at it positively isn't helping by taking away some of the workload from Reviewers so that they can more rapidly deal with new cache publications?.
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