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  1. Thanks very helpful. I did find button to go back to old form and I was done in 30 seconds. Yeah it is unclear. They show you the format and it includes a degree symbol.
  2. I just spent 30 minutes trying to submit new cache. Used to take 30 seconds with old form. What's up with this. Can't figure out how to put in coordinates. Don't see a degree symbol on my keyboard. Wish they would leave stuff alone. Help.
  3. Yes what's going on with the maps?
  4. I would like to have it to keep track of where one of my caches compares to all other caches without going to all 50 states one at a time. I have one with 114 favorites now. Last time I checked it only had 9 ahead of it. Took me about half an hour to go through all the states. Acutally here is a better stat. I have a cache in Las Vegas that has I think 32 favorites. 2nd highest in Las Vegas. But percentage wise it has a 36% rate. That is the true favorite.
  5. Ok I have several caches where I have buried a coffee can with a PVC pipe in concrete. Pipe holds the cache. Yes I did have to use a shovel but NO digging required to find cache. It's just sitting in pipe.
  6. Check the guidelines. It clearly says not to place cache on school property. Commen sense is if your lurking around a school especially during schools hours you might end up talking to the police.
  7. It would be a Micro. That's the container. The wood would be the camo.
  8. Yes I noticed a find on one of my caches,but know email. Seems to be working today though.
  9. You know that the cover over the bolts on the lamp post lifts up. Great place for a film canister. whoever thought of this was a genuis. the rest are copycats. I have to admit. when i found my first one i was excited. now I never waste my time.
  10. I was at a family party. I friend was there with his GPS and laptop. He showed me somethings. I was totally amazed with the whole thing. I never new this existed. I left that night hooked and obsessed with the whole thing. I dreamed of making my first cache which I did. I know have 30 that I'm quite happy with.
  11. I have some pretty clever and unique caches. Some people write great logs. One guy has found all my stuff and his standard reply is Found it. Thats it. One day i saw he hid 4 new caches. I found them which was easy and log the same thing. Found it. What would it take to impress this guy at all. What if he went to a cache and it was a alien spaceship with real aliens. He would say Found it.
  12. I guess they never thought that someone would hide a cache under pine straw to keep muggles from seeing it. Sure enough I went to check on it and it was just sitting out in the open. It's about 100 feet from a baseball field and I've seen people walking their dogs by. So good thing I got out there quickly. I sent the finder an email letting them know that they should always rehide as they found it. I have another that was moved from it's hiding spot so when I went to change the log I had to search everywhere. 2 other of my recent caches (including my original Golden Ammo Can for 1000 finds) disappeared over the summer. (both of those could have been hidden better, and were exposed by a rain storm). Pile on a lot of the locals who like to put TFTC and it just wears on you. I guess I should go read some of the great logs on my caches to relieve my frustrations. I just don't know how people with 100 hides deal with all of them. Well first of all I make all my caches which is 30 premium only. It will limit the traffic somewhat. Although I have had a few problems not many. I do try and make my caches people proof. Which is impossible. Hopefully they take the time to put back correctly. I have a cache that says it's in plain sight which it is. And don't move any rocks to find. It is the size of small marble. I have checked on it and at least twice I see people will put a rock on the only thing that is visable. They seem to think there improving it for you. But please replace like you found unless its obvious it needs help.
  13. I've done the signpost. Done sprinkler. I've even hid cache in a real plant. In my opinion you have to have access to cache with your hands. Like lifting or opening something. I have buried pvc pipe to hold something visible above ground. But you can't hide something that you have to dig up. Who is going to bring shovel and how would you replace it.
  14. I don't mind difficult caches and don't mind the extra time it takes to find them. I do not like difficult caches that in in high muggle areas. I prefer to search in relatively private. I would agree with that.
  15. Definitely make them challenging. A few easy ones for kids is fine. Numbers really don't impress me. A good challenging find is much more fullfilling. How do you feel when you find you have to lift up a lampskirt. Ug.
  16. Here is my problem. There are times I'm going to be in an area. So I look for caches to find. It turns out the majority of them are D1. I rarely want to waste my time on a quick grab as they say. Whats the point since I'm not in this for the numbers. I enjoy something clever and unique. A lampskirt is not much enjoyment to me. So I end up going farther and farther to find at least a D2.
  17. I'd quit if I were you. PS: That's a wink, not a smirk I always threaten to quit! But then I remember I have a membership. I also always go and find a huge ammo can or something obviously easy to get some self pride back after the horrible D1 DNF. The CO gave me a hint to the cache I posted above. I didn't go look again yet but I don't understand where they mean! Crap. Remember people rate there own stuff. I looked for a D4 1/2 expecting it to be impossible to find. It also had a Terrain of 4. It turned out to be a D1 1/2 Terrain 1 wheelchair accesible. Then next one is a D1 or 1 1/2 and I can't find it. The ratings aren't accurate.
  18. Maybe it isn't really a D1. We have a guy in our area who puts a D3 on his lampskirt hides. I'm confused. Maybe if he puts a D1 he knows nobody will look for it. As for me I don't waste my time on D1.
  19. Why don't you just get a small piece of metal and glue or screw or both to what you want to attach your magnetic to. I was fooled by cache that said magnetic. It was under wooden bench. CO had attached a piece of metal under bench then his magnetic was on it. I plan to use idea for myself soon.
  20. In my case I put some effort in creating and making my caches. I see some of them get beat up or cachers don't always replace correctly. Making them Premium just reduces the traffic a bit. If I make one virtually indestructible I would not make it Premium but what would that be.
  21. Actually I was checking on 2 of my caches today and saw cachers at both. I did stop and say hello. Sometimes I do sometimes I don't. I don't want them to be uncomfortable.
  22. To have fun. If your only measure of fun is a find count, then I can't help you. Ok I'm losing this battle. Acutally I'm not into numbers at all. I've only found 132 in 5 months since joining. But I do like to get paid. Working 2hrs and getting paid 1 is odd. I'll stick to traditionals. I love you guys.
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