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'up North' to down in 'Lun-dun'

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Heya guys,


I'm going to be in London for a week seeing friends and some of the sights. I've not even checked but I'm sure it's Micro crazy here so does anyone have any recommendations for the best few caches in the Capital? Maybe even a series that goes around the centre. I'll be staying fairly central and want to see some really interesting locations, the deeper and darker the better! :)

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Last November we had a weekend in London and after walking across Tower Bridge (something we hadn't done before) we were pleased to find GC10: Tower bridge, as it's a good-sized box and useful if you want to move trackables around.


We also enjoyed "Father Thames and the mermaid" and the nearby Earthcache "River Thames - rocks on the river bed" because it's an interesting area to wander around, peering at what's been washed up by the river.


I also enjoyed "St Etheldreda's", which is one of the oldest and most visited London caches. If you do this one, I urge you to take 10 minutes extra to go inside and look around, it's well worth it.



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Always the same caches that get mentioned when this is asked - must be a reason:




I'd 2nd R.E. Hedges - one of the best. I had a close encounter with law there ("Are you looking for me?". "No Sir, what have you done?")


The Clock Tower is another good one - you'll be going round in circles :laughing:


London Invasion (sadly disabled at the moment) would take you across town.


Some of the museum caches can be combined with a bit of tourism. I can't remember the names offhand, but there are ones in the British Library, Science Museum and Natural History Museum

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I'm part way though the "Lost River Fleet" series, which if you fancy a walk is pretty good, and you pass by some others on the way.


Thoroughly endorse the "Winchester Geese" recommendation.


Any of Loony Londo's Earthcaches such as Helical Ridges Link, but do the research in advance!


Have fun!

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