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  1. Looks like a new reviewer has raised their head above the parapet. Welcome Professor Xavier.
  2. Photo taken on the morning of 12/12/12 on the way to GC3P23P
  3. Jag X type 2 L Sport. Converted to LPG, 79.5p a litre, sorted.
  4. It's not about the numbers. The 10,000 finds happens to be a by-product of the excel spreadsheet I use to keep track of my caches. The number of finds, although interesting, is less important to me than my original post suggests. What's more important is keeping track of those caches which need maintenance and those which are not being found that often etc. I would like to think that none of my caches were duff (I could be wrong, I often am). The number of finds merely reflects the effort, energy, time and money that cachers have expended to find my caches. Of course, it's cool to get a nice log, but in this time of power trails and cut and paste logs, it's an exception, especially in an urban environment like Milton Keynes. As long as my caches are being found, I'm happy and will continue to place caches. The only numbers that really matter are my wife's birthday, our wedding anniversary, the kids' birthdays...
  5. Today the total finds on all my caches has reached 10,000. How many smiles have you created?
  6. How about mine? GB Geocoin - TB1P649 - 36,865 miles currently in Northumberland. Wavendon Williams' World Wide Wander - TB1QW6Z - 36,865 miles currently in Lesotho. I have a further 7 that have done over 20,000 and an additional 10 that have done over 10,000. In all my trackables live and lost and collection have travelled over 600,000 miles!
  7. Is there another new UK reviewer? I may have missed it. Ministro?
  8. I tried logging a trig that appeared as a YOSM some time after I'd actually found it. My log was deleted.
  9. There are some interesting Earthcaches in central London and the "Rainbow" virtuals are fun too.
  10. 1 second?!? 11 minutes seems pretty tardy now. :-) Now... about that proximity!
  11. The reviewer was Graculus.
  12. I just submitted a cache for publication and it was published 11 minutes later. Is that a record?
  13. Not in the Milton Keynes area is it? I've quite a few which I've placed but not not listed... yet!
  14. I live near the world famous Concrete Cows in Milton Keynes!
  15. When we stayed in Northumberland a couple of years ago we thought these two caches were good. GCVQQ1 Linhope Spout 2 (Northumberland) & GC874B St Cuthbert's Cave. But, as you say there are so many to chose from.
  16. I had 2 caches published on the 8th. Can I claim the 1,000,000th cache?
  17. One of my caches has shown up for Bucks, but I haven't been approached. If I had I would have selected something bigger that a 35mm film container.
  18. The flux capacitor came when the professor banged his head on the toilet, October 10th 1955?
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