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  1. Rather than converting the coordinates, you should be able to switch your GPS to the OSGB system. Less chance of error when entering the numbers.
  2. There's this one just along the road from GC7PNKR: Outlander - Craigh na Dun - The Stones GC7PNNX It's a puzzle and the original coordinates are where they filmed the stone circle scenes.
  3. Ha. I read that as "waiting for the next disappointment."
  4. I have a night cache that has earned a few favourite points. It starts off with a conventional trail of reflectors but they don't lead you straight to the cache. Instead, I used reflectors designed to clip onto bicycle spokes to make a display that shows some digits which give you the coordinates for the final cache. The reflectors are clipped onto wire mesh with the numbers shown in 7-segment LED style. I managed to climb a tree and attach the wire high up out of muggle range. It is possible to miss it if you are not looking high enough, but after backtracking, people are amused to see something that shows up so obviously in the dark.
  5. I left a disposable camera in one of my first hides (my second actually!). It worked pretty well and most finders took a picture. However, this was deep in the woods, so most photos were rather dark when the leaves returned in the spring. So my tip is to hide your cache somewhere that would make for a good photograph.
  6. Thanks for the replies! I have tried a few more times but without success, so I have contacted Garmin and I will return it for repair/replacement. Last weekend I fired up my old Etrex H and found a few caches with it which was fun.
  7. After copying some gpx files manually to my Oregon, it failed to start up properly. The GARMIN logo appeared but after a few seconds it faded away. Something similar happened a while ago and I wish I had written down how I solved it then. I tried the master reset (press and hold the upper left of the screen whilst powering it up) without success. I have managed to connect the GPS to the computer by forcing it into USB mass storage mode, but after deleting the new files the same problem occurs. A lot of the posts on this subject refer to http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/Miscellaneous which has expired! Any suggestions? (I have contacted Garmin and their standard reply wants me to try the master reset)
  8. It has been a while since I looked at the forums, but I have a couple of photos to enter: The first was taken at the Falls of Bruar on the way to the cache Built for Burns A second waterfall and a slightly less arty one from the Bracklinn Falls. We had a DNF there and the cache has since been archived, but it was a great location. We had a geocoin with us and its mission to travel from cache to cache collecting pictures of phoons, so that's what we did!
  9. Since when is a vehicle required to travel 2 miles? Everywhere is within walking distance, if you have enough time
  10. Hi Nosynel, Not many Scottish cachers visit the forums, so I will cut and paste your message to the "Geocaching in Scotland" Facebook group (maybe you could join it too). We are a sociable bunch and I'm sure a pub meetup around Christmas would be well attended.
  11. I usually handwrite my username (I wish someone had told me when I chose it - but "hobgoblin" and "kiteflier" had already been taken ). If there's lots of room I use my stamp, and if there is hardly any, I use "HGKF".
  12. I am so relieved to see that this webcam cache has survived (and has been improved) since my comments in the forums. It was a mixture of my own feelings of stupidity and disappointment for failing to spot the obvious text in the page, that made me post in the first place. The last thing I wanted was to lose the cache for everyone. Now, Mrs HGKF has recently hinted that she wanted a trip abroad this year. Maybe I can persuade her to visit Amsterdam?
  13. And the winner is ... ... (fumbles with and opens gold envelope)... Walk Tall for their group photo at the Splash Mob event! Unfortunately there were not very many entries. I think Bookface has taken much of the forum traffic which is a shame. At least Groundspeak don't use us for psychological experiments
  14. Hi Hosscat, I also use bottle tops to make my sig items: For the first batches I used polyester resin, but recently I found ready made self adhesive domes (on a famous auction site) which I stick to the paper insert and glue into the cap. They do eventually go rusty if left in a damp cache, so I bought some tiny plastic bags which help keep them clean.
  15. You could take the TB to an event. There is usually a container for swapping Travel Bugs. Other cachers will look through the bugs, noting the numbers for discovering, and taking one or two to move on. The larger the TB, the greater the chance it will not be picked up and the Event organiser will be lumbered with it
  16. Firstly thank you to CaveBadgerMan for choosing my photo as the winner of May's competition. I'm just back from a great weekend at "The First Campout" event which took place near Glencoe on the West coast of Scotland. The scenery was spectacular, but just as photogenic were the antics at the campsite. So, this gave me the idea for this months theme. Let's see your photos taken at geocaching events - the people, the scenery, the caching; anything amusing stands a better chance of winning. rules are: 1) The photo must be cache related and to do with a specific event in the UK - please include a link to the cache or the GC code so we can see where the picture relates to. 2) Maximum of two photos per caching team or cacher 3) The winner each month is decided by the winner from the previous month - the new winner starting the thread for the subsequent month. They may set a theme if they wish. 4) The photo should be within the last couple of months, but anything in 2014 is permitted. That's it - now it's over to you:
  17. Wow, thanks CaveBadgerMan! There were some great images in the competiton this month so I feel honoured that you chose mine. I will post the theme for the June competition when I get home from work this evening.
  18. Ah, I've just had a quick look at your profile and I see you've been and gone! Looks like you got most of the Camperdown ones and then a few in Edinburgh too. Well done!
  19. We were in Dundee earlier this month and found Oh No! They're back! quite close to the city centre and probably big enough for a Travel Bug. If you ever played Lemmings, you have to check it out. There's a virtual at the top of the Law which is worth doing. You can drive all the way to the top where you get an excellent view of the city and the bridges over the "Silvery Tay". And if you want another walk in the woods after Camperdown, there's a bunch of imaginative caches in Backmuir Woods e.g. GC33AVM and I am sure a few of them have space for your bug. Have a good trip!
  20. Our most exotic geocaching location was Majorca, last summer. Whilst most tourists stayed on the beach, we ventured off into the prickly hills for a couple of caches. There was one in an underground bunker (but my pictures of that were rubbish) and this one Buena Vista - na Penyal in a cave over looking the resort: Hobgoblin junior dodging the prickly pears on the way up to the cave. We sat here for ages enjoying the slightly cooler temperatures. We had a punnet of cherries and had fun spitting out the stones at the cacti.
  21. Yeah, it's pretty obvious when you're sitting at your computer. But after you have quickly looked at a few caches through Google Translate just in case you get some time to go for a cache or two and when you are worrying about not missing your flight home, it is not quite so obvious. It is certainly not my intention to lose this cache. Just to save others from unnecessary grief. Looking through the logs I can see a few people have had similar experiences.
  22. I recently failed to find a webcam cache at a railway station in Amsterdam GCJR76 . Now that I am home and have run the page and some previous logs through Google Translate, I can see that I was at the wrong station! The description mentions the new coordinates, but my preparations were unfortunately not thorough enough. I was disappointed to say the least, especially as I had my family watching from home. Is there any reason why the cache owner can't change the coordinates? The real location is about 1/2 mile or 1km away so maybe that needs a reviewer to get involved. Perhaps the CO is afraid that the reviewer would archive the cache. It would be a shame to lose a rare cache, especially one with a live camera picture, but I don't think a normal cache with such wildly wrong coordinates would be tolerated.
  23. Here's a cache I tried to find recently. It seems to have gone missing about six months ago. In amongst a couple of genuine DNFs and a few NM logs there are these gems: Found it by Last-real-finder Aug '13 First cache during my annual trip Didn't find it by Honest-cacher Aug '13 Did a lap of the island, but couldn't see any way of getting over in trainers. Another time perhaps Found it by Plastic-hunter Sept '13 Looks like it's been destroyed again - found a nice big plastic lid, and a lot of plastic shards of the rest of the box. Found it by Plastic-hunter2 Sept '13 Found a plastic lid and some remaining shards of plastic in the stump , pity as its good fun trying to get to this. Found it by Plastic-hunter3 Sept '13 Found the various bits of plastic which others have too. I guess this was the cache as cant find anything else. TFTC Found it by Plastic-hunter4 Dec '13 Vandalised! Bummer! Found it by Plastic-hunter 5 Dec '13 Just the remains of plastic after XXXXXXX braved life and limb...
  24. It certainly is a thread brought back from the dead... But it sounds like the sort of cache I would go for
  25. I have not flown a kite for a long time , but I still drink Hobgoblin beer .
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