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Is Your First Find Still Active?

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Strangely enough, the first cache I ever found has not only been archived... the listing has completely vanished.


If you look at the profile for my previous username:


it clearly shows 6 caches found. But if you click the link to list them, it only shows five. The first one is gone. I distinctly remember it, a small Gladware container in a little park in Chapel Hill.


Must have been retracted. I don't know much about retractions, but I imagine you keep the find count, but no one can see it.


So what are you telling me here? You had a big-time old school account and were finding caches in 2001 and 2002, but you didn't "re-join" and become highly active until 2009?


Yeah, that's exactly right. I bought myself a GPSr for Christmas 2001, and opened it a bit early B)


I went out and found the aforementioned cache in Chapel Hill to try it out; then I took it on a road trip to visit the inlaws, and used it to find a couple of caches in Mississippi and one in Texas (somehow missing Louisiana entirely). When we got home I found two caches in North Carolina, then loaned the GPS to my son to use on a trip to Maine. When he returned it, it didn't work any more :unsure:


And I didn't buy another one until 2009. I couldn't remember my old username and password, so I just created a new one. After I while, I realized how cool it would be to have all that history. I managed to guess my old user name and re-logged the caches that I could.


So yeah; I've been caching since 2001, and I have fewer than 200 finds.

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Yes. There are a lot of personal memories here, including the death of a family member, but on Christmas Eve of 2001, my son and I logged our first cache that taught me more about the city of my residence than I'd known since I lived here.. He was five. He's now nearing driver permit age. I have nearly 10,000 finds since. The game has changed a LOT, but I'm still having fun. Geocaching has hooked me up with some of the best friends I've ever had.


If my first find had been a keyholder in a guardrail, I wonder if it would have stuck... Would you have GPSBabel in Earth or GSAK if it hadn't?


When I joined there were 86 geocaches within 100 miles of me. I found ~4x that on Saturday before last.

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I would have to say sort of. Before I was caching I found a cache on a bridge in the woods. It was called A Bridge Too Far. When I got a GPSr I went back to "officially" find it. It was there but it was a mess. A lot of people were finding it because it was not a good hiding spot. The owner didn't want to maintain it so I adopted it. There wasn't a good spot for it in it's original spot but a hundred feet or so away there was a great spot. I archived it but re-hid the same container with a new name, The Bridge at Arnhem. That was in '05 and I just replaced the original peanut butter jar with a lock n lock because the top started leaking. However I have a new top and I plan on bringing the original container back.

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