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Bugs with Class


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Builder Dan was the first and only bug I've ever found... I took the time to show him a good time on a camping trip I took, and I made up a nice little compilation image of our weekend together. icon_razz.gif


Unfortunately, since then it appears that Dan has been kidnapped and taken north of the USA border for imprisonment. *sigh*


The pic isn't really that amusing I suppose - but I did kinda go above and beyond by adding text and shadows and stuff. *patting myself on the back*


banana.gifToe's Photo Archives

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Comet Horse was the first Travel Bug we released. It's one of four TBs for our family--each member has their own bug. This one is named after one of our daughter's online name.


Everyone seems to be having fun taking pictures of Comet Horse. Some of the earlier pictures are my favorites.


Comet Horse


Comet Horse Snoozing in Kentucky


Comet Horse with some new friends


Comet Horse recently went to Wayne Newton's ranch. Too bad she didn't get inside.


And to make sure I don't get in trouble with my other daughter, Miss Cheetah:


Miss Cheetah is also very good at making new friends

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I had two bugs at once at one point. i took them to the lake and snapped a few photos.

Berlin Bound Bug wanted beer, and Mr. Sparky wanted to send messages. I tried combining the two:


First, they are enjoying a brew:




Then Berling Bound is sending a message using Mr. Sparky:




(note the logo I burned into Bryno's picnic table)


Cache you later,


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Originally posted by worldtraveler:

You may want to rub out the tag number on that one photo before someone uses it to post bogus logs. Sad, but it does happen.




Go further down and click on the "face of gluttony" photo and the number is still there. Maybe a warning could be put on the site for when you are uploading TB pics.


"We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile. We are the Borg."

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