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  1. So how do you move to California Forum? Is is separate from the West and Southwest Forum?
  2. I was going to boast of hitting 200 but I have been rather subdued after Georgeandmary's announcement of 2000 (Yes, count the zeros.). Congratulations.
  3. I talked with an East Bay Regional Park police person that said they were learning to use GPSrs in their work and one of the things they were assigned to do was find a cache. I assumed they didn't disturb the cache but, possibly, they must bring in the cache and show it to their instructor to demonstrate their success. This park district seems to consider geocaching a rather benign hobby which they neither encourage nor discourage.
  4. My approver did his thing and the cache has been unarchived. Thanks for the advice.
  5. Thanks for help. I am trying to reach the 'Approver'. From his profile it would appear that he is in Atlanta yet the cache he approved is here in San Francisco. I guess the approval process does not include verifying the existance of the cache.
  6. I had to replace a container so I archived the cache to work on it. The cache is now back in place but I haven't been able to get the web page up and running. Suggestions?
  7. Can I use my GPS to show that the axis of rotation of the earth has changed? In the modern tradition I want to blame someone for the terrible weather and I think it must be all the over weight Americans. They have change the balanced and the north pole is now near Fairbanks Alaska so we now have Seattle weather.
  8. Congratulations, Pepper, for 400 finds. I suppose by summer you will get back in the grove? Do they take advantage of all the water ways around Puget Sound? I was thinking of a micro cache on a ferry boat. I guess you would need two coordinates and a lot of hints. I bet it would be easy to do a low tide only cache. What a great place to play. I think you are lucky to live in the Northwest. Well. I'm out of here. Someone has hidden a regular sized cache on the banks of the arroyo near Pleasanton so I better go snag it before it washes away (Yeah, like next January.). I am really tired of film canisters. I want something I can see!
  9. Fly Ball is still in place. I just checked it. One of the DNFs was logged by a fellow who may be dizzy.
  10. For those interested in some of the puzzle caches we have seen lately and with a little time for recreational reading there is a book out by Dan Brown called 'the Da Vinci Code'. I was thinking about 'the Big Picture' by Fizzymagic as I went by a book rack in the local library and this book practically leaped out at me. Lots of history, action and enigmas stacked on mysteries covered with secrets.
  11. This may be a major spoiler but I am not doing well solving the The Big Picture. Most of the programs for this sort of thing cost around $20, which is OK, but they seem to do different things. One uses a 256 palette and another luminace and there are still others. Any recommendatiions? You can always E-mail the answer to me if you want to keep it under wraps.
  12. For a long time I never bothered to log DNFs as it seemed pointless but I was persuaded otherwise and now it is begining to pay off. This has not been a good week for me. I bought gas at $2 per gallon to drive many miles and spend futile hours searching for a film can. I logged 4 DNFs and one find. Well, I was ready to give my GPS to Kabloey when a cache owner E-mailed me and told me where I had gone wrong in not finding his cache. I really appreciate this as I learned something which I may be able to use in the future. Yet another good reason to log DNFs.
  13. Venona has publihed the first hint on the Stop & Go web page. I brings up a few questions. Does anyone recall the original coordinates? Please post them. If I find the cache can I log it as a find again or must I settle for gloating rights? How can I make a link when I post on the forums?
  14. Just for kicks I looked at Stop & Go Alameda County and I see that Venona has wounded Kabloey. The knave has the cache and is shaking down Kabloey! Kabloey, of course, is resisting this extortion by refusing to enter the Livermore Valley. Seems like he vows to stay away from Livermore every other week so this threat isn't much. What does he want, Kabloey? The solution to Dizzying Lengths before releasing the cache
  15. With most puzzle caches the number of stars is not as relevant as the description. Solving the cypher might take days but the actual cache is easily spotted or one may have the solution in minutes but the the cache is so cunningly concealed that you never find it. So, maybe a third catagory is needed or let it be understood that the stars concern only the actual cache since there is a wide range of ease in solving puzzles.
  16. The fellow I came across out in the hills pulling up star thistles lives in the Etruscan house near Flew the Coop. This knowledge didn't help me find the cache.
  17. I am glad I am not the only one with thoughts of revenge. I am working on a straight forward cache that is impossible to find. I'm going to place in a little park outside Lodi. My biggest problem is printing the Stash Note in miniaturized brail (Drat, I gave it away. I was thinking of a night time only cache.). I already have the oak leaf for both the log (sign only, of course.) and the note. Yes, I am going to hide it in a live oak tree as the leaf is green and I don't want it to stand out in the winter.
  18. Hi Pepper, I am glad you got a house and can get back to serious livin'. The weather has been pretty bad for the last few days so maybe folks are doing indoor things. I know I am. This morning I ventured out as Fizzy brought a 'Travel Cache'back to our valley so I thought I better get to it before Chuguy or someone from CVC grabbed it. We are sceduled to get more rain this weekend. Folks really like your caches, Pepper. I am just glad they take care of themselves. Mini Pep is the only one that has required maintenance. I hope you get lots of lovin' for Valentines Day, or whatever you might prefer.
  19. I really like your new Avatar. Southerncanucks has hid something in Round Valley that I am going to check out today. I'm a little nervous as Fizzy's log says its quite a climb and he is in better shape than me by a lot. I hope all the nasty critters like rattlers and ticks are still asleep. Lamneth found the Golden Number so I am confident that all the bugs have been eliminated. I wanted to get this one going while the daffodils are blooming as they are one of best things about this site.
  20. I have the coordinates for Pick a Card and it looks like a good time to see if the aerial photo shows anything as most of my maps show it as Terra Incognito. Glad you liked Updraft. I hope someone gives the Golden Number a try so I can see if all the bugs are out of it. I am more concerned with folks finding the posted coords than termites.
  21. Kablooey mentions pictures often in his logs and I haven't figured out how they help. I have been using Terra Server Advanced Search where you enter the coordinates and it finds an aerial map but there isn't any target or reference point for the entered coords so I find the whole thing pretty confusing. Even when I can find some identifiable feature I doesn't usually help any. What am I missing?
  22. So far all I can get the F5 to do is make my screen blink. So far I've discovered if one divides the number spelling errors by the number of paragraphs you get nothing.
  23. I just pulled Mini Pep as it was soaking wet and I found the log book full. Folks had begun to use scraps of paper. My intention is to replace the log and GC letter but I want to know if there is a protocol dealing with old log books?
  24. From being the proud owner of three caches suddenly I've got seven. WOW I guess this means you won't be returning on occasion to maintain all your caches? Looks like I got a clutch of Kottinger caches, and that is OK by me. I just hope you didn't give me a cache that I haven't been able to find. I snagged two FTFs today! If you hadn't been in Seattle I would have had to get up two hours earlier and even then you might have beaten me.
  25. Hi Pepper: With a little help from Marky I was able to remove the pesky 'Script' so the cache is now awaiting approval. I wish you were here as there is a significant clue you might enjoy. I've been out trying to find this cache using only the information that I provided plus plus a hand calculator and a big stack of scrap paper. So far I haven't figured out how calculate its location. I guess I will post it anyway and just put a bunch of stars up and let FizzyMagic work out the details.
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