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TB etiquette?


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Remember some TBs have a specific mission (e.g. going to Texas or visiting battle fields)


True, but you don't have to directly be able to help it on its mission to take it. Just moving it to another cache in the area is fine. Now if it wants to go to Texas and you find it in a cache in Kansas, the owner might not appreciate it if you put it in a cache in Maine.

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I feel bad we are holding on to a couple of TB's we have gotten int he past week or two, but they all want to travel and we are driving from NY to Georgia and figure we will spread them out down there. But they WILL be moved!


I am the same way. One of the ones I have picked up is from New Jersey and its goal was to swim around for a while and then return home. It has been swimming since 05 i think, my sister lives in PA and she is coming to visit in a few weeks so she is going to help him return.

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