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  1. Yes. It's called pocket queries. Why is this allowed? Interesting question. I suppose it might be better to ask, "Why wouldn't this be allowed?". Just looking at the three people linked in this quote, I could guess that none of them are really who they purport to be. I know you won't find "Clan Riffster" on my birth certificate or driver's license. Off the top of my head, I can only think of one forum regular who appears to be using their actual name. The majority of us create fictional names which we log in with. Names like GOF and Bacall and Manville Possum Hunters. Now it's true that fictional personalities such as GOFaB and MPH are considered monikers, and are an accepted practice, whilst creating another, secondary fictional personality, for the purpose of asking pointed and often snarky or controversial questions, puts one firmly in Sock Land. But at their core, both act as barriers between who we really are and the face we present to the community. Should socks be outlawed while traditional monikers are allowed? If a sock is not used to harass or sling vitriol, is having a secondary fictional personality even a TOU violation? Not sure...
  2. What's the matter? Got something against sock puppets?
  3. I smell a TROLL if you can't post under your REAL caching name (If you even have one) then you don't deserve a reply IMHO Scubasonic And yet you could not resist the urge to post a reply. Even if it was off topic.
  4. Thank you for the clarification Jeremy. I am sure we are are all anxious to here what you have planned for the saturation guidelines and how that will impact this issue. Please keep us informed.
  5. I agree that one email is not stalking. As for if it is appropriate, well, that would depend on the email. I see no problem with a polite question. As for the one user one account rule I have never heard of it.
  6. What's so funny laughing boy? I'm the first one they are gonna axe if they go hunting for socks.
  7. I've seen TNLNSL in paper logs. Why would anyone sign a log saying that he signed the log? His signature is there, it's obvious he signed it. It happens. These are all from Assembly Required, in the OP's area: On a caching run in PA today with Gaiter Man; thanks for the nice hide. TNLNSL TFTC Another smiley on my caching trip. TFTC SL My gps didn't like the area so i finally sat down to think it over. After a time all became clear and i went right for it. Tfthsl EZ quick one while in the area today! SL TFT$ Quick find with lizbethers before table shopping . SL TFTC! (TFT$ ?) Here is another odd one from that same cache: Beautiful day for a cache! THT$ Actually, there are a number of them using TFT$. TFT$=Thanks For The Cash(cache) Whew! I thought people were exchanging money instead of swag in that area. But cash is the best kind of cache swag.
  8. I think the "hot", "top", and "new" tabs all contain ALL of the topics, just arranged differently. "Hot" appears to be arranged in order of recent activity, most recent at the top. "Top" is arranged by the number of votes, most-voted-for at the top. And "new" appears to be in order of when the idea was submitted, with the newest at the top. I think that "New" is when the last post was posted, "Top" is what has the most votes, and "Hot" is what has the highest average votes per person ratio, but I'm not sure Good idea! starting at midnight between friday and saturday! Set your alarms GOF would be leap-frogging with his socks. My money is on them. Saturday is no good for me. That is when I wash my socks.
  9. I'm usually not one to question the records because I know what determined cachers can do, but 1,105 caches in a little over 10 hours? The numbers don't add up. I also noted that It a 1 cache every 36 secons or something like that. I also didn't want to be negative, so didn't comment, but I have a hard time buying it. I think if someone wants to claim a world reacord, they need to come here to the forums and subjec their meathods to peer review. I hate to defend power-caching but did they actually claim a record? Or did they just see how many they could find?
  10. Actually, that's the same thing I am seeing when I look at that topic. Yeah, I didn't tamper with anything. It's easy to recreate. Just remove and reapply your votes. Yeah, I see that now. At the time I was unaware of this issue. I think I'll go see how many "votes" I can put on a topic.
  11. Hey Riff! Is that you? It's me Raff. Long time no see, man!
  12. If the first location on the mystery cache is getting information from a pre-existing feature you should be fine. If it is something the CO placed there it is a nogo. All physical cache hides need to be more than 528 feet from any other physical parts of any other cache.
  13. I am now going to start logging all the caches on North America. NO<NO<NO You actually have to see it, like from a spaceship--looking at a photo or map doesn't count!!! Oh crap! Now I have to go and delete all my finds!
  14. Nah. She is gonna want a hotel room. Or we may just drive down for the day. It isn't really all that far.
  15. Or post in the appropriate regional forum that you have an idea for a cache near such and such coordinates. That way you don't have to reveal the location to everyone, just those interested. I can see a whole new spate of "Would you log this?" threads.
  16. I would but I don't think my wife would approve.
  17. Thank You, thank you, thank you..... Was going nuts with a few acronyms that I'd never seen and did a search for 'acronyms' when I saw your post. Awesome. Everything I ever wanted to know Regards, Hydroid. Don't thank me. Thank Prime Suspect. He's the one who did the work.
  18. no, i remembered pieces of some titles and managed to find them through a search, but i'm running low on memory But how is your computer doing? has suddenly gone from being a happy camper to threatening my life Remind it who controls the electricity. You can always pull the plug!
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