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Turlutortue's first cointest!

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It means that there is 2 people who's guesses are 2 numbers away from the right answer.

If you guessed 1 and the right number is 3 so there is 2 numbers of emails away from the right answer.

Does that clarify your question? :blink:

and now for the deciding question: if two people guessed a number two away from the correct number, does that mean that one of them guessed X-2 and the other one guessed X+2, or did both of them guess the same number? :D

Well I am starting to forget having posted what I thought a little "hint".


I think that I answered quite clear the topic and NO you won't get anything else from me...you are sneaky are you! :)

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Wait!! No fair!!! I didn't get a chance to guess yet today!!! B)


J/k. I've been watching this thread all morning; just never got around to guessing again. LOL :)


Congratulations to the winner! :D




Well that's the way it goes. Are_we_there_yet guessed right!!! :blink:

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I was planning to make my second guess this morning but I never slept last night and I crashed for about 4 hours. When I woke up I things were too busy. Last night I had made a list of all the guesses and would have had a much better chance with the latest clue. Drat. I love that coin. Maybe someday I'll have a coin someone wants and can convince them to trade. But I wanted to say it's beautiful and thank you for the fun chance to win one.

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Congrats to the winner!!! :blink: Hey... Are we there yet? ..... Yes! you were just in time to post the winning number! :) You won a beautiful and rare coin!!! Bravo!!! B)


Turlutortue (what a difficult name! I am always watching it 2-3 times to see if I wrote it correct! :D ), thank you so much for the cointest! WOW!! 191 emails! But.. it really worth this number!!! Your coin is a beauty!!! :blink:

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