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Originally posted by Salvelinus:



Of Course we are! There are enough of us around here to do the job!




On second thought...that is in Fulton County. A bit too far away maybe?





"The trail will be long and full of frustrations. Life is a whole and good and evil must be accepted together"


Ralph Abele

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I actually don't live very close to there, and don't even remember why I was there, work I think. Saw the road and posted the thread, hoping someone who does live close would seize the opportunity. I haven't heard anything from anyone, so I'm guessing it didn't happen. Although, if someone did decided to go with the idea, and my schedule allowed, I'd show up to lend a hand sometime.

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I've been working on the program stuff since the middle of last year. I finally took the dive and applied for the permit in September, and was approved in December. Apparently, there was another group interested in the same segment I was looking at, and had to wait until they decided whether or not they were going to take it. It took just about another 6 weeks from permit approval to sign installation. I must say, from seeing so many of the other signs out there, unless it was a corporate sponsor that paid for their actual logo to appear on the signs, there isn't one out there (in Arizona) with larger type than ours. :D

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As of March 2006, Southern Arizona Geocachers have adopted a wash in Tucson AZ to claim a spot on the map.


So far cleanups are running every two months with cachers driving hundreds of miles to join in on the fun and spirit. If your ever in the area, come on in and join. We have even had people from as far away as Germany show up to get dirty.


First Alamo Cito




Second Alamo wash Cito


Third Alamo Wash Cito


Fourth Alamo Wash Cito



Adoption papers are completed.


Fifth Alamo wash Cito



One of our two signs.



Cachers, trashers and TB's.


Sixth Alamo wash Cito

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We just had our first CITO event for our Adopt-A-Highway program Here's a pic of the sign. Thanx to Brown Bear for getting this together. We're required to do 4 trash pickups a year. The first one was this past Saturday and we collected 27 bags of trash. Here is the cache page for the first cleanup event.




Our section of road is between the 2 green arrows on this map. BTW, this is in York, PA



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I've been trying to find some kind of list or even a map showing the participants in the PA Adopt-a-Highway program, but I don't seem to be able to find one anywhere. Does anyone happen to know if such a thing exists? If not, I think it's pretty poor of the state that the only recognition all these groups get is a pair of signs 2 miles apart only on the stretch of highway that they take care of.



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I just love seeing the variety of these Adopt-a-Highway signs affiliated with geocachers!


We drove by one, Bugmann's Mile, by chance while in Arizona

Bugmann's Mile and it inspired us to adopt a segment of road here at home. We now have adopted a 2.1 mile section of rural highway here in Ithaca, NY EH GEO-LANDMARK and have recently completed our first CITO event for it: Ithaca Adopt-a-Highway Fall CITO Event



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