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  1. I sent the adoptions for 3 geocoins yesterday and I did not receive an 'Adoption Sent' email and the other person did not receive the 'Adoption Request' email. I sent 4 Adoptions today and nothing... We both checked our Spam Folder and this is not our first time with Adoptions. I have sent them a link to www.geocaching.com/adopt but most people are iffy about links. Tried to send a Bug Report but it says to post here so here I am.
  2. Looking for a few geocoins for myself and two for my friend. My friend is looking for: GeoTriad Geocoin & the Going APE 2015 Geocoin For myself: 2012 Lackey Coin Gold, Lackey Geocoin 2014 HQ Logbook & 2015 Lackey Geocoin If you have these for Sale or Trade - Activated or Unactivated - Please contact me. I have a a bunch of trackables for trade and will get them in a list tomorrow. Thank you for any help.
  3. Got my geocoins. Thank you so very much.
  4. This was fun. I enjoyed reading all of the other Cointest ideas. Thank you.
  5. Week 3 Entry: Cointest - Geocoins Are Kids Play! = Make a Geocoin out of Play-Doh, Modeling Clay or Polymer Clay. The Winning Categories would be: Best Shaped - Best Design - Funniest - Geocaching Related & Voters Choice. Reason: Most of us would love to make a Geocoin but lack the funds. This is a cheap and fun way to try and express a design we would like to make. It's also a good winter activity and fun to use it as a proxy if you use the kind you can bake.
  6. Week 2 Entry: Cointest - Head In The Clouds = You must take a Photo of your GPS showing your current Elevation with a Geocoin next to it. After 3 Months - Top 8 Highest Elevations Win, 1 for Best View & 1 for Most Unique! * No Planes, Hot Air Balloons, or Helicopters Allowed. ** Special Exceptions made for UFOs & Zeppelins due to their Obvious difficulty. Reason for Cointest: My Mother is always saying "Get your head out of the clouds and just make your own geocoins!" since I am always rambling on about Trackables I would like to make or a cool Icon I would like to see. This will keep me distracted, for a while any way.
  7. Week 1 Entry: Cointest - Be 1 in 100 = You must Find, Log & Add a Photo for 100 Geocoins. Reason for Cointest: It seems your lucky if you ever have a Geocacher add a Photo to their Log when they Discover or Move your Trackable. In 100 Logs your lucky if you find 1 Picture so I would like to inspire Geocachers to add some. Someday I hope to do this Cointest but before I do I want to have a really good prize for the winner.
  8. I think so too. I got the rest of the code in by also changing the >< inside the code. Now they both show up. I'll play with it some more but I think it will be easy enough to use.
  9. I know I just saw that...I copy and pasted it as is and then checked it...I am going to play with it and see if I can't find the problem. My goodness this is more work than I thought.
  10. Thank you guys soooo much. I was on this for hours yesterday. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the help!
  11. Yes Bear and Ragged, That is what I want to put on my profile. Can you get it to work on your profile page? And if so can you email me the code you used. My text box comes up empty or with the clickable image link in it. I want the text so others can copy & paste the code from it.
  12. I went for a FTF on Bill the Cat - GC16NPK. It was a 3 1/2 by 3 rating. It took us 3 days to finish this cache and through my 2 kids were unscaved I had slid down a hill about 20 feet with my GPS in my back pocket, Huge bruse, GPS is safe. Got Chiggers for the first time, not fun. And cut my arms & face in I don't know how many places trying to get threw bushes (on the wrong side of the hill) in my excitement to get to the final stage. It was fun and I loved the challenge but found out I am allergic to Chiggers! All the bites swelled up like big red misquito bites and drove me crazy for over a week. They burned and I had to put cream on them to keep the swelling down. Other than that I have had a tree branch break and hit me in the eye. That reeeeallly hurt. And then there was the time I walked out on a dead tree hanging over the Sacremento River trying to find a cache. I tossed the kids the cell phone and GPS and said, If I fall in Vdellia call 911 and Orion give them our cords. After I found the cache, I could climb out the same way and I had to jump. Well, it hurt and I had a swolen ankle for almost a month and I bruised my heel so I didn't get out much for 2 weeks. No broken bones just fun stories of my blunders. Safe Geocaching All, .:.Rain.:.
  13. Still having no luck...Has any one gotten this to work on thier profile page?
  14. Thank you for the post. I will look it over some more but I have tried stuff like in the link: "Then replace the "<" character with "<" and the ">" character with ">" in the same way. " Also for the ("s) with no luck still. I may be missing some thing? If any one has gotten it to work on thier profile please let me know. I have also added the (target="_blank) in the different tries with still no luck. I have been at this for 4 hours now. *cry* I'll try some more since I have some nice images I wanted to use for the links.
  15. Hello, I need some help with coding for my Profile page. I have a group and some members asked if I had a link or picture they could put on thier profile. Well I can put them in my geocache pages and on my profile but I have to email them the code and walk them through it, so I wanted to be able to put it on my profile so I could tell them to pick the one they wanted and paste it where they want to use it. But all I get is a blank text box? I have tried a dozen web pages for help and none of the codes work. You can see what I do have at the bottom of my Profile but that's all I can do so far. One is blank and the other I can type in but the code never shows up? Does the Profile page support the Text Box w/the Code in it??? Any help on this is welcome. McKenzie~Binns
  16. Hello, I traded some geocoins and I got the FireFly03 (FireFly Micro) GeoCoin and the Team Misguided GeoCoin (It has the double arrows and Question mark on the back in a yellow sign) I can't seem to find were to get the Activation Codes??? Can any one tell me were to get the Codes???
  17. I was not able to make it down to Glnhvn to ClrlkOks Geocaching Members CITO Event GC1FWJM I was getting the A.P.E. Cache in Wa. at the time. I was able to make it down to an Event a month later. I stopped to get a shot of the sign then. http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/19e887...7739b018a5b.jpg
  18. I was not able to make it down to Glnhvn to ClrlkOks Geocaching Members CITO Event GC1FWJM I was getting the A.P.E. Cache in Wa. at the time. I was able to make it down to an Event a month later. I stopped to get a shot of the sign then. http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/19e887...7739b018a5b.jpg
  19. This is my 1st real post other than in the practice forums. But, The new site isn't thrilling. I understand the time & money that goes into these changes. I am a Premium Member. I just paid for another year. I LOVED the old site. It was fun LQQKing. Now, It looks profesional. Kind of boring when you first see it. My kids liked the old site too. It was colorful & fun! I don't like to complain. But, I am Big on GeoCoins. I couldn't find my Inventory List at first. It was way a the bottom of the page. How will people see their Inventory and be reminded to drop a TB or GeoCoin??? I know it is listed when you Log a Cache. But, Some people Copy & Paste in a hurry. They forget, I know I have at times. I do like the Resources Page It is a lot easier to read & find things. Not so clutterd. Maybe they are just trying this new LQQK. Ebay does that sometimes. It is very confusing trying to find everything AGAIN. I like GeoCaching either way. I will need to learn to use the new site if I want to keep up my #'s Maybe, A dedicated GeoCacher/Graphics Designer could offer their free time to help with the site. I did see that they were hiring a Graphics Designer or something like that a month ago??? I think a GeoCacher should design the site. That way they would know what is in demand??? Is the new designer a Cacher??? What if Groundspeak sent out an emailed servey for ALL GeoCachers to give opinions on what they would like OR like to use one the site??? Do they have a Hit Counter so they can see what is used more often??? Sometimes I go and try to use something, Like the Route thing. But, I don't understand how to get it right. Oh, Well...............I'll be a dedicated cacher no matter how they change the site. I do think they should keep it simple for new cachers coming into the game. I was a 'Computer Hater' before GeoCaching!!! NOW, I know how to do neat stuff. No, I'm not a comp wiz. But, Because of GeoCaching. I have learned sooo much!!! I love my computer now!!! Just an added note: Grounds Peak Thanks For All The FUN!!!
  20. Let's try this to get the image in: (IMAGE: http://img.geocaching.com/track/log/thumb/...f2216a7dcb.jpg)
  21. ~~(¯º.¸ Member Of The Mt.Shasta Cachers & The M.A.G.C.
  22. There are so many Smilies. I have never done this stuff before. So, I guess I'll learn??? http://img.geocaching.com/track/log/thumb/...5f2216a7dcb.jpg
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