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What's gone wrong?

Gps Storm

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B) I was just wondering if it's just me or are there other cachers who feel the same about logs on their caches?

There is nothing nicer for me than to sit and read logs coming in from all the caches that I have hidden about other cachers experiences at the hides. It is the main reason why I hide caches!!


But lately all I've been getting is:


@ 17H16.TFTC SL.

@ 05H40. Very nice!

@ 05H30. TFTC SL. Cache is wet.


easy find :) thanks


What the....?????


Have cachers forgotten how to log a cache?


Are you not supposed to log your visit in the log book, eg. Date + GPS Storm was here, took Geocoin.


And then log your experience on the web, eg.


Wow, I almost felt like Tom Hanks in The Da Vinci Code when I tried to open the tube. This will be more difficult if you didn't get all the clues to open it. It was the first time for me to encounter such a puzzle.

The location was once again great but to get there and back was the problem for me as I had to carry my 3 year old for most of the way. Make sure you take enough refreshments if you plan to do the whole trail.

Thanks for bringing us to this place. And a very interesting cache.

Took :TB

Left : Stone & dice


Come on guy's, I'm sure those who do those poor little feable logscan do a little better.


Let's all have some fun, not just the finders.


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I am afraid you are probably preaching to the converted! Most people who bother to look at the forums are the more experienced cachers. In my experience they are the ones that DO bother to write entertaining logs. I think there are quite a few new cachers out there, there are more caches out there and the general "standard" of caches in general (not pointing at yours at all!) has probably gone down a little.

Also, I have good caches..where I expect more interesting logs...and generally get them and more average caches...where I expect shorter logs. The only time I am sorely tempted to write really brief logs is when I really didn't think much of the cache, or if the owner only writes really brief logs on my caches. (I know, I shouldn't, I am working on it!)





was tempted to just write "Ditto" in reply to the thread! B)

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I tend to only leave a TFTC or "quick find" if I didn't like the cache and it had nothing interesting about it. I must admit I do this a lot more in London, as many of the caches here are just not as inspiring as in SA.

Oh course I've done some of yours a few years back, and if memory serves, they were good one!


I think this often happens when people visit an area on holiday and go on a cache blitz! When you are logging 50 odd caches when you get home, sometimes its hard to remember specific details if you didn't take notes, or you might be pressed for time then. And because there are a lot more caches nowadays, people have to log a lot more when they get home!


Another culprit I think is those people who log on their cell phones when they find the cache, and its too much hassle to write a nice long long from the phone. No more logging from cell phones I say!!

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I know there are a few good reasons like, mega caching and phone logging, but feel that that is a terrible excuse.


I'm inclinded to say if you're not going to do at least a two line log then don't do my cache please!!!


I also agree if it's a crap cache I also don't want to do a long log but at least a sentence should be required.


And yes I know, I heard someone out there say "You're not alowed to use logging requirements!!!" but I'm just saying!!


Where will this abreviated short log drivel lead to - I'll tell you - To caches that's listings will look something like:


"Saw this spot, liked it, placed a cache here, don't care if you enjoy it or not!!!"


Because if cachers arn't going to put some effort into their logs people are going to stop putting effort into hiding, and that would effect the overall quality and also the overall life span of the game.

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...Another culprit I think is those people who log on their cell phones when they find the cache, and its too much hassle to write a nice long long from the phone. No more logging from cell phones I say!!


Yep, I think cell phones are often the cause of brief logs. B)



We've definitely noticed more shorter logs recently. I think it's a bit of a vicious circle, too...


I think that a few years back most geocachers got started by being introduced to the game by a friend who would be around to 'mentor' them at the start and would explain about writing a decent log (when appropriate). These days many more folk discover geocaching by themselves, they see recent logs on caches (many of which now tend to be fairly short) and copy what they see.



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It is always very entertaining down here in the Western Cape to read Henzz's logs. Really brightens up our day.

Here is an example.


Henzz found Walk to Freedom (Western Cape) (Traditional Cache) at 12/25/2009


Log Date: 12/25/2009

"Good Morning Oom Nelson..."

"Good Morning young man..."


We had a bit of a chat, and he pointed me to the Big Old Christmas Tree, where I could go and unwrap my present...


As I drove off he waved at me with a big smile on his face...

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I'm an SA ex-pat living in Los Angeles, I must agree with CapeDoc... If I find a cache that was hidden without much effort put into it in some random parking lot then all that can be expected is a TFTC comment. I feel that these types of caches are only there to help cachers boost their numbers. I have always noticed that the better caches, the folks put really put some effort into it always get the best logs. I have two favourite cache finds...one was a lock on a gate, the lock was hollowed out with the log inside and the other was a bolt that had been drilled out and the nut was the container lid, this bolt was attached to a sign and looked like it was part of the sign. Every person that found these caches (both were urban finds) gave such great details on how they found it and how long it took to find etc etc.


I'm not saying that your caches are boring, but if a cache is then we cannot expect more than a plain simple TFTC.


PS - I have quite a few boring caches out in some random parking lots and often I get cachers complaining that it was a boring find especially from those who aren't trying to boost numbers!

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Hi GPS Storm

I am so glad you have started this topic. I agree totally with your frustration as I have also picked up that during the last year the logs became just short sentences and that most off the new cachers use the “Find and TNLNSL” logs.

We did a lot off caches in your area for a week in Dec and I enjoyed writing the plenty logs that evening, it was a short off a recap for us of all that happened during the day.

I enjoy a negative long log much more on my caches than a short positive single sentence.

I also think with the paperless caching nowadays the cacher don’t read the listing information/history that we have prepared for days when placing the cache and tend just to follow his GPS find the cache and move on, missing the history/information totally.

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Your guys are still lucky. I received a smiley as a log and that was that. I thought it was a tongue in the cheek one – maybe there was something wrong. I even contacted Wazat to explain the log to me as I was confused to what it indicates. Wazat was at Baboon rock and he noted nothing wrong and the log before this cacher and post was all ok. I then read his other logs and there was short comments and nothing additional. So something was not good for him but I have no idea what it is. Up to now it bothers me what he is trying to say. I do not delete logs even when the guy trashes me and my caches. I wish he had something to say – negative or positive; I think I am open for both.


My personal opinion is that it is an excuse to write short logs. I have GSAK and I record all my logs in this database when I have some time available then I log. Just recently I logged about 50 caches and not one was short. When I do 20 plus caches for the day then it does happen that I forget certain caches and the details. But as soon as I read them it is back in memory and I can recall the cache.


I think there are only excuses and nothing else. Just look at iPajero and look at the rate they caches. Just recently they had a couple of racing bugs with them. They got it right to do proper logs, photos and TB notes and all. No one can beat them when it comes to caching rate.


I think we should discuss and agree what we need to do to correct the situation? Maybe if we receive a short log then we should contact the cacher and ask him to increase and to expand his logs. Maybe they do not understand that they should log something extra. Just maybe we can get some education across. If this specific cacher gets a request for more details from more than one cacher via e-mail then he should start to give a little bit more details and we are all happy. Gerhard

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I have to disagree a little on the cell phone logging. I do most of my logging from an iPhone and still pride myself on logs longer than most.


I agree with CnC, Henzz is a fabulous logger (and writes a mean cache description too!). His logs aren't always long but always imaginative. We can all learn a lesson in logging from him!


Recently I started a thread called "TFTC and the grumpy log". Although they are harder to write (you never know who you will meet at an event cache) I am tending towards the negative log over a simple "TFTC". I would appreciate the same on mine.


Gerhard, I have never seen you be brief about anything! Keep it up! Love it!

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We agree with all of you - we also dislike those short, non-informative logs. We love to read about different cachers' experiences at a cache, especially if we've been to it previously. As for our own caches, we do try to provide some information in the listing, sometimes too much info, but we do try to make it interesting. We enjoy the details of a cacher's experience at our caches - whether good or bad.


From our side, we put in as much info. as possible in our log as we feel it helps us to remember the cache and what we experienced there. If it were not for the details, we would long forget about it.


We have just experienced the pure bliss of paperless caching with our iPod Touch. We downloaded a really cool geocaching application and we have all the listing details with us and can log the details of the find. Usually, I log in the main info. while we get to the next cache, but if Rolf has a chance he'll also enter some info. We then sync with geocaching.com and the logs are transferred as "field notes". When we "compose log" we can add to our short notes and put in a proper description. But it saves us so much time as the date is in there and the main gist of the cache is already there, so we just need to add in the "meat" so to speak. So we have to say that even if using a cellphone or other form of paperless method to log caches, you can still go back and add more info. and do a complete log. We also see it as "reliving" the cache, by putting detailed info. in the log.


We also agree that there are some awful caches out there, and although we too are tempted to just put "TFTC", it goes against our grain. Even if it is negative, we have to put in the details. We've been shot down by the cache owner for doing that though, so sometimes a "TFTC" would've been a safer option!


All in all, we love reading all the interesting and funny logs...we love the stories from some cachers!


TFTT (Thanks for the topic!! :) )

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My first two logs I was worried that I was being too talkative - so many of the other logs were much briefer. Then winter came and I spent the season reading the forums and realized that it was not a bad thing at all. (mine aren't really all that long either).


So yeah, I think it can be a bit of a monkey see, monkey do situation for some newbies.

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I just can't write a log two minutes after finding a cache... I just would not know what to say... So I leave it up to my subconscious to work on a log for a few hours... It seems to work for me...


I actually enjoy logging an imaginative story... It does not always have anything to do with the cache itself, but with something you spot nearby, something that came to mind while doing the cache, that sort of thing... Giving personalities and voices to ducks and trees also spices up the log somehow...


When logs come through on my caches, the ones I enjoy most is when I can pick up that my cache made someone's day a bit better, they had a sense of fun or enjoyment... A simple TFTC just does not show that at all...


I suppose the best we can do is to keep on writing descent logs, and hopefully it will rub off on the TFTC-brigade... (But it is difficult though to get creative in your logging if the cache was lame...)


I wish you all happy caching and fun logging...

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I forced my son Alex (geocaching name Ding Bat) to be more descriptive with his finds.


I feel the cacher who hid the cache put some effort in, and deserves some reward for his or her efforts.


By forcing Alex to write longer logs he has now lost interest in logging, he still goes out with me, but does not log. So in a way we have lost a player.


Also remember as a geocacher one will go through stages in hiding caches. First one thinks "oh yes that is a cool spot" which is close to home. When an experienced cacher finds it they might feel its an arb cache. It is only over time one learns which hides are better, and will last longer, and what is "interesting".


The one event hosted by Crystalfairy, all I logged was "Nice event". Boy, can I kick my a** now about that log. That event deserved a much better log from me then those two single words. I have been tempted to change it many times, but have left it to serve as a token to myself that one should log better caches.


All my logs from about two years ago, will have almost no abbreviations, unless maybe it is an interesting abbreviation.


If the cache is what I would deem, crappy cache, does it deserve a crappy log? Maybe *I* missed the point of the cache? (but then it maybe is a crappy cache as well)

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Interesting thread!!


As the owner of many caches, I fully share the sentiments expressed here.

It's the pits to get a TNLNSL log on a cache that you've put lots of effort into. :)

And I especially sympathise with GPS Storm, because if there's anyone who tries to, and succeeds in creating interesting hides, it's them.....

Their latest cache GC221R4 is very special.



We need to be tolerant with newbies, and try to delicately guide them in the right direction.

Looking at the logs in question, I see:

- He's a newbie

- Obviously Afrikaans, so he probably battles to write in English (which he doesn't have to)

- Hasn't hidden any caches, so doesn't understand the "give-and-take" of pleasure through logs yet

- Probably still thinks GC is a big amorphous international game, and hasn't clicked that SA is actually a small community


We need to "mentor" such cachers - they're the lifeblood of the game into the future. :huh:

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I know my dad generally writes very short logs, but this is simply because he really struggles to express himself in written form. I've found caches with him that a really enjoyed (like GC1BZ2Q), but it just doesn't come across in his logs. I know of other people as well who can't write a paragraph to save their life, so I would guess a fair number of short-loggers also belong to this category.


I've also met a cacher who has been caching for a year or so, but doesn't enjoy writing at all, so she hasn't logged a single cache online. On my recent inspection of one of my caches, I found a name or two in the logbook that isn't on the online logs, so I'm guessing she isn't the only one.


So in general, I don't take offense at short logs, and I don't attach any meaning to them. My rule of thumb is that I assume the logger enjoyed my cache but is just not good (yet) at logging. By now I have a fair idea of which of my caches are good and which are not so good, so to me, a short log on a cache I know is good is still a positive log. I'll only sit up and pay attention if there is justified criticism in a log, or if a log alerts me to new developments around my cache of which I was not aware of.

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Now this is where the advantage lies of reading the Forums:

I am still a newbie, 46 finds, and I have learned quite a lot by just reading the forums.

For an example: I placed 3 caches to date. I was happy when all 3 of them were visited within an hour after listing and the feedback on the logs were positive. However, it was only after my first FTF when I received a mail from Danie Viljoen congratulating me on my FTF that I realised that its just common sense and plain good manners to congratulate a person on a FTF. So, my aplogies to the FTF's on my caches.


Writing longer logs is now my new years resolution.

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I agree with all the sentiments here and both write and enjoy longer logs. However geocaching is supposed to be a fun easy-going game that folks should enjoy in their comfort zone. As a newbie I found the caching scene too fussy for my liking. I have grown into it and quite enjoy participating in all the fuss - especially on the forums, but it is not everyone's cup of tea. I take it as it comes: enjoy the longer logs and accept the shorter logs. I would prefer a short log to no log at all. Fortunately there are still enough folks writing longer logs and hopefully some of it will rub off.

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;) Thank you Hemachatus..... :D


My whole aim with this topic was just hoping to change/help at least one newbie, and your log made my day.

A lot of guys are saying, ja just be happy you get logs weather they are short or long and some people don't like writting lots etc etc....


:) I'm sorry.... but to me that seems like playing chess against someone but saying to them "I like playing chess with you but sorry I don't like moving the pieces, I'll just do it in my head!!!" :huh:


A am glad there are cachers out there that agree with me - Rather a neg log than no log!!


Then I can go out and fix my mistake, and get a nice log from the next cacher or keep trying until I do.


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After a day of caching I enjoy to sit down with a cold one and relive the day in writing the logs. OK, some days the logs is not that long but it still do not exist of only abbreviations.

I've done a lot of GPS Storm's caches and all of them inspire one only to write a longer log about one's adventures at the site.

The better the cache (location, hide and all), the better the log.

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.... As a newbie I found the caching scene too fussy for my liking. I have grown into it and quite enjoy participating in all the fuss - especially on the forums, but it is not everyone's cup of tea......


Yes we can all see the fuss you enjoy drawing that reverse winking cat in all your actual cache logs!!! ;)



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What an interesting discussion.


As far as I am concerned the game is about sharing the experience of the hide and the find as well as the experience of the process and the location of the cache. The log is an integral part of this process. For me writing a meaningful log, even if it is short, is important.


As in any game though, you get players with different styles. Long logs may not be everybody's style.


For more thoughts on this topic - visit the following article:


http://geocacher-u.com/content/view/14/33/ with the the title: How to Write Great Online Logs


on the website http://www.geocacher-u.com :)


I read about this website in Open your Heart with Geocaching by Jeannette Cezanne (2007 Dream Time Publishing)

Edited by JPMZA
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Thanks for those interesting web links JPMZA.


:D I think even some of us experienced Cacher's could learn a thing or two there about writing proper logs :huh:


I am very grateful to see that the majority of cacher's who replied to this thread, agree with my view on log's.


It's always good to see when others share your view.


:):P FYI... For some really good log's and to see why I really hide caches, check out these logs (and all on one cache!!) :D


Lügner, Lügner, Hose in Brand Extremen Cache!

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There is nothing nicer for me than to sit and read logs coming in from all the caches that I have hidden about other cachers experiences at the hides. It is the main reason why I hide caches!!


We have just found two more caches, and I have tried to write a slightly longer note than I would have, based mostly on this thread. I agree, some caches are easier to write more for than others. Also, some people just don't have the knack or the will to write a lot.

I promise to try to leave nice long logs when I do get to find some of your caches!

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Cincol, I took the liberty to visit this specific log in an attempt to discover the root cause for this. It appears as if we are loosing this team, not a fact but just a personal feeling when I read their logs. It is not your cache.


They are a member for about one year. They planted one cache in RSA. This cache was visited by about 5 people before being archived. All the “find” logs on their cache are good and are longer than the normal average length. Strange enough their cache was found after being archived. They selected to archive and it is not done by the reviewer. However, it appears as if the cache is still in place. Their first log of a total of 16 finds was nice and quite long and has a happy tune. With time their logs are getting smaller and smaller. The last one is TNLN. I think they are slipping into ex-cachers.


Maybe we should be more pro-active and give them a hand. Maybe you should contact them and find out if there are any problems. Normal stuff and not thrashing like “I do not like your log”. Try to get a connection; tell them how you enjoy finding caches and hiding them. Ask them if there is something that you can do to help them and tell them that the last log is a little bit lean and it did not bring too much pleasure. Maybe this will be more proactive to give them this little bit of feedback and maybe there is something that we could do to get their spirit back again. The log in this case is a reflection of something of which I have no knowledge but it is at the cacher. I hope my comments are of some value. Gerhard

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Hello, another newbie (started last weekend...7 finds..woohooo!) I was worried about being TO wordy or give away too many spoilers in my logs.


Guess this is permission to at least get chattier...though probably staying as cryptic as possible :)

Welcome to Geocaching! Good start! Looking forward to reading lengthy logs!

(Score 2 to GPS Storm!)

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Looking forward to a trip to the Cape from you Jors! You can write logs like that on my caches anytime!

:D Jors.... when are you coming to the Lowveld..........? I'd love to read some of your 'found logs' on my caches!!!!!


Great, thanks! Just let me know when my holiday reservations are made and paid for... :)

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Yes - Tiaan is most terse!


I have also just run into the 4000 character limit and had to do like Jors and split it in to a find and a note. I think there is probably good reason for the limit. I just could not bear the thought of editing my log- not cause I think it is brilliant and can;t be made better - but I just could not face redacting it after it had taken me so long - as it was it required multiple edits and deleting the find log to get the tail end of it in the note "below" and then relogging the find.


4000 characters or about 800 words should be enough but will require more time and effort in the editing process. I will strive to stay within limit next time I feel inspired to write a long log!


Oh and if you are interested the cache is GC1Q0B8 - Strand


I kinda just got carried away - but thanks to this thread for the encouragement and vindication in writing longer and hopefully entertaining logs.

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I'm so glad that this tread was started. I was worried that my logs in the past were a bit wordy, as they always looked longer than others when checking back on found caches. I enjoy going back and reading the experiences of others for caches I have already found. It just adds to the fun. I've yet to experience logs for caches placed, but agree with the consensus here that a good, descriptive log is a form of thank-you to whoever placed the cache. The only problem I see with longer logs is the time it takes to scroll down them to read others while paperless caching, but that is a minor inconvenience I can live with.

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