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  1. Thank you for this info... I have read about Gauteng stagnating after deciding to place at least one cache today, now just hope the rain clears...
  2. dakardrix - we have also given it a lot of thought, brainstorming and googling.... will contact you soon for some assistance. two friends are engineers and I would love to beat them at solving the puzzle with my limited IT knowledge...
  3. Had a look at this cache, sjoe but it is extreme!!
  4. What was the most caches that was found on one day in SA? I saw on an American review that the most in the world is 431 caches on one day!
  5. Phew... I'm somewhat relieved you didn't take it up the wrong way, which you could have, but lighthearted as it was intended. No Jors, this was pasted on the Newbie blues... anything is possible!!
  6. On my list to do: Heyto Potatoe...
  7. Henzz - I think this is a very interesting question? I do not know how to determine this!
  8. Try this link (click here) Jors - gotta love your link, [blush] I definitely had a blonde moment with this one... I really had a good chuckle at myself for your link...
  9. Nadia & Co.

    I spy

    Hello Besem, Malo Mystery, Redglobe...
  10. Hi All... Please share some recent cache stories of caches you have done in Gauteng area... we can then use this thread to reference for our future caching expeditions... We did Lynwoodrif (in Pretoria East) on Monday after work. We arrived at the park at 5:15pm. It is the perfect quick dash cache, with all the right elements of interesting scenery (in a little suburban forest) and not too easy! I hope I can learn from your experiences too!!
  11. I enjoy reading through these threads... I just want to go out and do a couple of caches! I can also vote for the Antron mysteries...
  12. Hi Crazy, Addicted, Happy, Adventurous, Time Chasing or Creative Gauteng Cachers (Please select the adjective(s) that describe you best and address yourself accordingly, if I missed an adjective that better describe you please enlighten me...) I think it is time for us to cyber-interact, what do you think? I would like to propose a starting topic for our exclusive Gauteng Chatbox: The title of the topic is: "Have you seen/done/tried this cache..." Share a short story or two about a cache that you have done in Gauteng that has caught your attention Have fun!!
  13. Had so much fun last night posting my log with a Suburban Cache, thanks to this forum and all the creative links!
  14. Hi Nadia & Co OPOR means “Obvious Pile Of Rocks” Please see the “Glossary of terms” http://www.geocaching.com/about/glossary.aspx for more info and acronyms. Thank you RedGlobe, actually visited the page and google'd the term all with no success! These forums and helpful cachers like yourself are essential!
  15. As far as I know Jors wanted to resurrect GCZA01, but there was a problem getting permission. He then planted GCZA01.2 about 50m away, which was as close as he could get to the original cache location. Hello Danie... do you by any chance know what is the oldest cache in Gauteng? Thank you for the other information!!
  16. Is there any cachers in Pretoria that would like to do a few caches on Saturday? I would like to do the few in the Irene area...
  17. That is harsh cincol - was it a newby? maybe you should make them aware of this forum?
  18. What is the oldest (active or archived) cache in South Africa?
  19. Hi can you please send me an email address for Geocaching Ranking Home Page? As I am trying to register, but the contact us page does not work.... Thank you kindly I have added you. PM on the way Thank you!!
  20. Hi Thank you for asking all these questions and the answers! I have enjoyed reading through them! I do not think you can ever know anything about GC... I have a silly question, what does OPOR mean?
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