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  1. Last week I got my first One-Word-Log. It said: "FOUND" ----- Isnt that stating the obvious? ------- Oh yeaa, I have noticed, here I am preaching to the converted. Greetings and Great Degrees to All H
  2. Now this is where the advantage lies of reading the Forums: I am still a newbie, 46 finds, and I have learned quite a lot by just reading the forums. For an example: I placed 3 caches to date. I was happy when all 3 of them were visited within an hour after listing and the feedback on the logs were positive. However, it was only after my first FTF when I received a mail from Danie Viljoen congratulating me on my FTF that I realised that its just common sense and plain good manners to congratulate a person on a FTF. So, my aplogies to the FTF's on my caches. Writing longer logs is now my new years resolution.
  3. I might be missing it, but is there a Stats Thread mentioning the "busiest" caches in the country and or busiest by province? Also, which cache has the biggest amount of "International" visitors?
  4. Thanks for the Cache Gerhard. Did my #30 just after your EC. Long ways to go...... Hemachatus
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