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*********COINTEST********* ends 12/2/09

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As I said, there is a race with Santa's!


there is a world record for the bigest number of Santa's running, or being in a place... I do not know....


In Liverpool England, They call it Santa Dash!


Here is the participation medal of the race, in 2006! It is writen.... World record holders!!!!

No, I was not there.. I wish I was! I found the medal in a cache! I cleaned it (had some rust) and kept it! It is a lovely medal! for one thing I am sure!!! At least one geocacher was there running!!!! I do not know who he is, but... BRAVO my friend, and thank you for placing this medal in a cache here in my island! :)




*** the medal has a santa on it!!!! So my post is ok! :)

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Ok.... why Santa has red and white clothes?? Was he wearing these colors all the time?? NOPE!!!! the red & white clothes, comes from the first advertisment of Coca Cola with a santa, in 1931! The colors are the ones of the coca cola!!! We just used to see him like that!


I think that was the 1931 poster....



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