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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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ok it seems you guys need lots of clues, so here's one more.

But to summarise:

- This country was the first to develop a system of measuring and quantifying the Gross National Happiness of its peoples

- It held its first democratic elections in 2008

- It is illegal to smoke in the whole country

- Its national sport is archery


And the new clue. The residents like to paint large penises on the outside walls of their houses.



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There was an article in the local newspaper this morning about the up-coming Asian Games in China where archery was featured in association with Bhutan - a small country in the Himalayas. No mention was made about penises or happiness - is there a correlation perhaps Discombob?? ;):antenna:

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Well done Cincol, Bhutan it is!


They have a very rigourous tourism rule as well, only guests of the government or people on a preapproved set tour program are allowed into the country. No one is allowed to go and explore for themselves, and approximately only 20 000 tourists are allowed into the country per year.

This is in order to help preserve the countries culture and environment, which I think is a pretty good policy!

I would love to visit Bhutan, but at a government imposed minimum charge of $200 per day, it is a fairly costly trip :antenna:(

Despite these tough rules, they have still managed to accumulate 8 geocaches. I somehow think the government would not be pleased about that if they knew!

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Highest total chased by Pakistan against SA?

Abdul Razzaq - highest total by a number 7 batsman?


I'm not sure of the record - although the game was played within line of sight from my bedroom window - I stopped watching at 6 wickets down - assuming that SA had the game wrapped up :antenna: gort a surprise when reading the newspaper this morning.


BTW: For you cricket lovers and cachers - check out cincol's cache: GC1JC3B - it is at the Abu Dhabi cricket ground.

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OK - a change in question.


What is the simple difference between a VITAMIN and a MINERAL? (I trust you learned cachers dont stump me on my own question).


A mineral is something that "originates" from/in the earth and is unique in that it is a natuaral element and can be identified on the periodic table. A vitamin is a composite substance.


Geologically speaking we could classify a vitamen as being "sedimentary" and a mineral as "igneous" I suppose! :santa:

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Which European city has a "Krugerplein" named after our Oom Paul?

The word Kruger"plein" would either indicate Dutch or Flemish, and recalling some history, I'd go for Amsterdam first, then perhaps Brussels.


Although c'nc intimated at Amsterdam they oprted for Clarens.


Indeed Jors, you will find Krugerplein in "Transvaalbuurt" in Amsterdam.

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In some circles, Mount Rushmore is also referred to as "Three *** and some other guy".


Looking for a profession, same as Sir George Everest's occupation.


Adding two more names to the list:


Captain James Cook

Prof Charles Merry, owner of Sentinel View (GC185)


Cook was a sailor and cartographer who circumnavigated and mapped New Zealand in his day - don't think that any of the US Presidents were sailors and / or cartographers though. :huh:

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Cook was a sailor and cartographer who circumnavigated and mapped New Zealand in his day - don't think that any of the US Presidents were sailors and / or cartographers though. :huh:

Cook - sailor, *** , cartographer and explorer - was born in 1728, in Yorkshire. In the course of his illustrious career, he sailed into every ocean and was one of the first, if not the first, British explorers to set foot on most of the world's major continents. He was also the first to cross both the Arctic and Antarctic Circles.


- and -


British explorer Captain James Cook, who was born in 1728, sailed into every ocean. Not only did he explore, but he also ***. These are just a few of the *** who you may not have realized were *** as they achieved fame as explorers and not ***.

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Ok I'm going to give in and add my guess. If I recall Abe Lincoln is one of the three on Mt Rushmore, and wasn't he a lawyer/attorney/solicitor?


Ummm... not sure, maybe. Not what I'm after though.


George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln all had extensive experience in the profession of ***. Teddy Roosevelt, though very distinguished in his military and political careers, did not.


Sir Thomas Maclear did it too...

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