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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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Looks like French to me....so must be somewhere near one of the French African countries. Tunisia? Morocco? One of the African countries with a coastline that was occupied by the Frenchies at some point in time. Okay, back to the question. Something significant........................

I am guessing from my school French that Almadies has something to do with sickness...malade = sick. Not sure of its significance. Perhaps if it is in Morocco did it have something to do with the filming of the movie Casablanca?

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Thinking about it some more.....just read the name properly....maybe it doesn't mean "sick" as I am missing an "la" in the word. So how about the place where the Spanish sea farers and Frenchies clashed at some point in time in history and ships were sunk and lots of people lost their lives off the North African coast?

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Is it the closest part of Africa to Europe at the Strait of Gibraltar? Or the northern most point of Africa at Tunisia (but I think cincol already said that). So I reckon something to do with Morocco being really close to Spain and perhaps there is an army post there or something?

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Had a big container of water run out into another one.... as soon as the other container reached it's brim the water would over flow onto the sleeping chief and wake him up.... And been very upset that he woke early he would be even worse on the battle ground....

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