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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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There have been two mini gold rushes in Cape Town, one on Table Mountian which turned out to be a hoax :


In 1856 Mr Salem set off a mini gold rush after displaying a gold nugget in his shop window that had apparently been found in Platteklip Gorge by one of his employees. Nobody was going to miss out on the opportunity of finding gold, after all if one nugget had been found there could surely be more. On making their way up the gorge, the people were surprised to see Mr Salem had set up a stall half way up at Silverstream Cave. He was selling food, beer, spirits and picks and shovels at double the price that they were selling for in town. No gold was ever found in the five day rush and by the time the diggers returned past the cave the shopkeeper had folded his tent and left. It turns out that the gold nugget was real but originated from Australia.


and another on Lions Head a few years later in 1887


from my cache GC25EGZ

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During my training period in the mid-70's I spent time on Eastern Transvaal Consolidated Mines and I remember studying the gold bearing nodes of the Barberton area. On the southern side of the mountain range there had been small mines on the Swaziland side - between the border and Pigg's Peak area. I also know of the large asbestos mine that was there as well - Havelock Mine.


That there was a gold rush there prior to Pilgrims' Rest I couldn't say, but would be willing to guess that there was. So my guess would be the town that you are looking for would be Pigg's Peak. :D:D

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All we have left now are Nambia, Lesotho and Botswana. Both Lesotho and Botswana are diamond rich and I am not aware of any gold deposits being found there - especially Lesotho as the geology is far too young for gold. That leaves us with Namibia and Botswana. My guess will have to be Namibia, but the town will have me stumped. I will guess Mariental area with a 2nd guess at Tsumeb, although that is copper territory - but gold is normally found along with copper and zinc as a secondary mineral. Rössing could also be a dark horse in this topic, but I have my doubts.

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You are narrowing it down cincol!

Not Namibia!!

Now you just have to find the correct town in your other option!


OK - then it must be Botswana. Jwaneng, Muan and Francistown are mining areas but none of them gold. Francistown is in close proximity to Bulawayo where gold was mined in the Matopas. So, if we are looking at a 19th century gold rush then Francistown would be my guess. :)

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Iron sulphide


You should be excluded from these types of questions!! :P So, that said, for you the answer is NOT FeS, but FeS2. I am looking for that name in particular!! B)


Spoil sport :D:sad::laughing:


BTW: FeS2 is still an iron sulphide :)


Agreed, but is known by a specific name. :o In any case Bouts777 managed the correct answer before your "appeal" was lodged!!

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Hang-on - the book that I am currently reading mentioned an Ops Trampoline that took place in the late 70's along the then SWA / Angola border. The then SANDF got the idea from the Israelis and decided to plant sisal along the border to form an impenetrable, natural barrier to stop insurgents entering the country. It did not work too well as the high rainfall in the area caused the roots to rot and the plants did not grow to do what they were intended to do.

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According to the book "A game ranger remembers" by Bruce Bryden, Operation Trampoline involved planting a sisal plants fence between two fire breaks a few hundred meters apart along the entire boundary on the Eastern border of the Kruger Park. This was done in the early 70's to keep the Mozambiquans out ...(aimed to make the border people-proof). But, as soon as they planted the sisal, they were eaten by monkeys, elephants and the like. They never got off the ground and the project was a miserable failure. The operation was both an ecological and a planners failure.

If the operation extended to other parts like SWA?... I don't know, but it's very possible.


Go for it cincol.

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Is it not silica gel or the stone used in mood rings? Or the lighting system on a Chrysler? LoL


hehe - nope. I don't think you would want to have any in your Chrysler...... sorry Corsa wazat! :ph34r: Neither would you wear it on your finger either. :P Although YOU might. It was used years back to treat fever and madness!!!


Clue - common name refers to a colour.

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