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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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Only cause I was following up on if it is a leap year this year, not too long ago. I was sure I had read about it somewhere, most likely on Wikipedia or somewhere... Just wasn't sure if it was normal or common year. Thanks.


What is beat time and how would you display it?

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That it is Carbon hunter.... It was quite fun to be asked the time and I would say it is @549 or something to that effect.... really confusing but actually worked well on international level cause it was globaly the same time all over.... so you want to chat at the same time it was easy to arrange a "Meeting" time online.... Used it quite a bit.... Of course it did help to have a Swatch with Beat Time on....


Read about it here


Swatch Internet time showing the current time in Beats.

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During the Anglo-Boer War - this interchange took place - who is reported to have sent the answer?


Boers: "“How about a game of cricket?”


Answer: “I would like nothing better when the engagement is over. Just now we are having our innings and right now have scored 200 days against the bowling of Cronje, Snyman and Botha”.

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Close but no cigar.


It was funny - but there was another report of a heliograph to an unknown soldier in Ladysmith along the lines of "101 not out" (on the 101st day of the siege - and he quipped back - "Yes and still batting".


But that was a "no name brand" comment.


This was a little more famous - your reasoning is good - but outcome incorrect.

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While reading this mornings Cape Times I came across an article about a murder on Baden-Powell Drive. This made me consider that it could have been the Siege of Mafeking and that Lord Baden-Powell could have been the one that sent this message.

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According to a book by historian Hans Bornman, the unfortunate Roy Spencer was shot dead by his drunk friend Walter Scott, after Walter accused Roy of stealing his purse. Roy was buried the same night in that grave with the help of a few friends of Walter and his grave marked with a wooden cross with the words "Robber Grave".

When Walter returned to his tent the next day, he found his purse on his bed. He was so stunned and felt so guilty that he went back to the place where he killed his friend and took the same gun and shot himself. He was then buried next to Roy.


Roy Spencer, was engaged to Elizabeth Webster, better known as the famous barmaid Cockney Liz from Barberton.


Your turn CH.

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Castro had a long reign till just recently....



Indeed it was Fidel Castro (Cuba)..

He stepped down in 2008...

He was in charge from 1959...

But his brother took over, (so much for democracy)...


The second spot on the podium belongs to Kim Il-Sung of North Korea...


Your turn Wazat.

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Not sure if he was a school boy - but yes - a young player from Stellenbosch who was injured and died. He was from the previously coloured rugby union and they established a similar fund as the Chris Burger fund. After unification of the various rugby boards - the two funds were amalgamated and the two names, Chris Burger/Petro Jackson remained in the fund name.


You're it Hesamati

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