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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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Henzz - the rules are "as long as you don't Google the answer". I often consult my books or magazines or dictionaries for answers - just don't Google! <_<


Well I find myself think that Googling the answer means looking it up on the internet - so it can't really be right to consult the rugby stats site on the internet. If you have the old hard copy Rugby Almanac from 15 years agpo thats cool. Or if you went to the library to get it......The Internet makes it too easy......


So I think it should be more like you can't use an online source!!! But hey thats my R0.02




But While I am replying I may as well give my answer. I think Wynand captained the boks 11 times - now I am off to google it!

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I saw this idea on one of the other country's forums (link).


The idea is someone (who has the 'Ding') asks a question, which the other people need to answer. The person who answers correctly, according to the person who asked the question, then gets to ask the next question, and thus passing on the 'Ding'.


Rule 1 - No Googling!


Rule 2 - Try and keep your question at the level someone in a pub quiz might be able to answer...


Rule 3 - Any sane topic goes!


Who wants to fire off the first question?


Trev - I kinda agree with you, but above you will see the ORIGINAL post made when it all started. I prefer getting my answers from my printed sources as well.


BTW, not on the nail yet! <_<

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My preference (and it has evolved, as I have asked a friend before, but have subsequently backed off from that option) is that it should work like a proper pub quiz - what you have in your head. I think the questions have become too complicated because of the implied online rules "no googling but books are OK" I would like to see the thread run on the basis of a traditional pub quiz - no googling, no books, nothing - if it is not in your head then it isn't there.

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Armenia - yep - you're it DCB


Drat! Finally something I knew and MWeb has ADSL problems so I don't get to see the question.


Maybe the SA Ice Hockey team shouldn't feel too bad though. Armenia were subsequently kicked out of the league for having 15 ineligible players in their 22 man team!

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This might be a tricky one if you don't know it, but I thought it was interesting.


Where did the Frisbee get its name?


Well, if Back to the Future didn't just make it up on the spot, it comes from the name of some pie whose dish was delicious to throw around. :rolleyes:

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Well, I don't recall that from Back to the future, but Besem you are right :rolleyes:

It was named after the Frisbee Pie Company, whose dishes were indeed very aerodynamic.


Apparently the Frisbee was invented around the 1920's and its inventor died recently :D


Check it out, from Back to the Future III: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46oT0l56AMA .


I've been reading Churchill's "A History of the English Speaking Peoples" the last few night, and it's proving to be fascinating. One thing that stood out for me was the time of complete peace and sophistication under Roman rule, around 300-400 AD. Back then a greater proportion of the general population of England had hot water facilities in their houses than even today. After the deterioration around 400 AD, very few Englishmen had the privilege of a hot bath, a condition that would remain until the 1900s.


My question, however, is fairly simple. What was London called under Roman rule?

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They release lots of air below a school of fish, which disorients them and make them sitting, er, ducks?


Hey Besem, thats a bit like the bubble nets great Scott mentioned. Whales in Alaska do that to good effect, but not these dolphins. No bubbles of any kind involved!


With their months, Damhuisclan?? :) Do dolphins use an organised calendar system? :D

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Sorry guys, I was away for the weekend.

Well, it seems no one managed to get it.


To see how they do it, look at this video:



One of the dolphins will swim in a circle around the fish, beating his tail on the ground. This kicks up the muddy surface, leaving the fish trapped in a muddy circle.

The fish are too scared to swim throough this, and try jump over the circle out of the water. The cunning doplphins are all lined up outside the circle though, ready to cacth the fish as they jump over the mud circle.


I'll declare myself the winner of this round :laughing:

I'll leave the floor open to the next person who wants to ask a question!

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