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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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Hopefully this question has not been asked already.


Where and when was the first FIFA world cup played? And the winners were...?




EISH!!!!! There have been far too many questions asked and we have to remember them all. :blink: Thanks cownchicken. For my b@llsup I will abstain from a 2nd question and pass it on to Mountain Goat territory - all yours for a new question.


Thanks Cincol, but will have to decline.

In the last 36hours we have had only about 2 hours internet access. Vox Atlantic have serious cable problems which can last up to 8 days.

Would not be fair as we can only connect sporadically and would hold up the game.

Suggest you ask the next question.

Got to rush - possibly be disconnected before this post is through!!! :lol:

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What is flyting?


Had to consult my Websters for this one just to make sure - wow, can't remember when last I needed to open a REAL dictionary!! :lol:


"a dispute or exchange of personal abuse in verse form"


I am sure that wazat could come up with some verse that would aptly demonstrate flyting to us all. :blink:


A flyting response to you

Your cache collection is down

You have fell behind

You lazy clown.


Time to get up your numbers

Come now Cincol,

Get out and find some caches

Don't be a poephol.


You are back in SA

Go out and find a plastic box

time to make up numbers

pull up your socks.




Oh Wazat your pithy,

veiled exposition in verse

just because us in the sand

live with the "no cache" curse


On the other hand

your number have us wow-ed

as KZN has a cache abundance

making your finds well endowed


we challeange you to a

week in the sand

experience the sweat

and be part of our merry band


(yep - a slow day at the office :lol: )


Granted Carbon Hunter,

The hides are few,

And a Petered out Cincol

Finds not much new.

But I must degress,

My finds may be less,

But for a long trip all over the land

I nabbed a few in the hand.

For in February alone,

Drove my butt to the bone,

For in that month i totaled 148

More than i did in the whole 2008

And now as my area becomes clear,

Caches are far and not near,

Far do i have to travel

Just a cache sheet to unravel.

So I now begin to feel the pain

in this caching for numbers game.

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I just got an email from my aunt, where they say the whole train schedule will be altered in the Netherlands to allow people to take trains to Amsterdam, to welcome their heroes on Tuesday morning.


Way to go Oranje Supporters!


The housboat owners are sighing with relief - they have cancelled the trip via the canals - last time the fans got on top of some of the houseboats in such great numbers that they sank!

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How about - which was the last team to win the World Cup - that had never previously won it?


Reminder - and this was asked before Spain won :)


I figure that it has to be a team that has at present only won it once, so how about England 1966?


BTW, did anyone else notice that at almost every match there was a Scotland flag on the front of the stands somewhere?

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After my answer I went and googled it...


WOW! Surprise Surprise.


Maybe a hint?

Rot 13 [Jr unir nyy frra gurz, ohg abg nyy pna frr gurz]


GREAT HINT it would have been! I only decoded after I posted the answer confirmation. I have seen them but I have never seen them alright!!!



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I think Single Image Random Dot Stereogram


Well played indeed - for those still wondering - its those crazy 3d pictures where you have to unfocus your eyes to see the 3 d image. I still can't see them!


You are up Elsies


Ha. I should've known this - it was under discussion at our recent coffee in Obs!!

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