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COINTEST: Cointest to name the newest and smallest T"n"T member


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Congrats with the new born baby girl Miss Elizibeth Paige Jones :anibad::blink::blink::blink:



a fairy name


# TIEN: Vietnamese name meaning "angel, fairy, spirit."


# TUNDE (Tünde): Variant of Hungarian Tündér, meaning "fairy."


# TITANIA: English feminine form of Latin Titanius, meaning "of the Titans." This is the name of the queen of the fairies in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." It is also the name of a moon of Uranus.


I wish miss Elizibeth a lot of luck and good health in her life :ph34r::lol:

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Happy to hear about Tank's progress. I'll pass some words upstairs for continued forward steps, if you don't mind.


Congrats on the baby! I, too, had one recently (07/08/08). We have dubbed him "Jr Mikal #2".


For Tink88's little one, I like:





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So far some great names.

Taking them up to the mommy Sunday to start narrowing them a little. Give a hint to those with names that make the T"n"T like firecrackers, cute but not how the T"n"T got there. :blink: For those that don't know,,,


The T"n"T stands for either:

Tracy and Tank


Tank and Tracy


Depends on who you are talking to. Easiest way to tell who sent emails or posts before Dec last year. Since then,sadly they are all me(Tracy). Hoping to need the difference again sometime.


Keep up the great work, I am putting a specialpackage together for winner.


Thanks again,


Tracy and Tank

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Wow, it's great to that there is some progress for Tank. I've been thinking about you guys and wondering how things were going. It's so nice to hear some good news for you guys and the little one is just adorable. As for names...


Miss T




Continued blessing for you and your family...

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Thank you to all that havesubmitted names. As stated,the deadline is now closed.

Mommy will be picking and posting a name here very shortly.

We had so many great names it is going to be very hard to pick just one.

sweet cant wait to hear what you all picked,,this was a fun thread!! congrats !!!

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We havent heard of a name of the lucky recipient that won the baby name contest :laughing: Maybe whoever the lucky person is will just receive a suprise in the mail, since Santa will be comming soon, and Christmas is just around the corner. They couldnt ask for a more better gift for the holidays. Hope all is well at the homefront with you all. :laughing:

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I think that you have kept everyone waiting long enough.

I think you ought to announce the winner or close this thread.


I wrote and asked you politely when you would have an answer almost a week ago now that deadline has passed and still nothing.


I do not usually post my thoughts but I have run out of patience on this cointest.


Seeing that you were able to post a thread to a coin sale you ought to do us all the decency than to keep us waiting so long.


Thank you.

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I have had a lot going here but, the real issue is it is not my choice and Mommy has rarely gotten over here and not with any time to discuss this to a final. We had a family meeting tonight and went over the "short list" and picked,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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The winner is boomerangpapa.

I will email winner as I am not sure who that is.

Thanks for all the great ideas,

Others on the short list were,






Winner will recieve 4 T"n"T geocoins including a LE Blue and Gold Christmas coin.

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