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  1. Thank you for kind thoughts. I do not like feelign this behind and upsetting others. But, the possitive is that for now we are all fairly stable and living. After that the rest is gravy. Thanks again to all the kind words we have recieved.
  2. Here, and trying to get things finished. I have talked to some on phone and trying to get all 1200 emails from all sites returned. Newsletters from TnT site should have gone out twice to those on mailing list. Mom was trying to post ebay items while I was unable to handle things, it just got things more mixed up. All orders that do not have quilts should be completed tonight. Quilts were made based on mint photos. Coins that came in looked very bad and wanted the way the did them corrected. New coin sample aarrived and has been reapproved. Waiting to hear when they will arrive. I will issue refund to those that want one instead of coins. However it may take a bit to get those done, since coins from mint have been paid for and I have not been doing any other work for some time. I will have site back open and be able to do refunds here in next week or so for those that want them. We are planning on going to Woodstock with some other cachers, we are not however going as our own table vendor, will have a few misc. items at another vendors booth, and hope to talk to those that will be there. Between my hospital trips, and Hallie's blackouts, I have been so "something" that business became to much to deal with and by the time I realized it,,, it was very out of hand. Tank and both boys are doing better, Hallie is maintaining his new diabetes, Tank is offically out of his coma but still not talking or able to control much movement, and the issues with my sugar levels are no longer a life worry problem for now. Thanks again for everyones help and kindness through this. This group of people are the absolute best. God bless, Tracy and Tank
  3. Not coin related!!! But important for many on forums here. This is a basic thanks to those that have been supportive and sorry to those that have been ignored. We have had a very trying time here and without Tank's help, when the kids and I began having heatlh issues also I got very over whelmed. I have had trouble staying together, and caught up with business was so far out of sight it was like shoveling a driveway in the blizzard. I have been returning emails with personal notices for last few weeks. When began I had over 1200 emails in four accounts. My mom had tried to help and was not very successful. I had a few wonderful people that have tried to post updates and I had tried to send newsletters from site that some seem to not be getting. I will update the forum page for coin itself when finished here. Both boys have medical issues under control for now and Hallie is learning to deal with the diabetes issue. Mine is fairly stable and does not seem to a life concern for now. Thanks again for those who have called and all the prayers going out.
  4. Ok, just tomake sure I update the thread before closing engraved by mint sales. We have a closing date on those of Tuesday the 20th. Thanks again, Tracy and Tank
  5. It would helpto know which oines you have found that are not it too. Maybe Karmas coin. Will see what else we come up with.
  6. We are happy to annouce that the three new Quilt Trail Geocoins are up for standard pre-sale. These will be ordered just before the mint break and are expected for delivery the second week of Feb. As with all the others these are trackable 1.75" heavy geocoins. The only differenceis the Nolichuckey Bend-Dresden Plate coin is going to be a mix of Immatation Hard enameland print to give us the stongest detailof pattern. All six of the prior Quilt Geocoins are available for re-order of the Black nickel RE Edition. These are $9.50 each. As are the RE version of the new ones. The XLE Antique Gold 40 made version is $11 And the LE's in Antique Silver and Antque Copper are $10.50 We may re-mint the RE Black Nickels only. Order all 9 Beatifully Colored Geocoins here Below are the photos of art and the quilt barns. Be looking for poll info for the next batch of Quilt Trail coins soon.This seemed a great way to see what patterns you all wanted next.
  7. I will be updating the quantities available tomorrow. Some are getting kinda close to coins made. As expected the Red Glitter is going to sell out first, and purple surprisingly not too far behind. Thanks for helping make this another great project.
  8. Hummmm, Well since I was the idea personal and not the artist in the family. Could I talk you into helping get this looking as good as it seems to be coming along in your pic up there. I am sure that not only myself but the others looking to get this cool coin would enjoy it being even cooler.
  9. A lot of choices out there. There is a vendor list pinned at the top of forum page, mostly for making your own but some of them sell coins also. Ads posted n this site for people selling coins they have collected or have extras of. That E-place. If not enough choices already a quick google of "geocoins" should give you hours upon hours of selections. Good luck, but beware, these things are VERY addictive.
  10. I finally got around to doing our new personals. These are not for sale and will be traders. As not to fill up this area emails can be sent to tank@tntgeocoins.com I would love some feedback on this one as I still have time to change or add. At this time they will most likely not be trackable they will however be numbered, I think I will do two metals, Tank's favorite,black nickel, and my favorite, antique copper. Looking at 1.75" coin. I would love to trade personals coins you helped design. I will be going through requests as they come in. I am hoping to get these the end of Feb.
  11. Sorry for delays in answering the last two questions, kid issues. The engraving is done at the mint and filled so it stands out. I have not been able to figure out how to add the engraving info to the order form, when you order you can: 1) email me the info you want on each coin or 2) place the info in the note section of payment. When the list is going to the mint for engraving, if I don't have your info I will either emailyou or call those I have numbers for. As far as the glitter, the Gold metal Red is glitter the others are standard PMS colors. Hope that helps, The coins are in production and will just be waiting on engraving here soon. Timeline is on track. We are planning on keeping these open for about 5 more days. Still looking for feedback on whether you all would like one like this done for Mother's/Father's day and Easter. So far these are doing well but not as strong as the Christmas coins(as expected) I think the Easter ones we are working on will be so cool for the kids, very Colorful.
  12. Sorry for the blank post eariler. Left to goto wrestling meet and did not notice it missed posting.
  13. Great job toyou and your new artist. Count us in.
  14. These are in production now. We will be taking orders for about 10 days for personalized coins, engraved and filled with up to 14 spaces. Perfect for that special someone. Note: a few blank, but engravable later, coins may be available after coins are in hand. We loved the way the Christmas coins came out and the great response by all of you that liked the idea of something that could be custom to you, but not having to order dozens of a project. We may due another project like this for either Mother's day/ Father's Day or Easter also. Any suggestions???? These are due to me on the 5th of Feb. to give plenty of domestic shipping time before the 14th. They are 1.75" trackable coins. Attached is a high quality keyring/zipper pull to match the metal of coins. Picture only shows the gold. They are being done in the look of the conversation hearts we all have seen growing up. Color options are: Gold metal with Red Glitter order red coin here Nickel with Pink order pink coin here Nickel with Green order green coin here Nickel with Purple order blue coin here At only $9 these are very cute coins.
  15. The winner is boomerangpapa. I will email winner as I am not sure who that is. Thanks for all the great ideas, Others on the short list were, TinkerTank TankGoodness Tinkerbeth LizzyBelle Winner will recieve 4 T"n"T geocoins including a LE Blue and Gold Christmas coin.
  16. I have had a lot going here but, the real issue is it is not my choice and Mommy has rarely gotten over here and not with any time to discuss this to a final. We had a family meeting tonight and went over the "short list" and picked,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Tankerbell
  17. We are all here and doing ok, just very crazy. Mom(alpha_gal) and Justin(quick_at_em) have new websites that are opening next week or opened this week. Hallie has started wrestling season. We had two coin sets and three sets of samples arrive from mint. I have been getting some ebay auctions ready to help with costs for kids this Holiday season. Happilly, Tony has been approved for some new services to help with recovery and we have been trying to arrange that, as well as trying to get house here ready for Miss E. to come visit this weekend. I have been slightly overwhelmed and catching overthing up. We thank everyone for their prayers and concern, it has done so much for all of us here this past year. We are a week away from a year in this sad crisis and I am trying my best to keep focused and strong, I feel your prayers are giving me strength. I have recieved ONE email and it has been responded to, as stated all over this thread and order page. Coins to me on the 8th, actually got them on the 9th, but most are packed, some are already shipped, the rest will get posted to site and mailed in the morning. I feel this is very close to expected deadlines and domestic orders should not have any trouble with pre-Christmas delivery. Thanks to all that ordered, anyone wanting blank space coins, I did order just a few in both Green with Red and Red with Green. these can be taken to most trophy shops for engraving. Thanks again, Tracy and Tank
  18. We would like to thank SoCalGeocoins and Geocacher Magazine for their help in making these wonderful geocoins to help us when we really really needed it. Things are still very difficult but thanks to all of you it was a little easier. This last week we have recieved another check from the sale of these as well as the remaining available coins. (about 40 left). We now have them in hand ourselves and listed on our website foranyone who still wishes to get one. These can be found at Unite for Tank Geocoin Thanks again for the love and support from all our geocaching family.
  19. Holy moley I hope you got more than $5 for it, my gut kind of sank when I saw that! I saw that and thought I hope that's a typo, or man I saw a great post to late. If anyone else has one of those lying around?????? Sending email about another on list.
  20. PLEASE<<<< don't cut off my head yet. Not sure if speaking up will make things worse and start a bigger issue. Life happens, things go crazy. We all know this. Sometimes those things are handled badly. There have been a lot of "issues" with many companies, groups, people,,, of late. Some are dealing better than others. Not sure how to fix the full problem. If we start something to help others be aware of problem vendors,( myself being a vendor, hoping not a problem) where is the line. Is it ok to wait 5 days to get back to someone, but 6 is a problem. What delay is too long? Some of these are easier than others to see, 6 months no news, well yeah that would be a problem and how each person involed deals with it is up to them. We had a delay with coins the end of last year. We got everything back on track as soon as we could and hae not seemed to have issues with our friends and customers here. This was not a money issue as much as a overwhelming time and emotional thing and everyone here was very supportive( as we are very grateful for). We do some of coins on pre-sale some not. Rarely will I post a sale of any kind without samples that have been approved in hand. As this seems to be the longest delay issue, if we have one. As far as the sub-forum for limited posts by vendor/maker only, would it be allowed to have a forum post in the regular area so that others can discuss them also. If not would that limit any of us talking about a coin we did not make. As we have made a few dozen coins(including personals for others), but have a huge collection of very wonderful coins that we like to discuss and share about. Lots to think over and more questions for GC, who I feel does not want to feel like they are left holding the bag for coin producers. Tracy,, off the box.
  21. T"n"T


    Welcome back and thanks again for your help earlier, hoping that next year be better for us all. Tracy and Tank
  22. Ok Photos are here ,posting below. ALso the rep at mint as giving us till Monday to meet their deadline for delivery date I told them we needed. LE Blue box are gone. But both the Red and Green are still open. As stated before, these now have the hole for hanging if you choose to. For those who have ordered and not sent reply to request for engraving info, please email me with up to 14 spaces of name or message. I will be trying to call those still missing info. Thanks, Tracy and Tank
  23. The deadline for ordering is coming soon. I need all orders and engraving info by Thursday at latest to get to mint for delivery date requested. Thanks again to those that have helped make this another cool coin. I feel that these having special engraving for each is a simple but fun way to add a little extra to those gifts.
  24. Thank you to all that havesubmitted names. As stated,the deadline is now closed. Mommy will be picking and posting a name here very shortly. We had so many great names it is going to be very hard to pick just one.
  25. So far some great names. Taking them up to the mommy Sunday to start narrowing them a little. Give a hint to those with names that make the T"n"T like firecrackers, cute but not how the T"n"T got there. For those that don't know,,, The T"n"T stands for either: Tracy and Tank or Tank and Tracy Depends on who you are talking to. Easiest way to tell who sent emails or posts before Dec last year. Since then,sadly they are all me(Tracy). Hoping to need the difference again sometime. Keep up the great work, I am putting a specialpackage together for winner. Thanks again, T"n"T Tracy and Tank
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