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I'm in the middle of Amish Country, Holmes County Ohio. My first caches were placed July 12th, 2009 with the goal of having 25 in the Holmes County area and a few miles into the neighboring counties of Tuscarawas, Stark, Wayne, Ashland, Knox and Coshocton. My goal is to not place anything easier than a level 3 on difficulty and most will be multi caches. The intent is to make some 5's with the ultimate goal of a 5/5... but not sure that is even possible here. :( So if you like a challenge as I do, keep an eye on my list and be prepared to use your thinking cap and to see some areas of this County that you may not have known existed.

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I'm an Indiana boy invading your Ohio thread.

I'm heading to Midwest Geobash a few days early and wondered if someone had an opinion of state parks near Toledo. The two that look interesting are Maumee Bay State Park and East Harbor State Park. Both have camping and both look interesting. I'm mostly going to be hiking, caching, and taking it easy. Does anyone have a feeling on the better park to visit for three days? Or a suggestion for another?


It does look like Mary Jane Thurston State Park has camping too.

Any opinions on the three?

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I'm in the middle of Amish Country, Holmes County Ohio. My first caches were placed July 12th, 2009


Of course! We go to Mt Hope area at least once a month and did not have a find in the area. We took an extra day for caching since we weren't hauling a horse back home and saw a bunch of new caches posted when we got home! Oh well, next trip!


Wafflesdad and I just moved to Ross County, near Bainbridge, from Pike County, near Waverly. We keep saying we're going to set up another meet and greet event, but haven't gotten around to it.

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Erie county here but very close to Lorain CO. I live in Vermilion. Very North Central OH. Just started yesterday after being interested in it for over a year found 7, 2 yesterday and 5 today all in Vermilion, by the looks of it their is a lot more to look for in Vermilion!! But I'm having fun wished I would have started earyler. Just useing my iPhone, works pretty well but you have to use the hints with it!!! :D

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Me and my wife usually cache with our young kids but this weekend we will be doing our first outing by ourselves (got a sitter!). We are looking for some good spots in NE Ohio to hit that have nice trails and lots of caches! We are just starting out (only caching a month or so), so we aren't looking for any 4 or 5 terrains or anything.


Any suggestions?



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Currently residing in Portage County. Darn near the Portage/Summit border. "Sto-Kent" area, if that rings a bell for anyone. I'm originally from Tuscarawas County but, moved up here to finish my degree. I'm always down for a cache run. Maybe I'll bump into a fellow cacher or two.


All the best,



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