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    I like the idea. I have considered it too. you may want to consider using a transmitter anyone can receive with no special equipment. I was thinking about a low power FM radio transmitter, the ones you don't need a license for. I think it is under a watt or something, it has been awhile since I thought about it. That would let more people find it and possible take care of the problem N8OFP mentioned, Even though the premium caches limits caches to specific groups.... of course if it gets denied you can always try opencaching by garmin. Greg NM8B
  2. Hedgehog_in_the_fog i will get a message out to him via the Ohio single sideband net. i will get it on its way as soon as i can possibly today. k8gjp
  3. for any testing information you want to go to http://www.arrl.org/arrlvec/examsearch.phtml that will show you where upcoming testing sessions are.there is also a club locator here.a club can help alot you can also find study information on ARRL.org as well as take practice test on QRZ.com http://www.qrz.com/p/testing.pl there is currently no requirement to know Morse code so that makes it much easier. now unlike GMRS where you have a family license, anyone who wants to use Amateur frequencies must have a license.no worries there 6 yr old kids can pass the test. if others in the family do not want to get there license i would recommend MURS radios (multiple use radio service) it is just above the 2meter band and no license is required. some refer it as a vhf cb for that reason. not used much in my area. best gps its hard to say there is so many i use a garmin gpsmap 60 cx and it works great for me.i have used it from the desert of iraq to geocaching. my self i have came to like yaesu equipment. since you wont have hf privileges other then 10 meters i would just get a mobile for a base in till you decide how far you want to take the hobby i will just list what i have and some pros and cons you will have to do some research on your own and ask other hams. base yaesu ft2900r 2meters, 75watts max power out, a very nice rig cons. no fan design gets hot when you have to use full power not good for extremely long conversations at 75w i also have 2800r same as 2900 but 65 watts yaesu 897d HF-70cmpretty good radio mobile yaesu ft-8900r 70 cm, 2meter,6m fm and 10m fm 50watts out put. 2 dedicated radios in one case with there own controls. my favorite= cross band repeat. you can set this radio up in the car as a repeater for when your in bfe and a HT (hand held) wont make it you will need a duel band ht to make it work. cons it is fm only on 6 and 10 meters. HT yaesu ft-250r 2m 5watt output, very nice mono band radio easy to program and use.and you can get a big battery for it too, 2500mah no real cons here yaesu vx8r 70 cm 2 m 6 m 220 not a bad radio but not a great one either. you wont get far on 6m from a ht and there are not many 6m repeaters. 220 is only 1.5 watts witch is a joke. so now you have a "duel" band radio with aprs and2 useless bands i would not recommend it for the cost and lack of normal function.... now i do not have this radio but i know people who do and recommend it. yaesu ft-60r 70 cm and 2 meters 5 watts out. another simple to program and use radio you can also get the big battery for this one. i would recommend you check out the forums at qrz.com and eham. eham has very good reviews from operators. you dont need to have a call to get into those forums you also do not have to pay. look around and find radios that you like is the most important thing. if you can find a local club they can help you with alot of things. also if you have trouble with gmrs radios i wouldnt use 70cm/440 out there they are very close in frequency i would use 2meters i hope i have helped. any more questions dont hesitate to ask 73 Greg k8gjp
  4. But a lot of people are Technician... not to mention getting everyone to hear each other. if they were region nets it would be ok but i dont think so for national
  5. i guess no one else is interested anymore! i was waiting to see if anyone else would give some in put
  6. NM8B

    APRS Uses

    i own a vx8r the gps does not do waypoint functions, it will show you your location and the direction and distance to other APRS beacons and thats pretty much it. the gps does use alot of battery power even with APRS off because you cannot turn off the gps. i just take off the hand mic when im not using it and need the power. the vx8r is a very easy to use radio for APRS everything is built in besides the gpsr. i would recommend the vx8r if you want a simple APRS radio.the only real downside i have found with this radio is that it only has a 1.5 watt out put on 220. 73 k8gjp
  7. im thinking Wednesday night 0200z "2100 east coast 1800 west coast" or Sunday afternoon/night ?????????
  8. i have just started to list the local repeaters and the ones i monitor on my cache pages for anyone that doesnt already know. i have yet to talk to anyone on triple 5.
  9. ok i dont know anyone with a IRLP node. how do you know find a conference node? i dont know much about either
  10. I agree! We should start it again. looks like we will have 3 people to start hi hi. i guess ill have to get my echo mac working again.
  11. you didn't hide it and you had to find it regardless of having adopted it so you have every right to log them. their probably just made that you either have more find or you found the ones they couldnt!
  12. i have had one older cache email me and go off because on the online log i wrote that i thought i was the first to find but there was some number SCRIBBLED on the log that i did not know was. for all i knew it could have been a conformation number. turns out it was this "ladys" trail name. and she was really mad because i said she scribbled and felt she needed to tell me how geo cachers are suppose to treat each other. and to top it off she claimed stf and said her fiend got ftf but i dont remember seeing any other names on the log.hmmm. anyway i emailed her back apologized for hurting her feelings and that at her age i couldnt believe she had such thin skin and just let the rest go it isn't worth the hassle
  13. a hamcacher net would be pretty cool if someone restarted it.
  14. Oh I LOVE IT!!! What a GREAT multi!!! wait is it in the locked box? and where is the combo to the lock. Cache page, or it may be a puzzle but that will be on the cache page. Yes, it was a puzzle. It was a fun puzzle too. In the classic, no-permission-required-or-obtained style that used to be the norm. A few players thought they’d make it more fun by moving the books where nobody could find them. where did you get the stickers made?
  15. so has anyone made contact with another hamcacher on 147.555 or did the idea die with the thread?
  16. thanks for the information i cant believe how long that thread lasted over a year! and i still dont think they all agreed lol.. i did like the idea of listing the local repeater freq and simplex most used on the cache listing. i looked at GMRS in till i saw the price! and i guess i dont need it anyway ham license is cheaper last longer and gives you better results..
  17. i read today in the FAQ that channel 2 FRS" family radio service" has been adopted as the the cacher channel. i was wondering does anyone even use this while cacheing or try and contact other cachers while out hunting? As a ham i generally take my HT with me but its on the local repeater. "Do you have an FRS/PMR channel to find out if other Geocachers are in the area? Yes. The community has decided on channel 2 as the primary for both FRS and PMR, and 12 as the alternate FRS (Family Radio Service) channel and 8 for the alternate PMR (Europe). FRS and PMR radios are longer distance walkie talkies, like the Motorola Talkabout."
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