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COINTEST: Figure out the answer and send me an email


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Returned from the weekend very late last night. Picked up my 157 emails this morning eagerly looking for one from Avroair! Figured this cointest was all over, to find out there are more stages to come! This stage looks like it will take a good bit of time so...


Working on stage 5!

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Stage 5 complete!


There were 7 books, but there are going to be 8 movies. Will there be a two-stage final puzzle? ;)


Also, are we going to have to wait until 2010 to see the end of this cointest? ;)


Actually there is going to be a new book. It is a spin-off story. Don't have much of the details, but a friend of mine works at Borders and already has it on pre-order (yes they do that with books too!)

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My 3 favorite words from the Harry Potter series:


Horcrux: Yes, I know it's a very dark word, but it is so important to the story.


Disappearate: Fun sounding word, plus it would make traveling so much easier.


Expecto Patronus: I'm counting it as one word. Best spell in the series, since it basically unleashes the ultimate good power inside of you.


Looking forward to Stage 7! Thanks again for the awesome cointest and all the awesome puzzles!!!

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Favorite words?


"Janus Thickey" just for the juvenile snickers I get when I say it fast...


"Rita Skeeter" for proving that there are rednecks everywhere...




"Bellatrix Lestrange" for the memory of someone I once dated for a night.


This has been an awesome time, and since I'll no doubt be at work when stage 7 is released, good luck to all!

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